i miss my lovey

I'm back home until the final time till wedding day! Been busy since I stepped off the plane, but its all very exciting! Only nine days away, and the weather forcast is looking okay. Anyways..... hope I dont go crazy!


my mama's house

We took a little trip to College Park to see the house my mom grew up in. Its still there! On the way back we stopped at the temple one more time before I leave. Its sooo pretty!

Joseph and his brother Daniel and adorable niece Sierra (or Si-Si :) and nephew Jamison. We went down to North Carolina to visit his family last weekend and had a blast!


Losing my mind....

A busy day at work, but a lot of down time today. BUT I am getting sooo excited because its three weeks til the big day! It has finally come to the point where there is a lot going on and the time is starting to fly, but it seems my memory gets worse and worse. Its not forgetting things completely, just remembering to do something a few hours later. Like not picking up all the bags after checking out at Target. And having to go back two hours later and explain to customer service about it. Or not asking people for addresses for invites, and then explaining to them about how I have become extremely forgetful...... I just hope my sanity comes back after the craziness! Also exciting- I get to go meet more soon-to-be in-laws this weekend and i'm pretty stoked about it! Should be pretty fun! PS- I just want to vent for a small sec about how much I am starting to detest security at the airport! Trying to be a good citizen and get through the checkpoint quickly, I packed all my liquids in a plastic bag ahead of time all ready to be checked and was about to walk through when the security lady says to me that my plastic bag is too big, hands me a slightly smaller one, and while everyone behind me was waits, I have to transfer everything to a different bag! Seriously! I've lost track of how many flights I have been on the last few months, but every airport is slightly different, enough to never know what to expect! I know it's for my safety and all, but come on people! Something kinda funny though- my dad has beeen flying frequently and told me that he forgot about a water bottle he had and they took it but before they could confiscate it, they made him drink from it to make sure that it wasn't filled with a dangerous material. Nice.