My littles are literally bouncing off the walls in anticipation. My parents are on their way here with half their house in a moving truck, and Lucy and Lizzy, the doggies. And papa is coming so soon too! It'll be a very full house for a while, and I'm stoked. We like it crazy around here :)

So if things are quiet on the blog, I'll be back soon. And if it's a really long time, it's because a couple doggies ate something they shouldn't have.

And because I'm so excited, a cute picture of my parents with bubba on his blessing day. Let the crazy begin!


My buddy

I feel physically ill that she is 2.5 months old already.

is trying to hold up her head.
loves nursing
is very drooly
gets giddy when nakey
would rather skip tummy time
is so patient with her adoring siblings
gets chunkier by the second
wakes up with a smile every morning, and after every nap
cries so quietly
hasn't had the hiccups for a few days

I want to eat every last bit of her. And bottle her up for later.


memory lane

luckily, there are few things in my family that any of us siblings would fight over who gets to inherit. there are definitely a few, but some of those few are random, kinda funny things. do you have those?

one of the first "major" furniture purchases that my parents made (the first?) was a set of solid wood bunk beds, that my older siblings slept in. as years passed, we have all slept on the top and bottom, and all of us left our marks on it. from the dents and scratches, to the gum that has become like cement on the corner knobs, there is a little of each of us somewhere. 

the beds were not being used anymore, and since im the one with kids, they got passed on, and claire and bubba now sleep on them. and i always have a laugh when i lay down on the bottom bunk and look up and see the slats, because i remember being there as a child, and drawing on the underside. all of us did it at some point, writing messages, coming up with things to stir things up with another sibling. im sure it drove my mother crazy, but im so grateful for those now.

the huge wood boards were replaced, sadly, but those little 2x4s are around, and i love it. and i really, really hate that my kids are in a "color on everything i can get me hands on" phase, but i really hope they will sneak away and write things on the underside when they are older. memories of childhood friends and sibling rivalry to be saved forever on those boards. 

im going through a "memory" phase right now.... can you tell? just feeling that need to get it all down and saved. 


Thoughts on Saturday night.

This picture cracks me up. This girl cracks me up. Lindsay cracks me up. (its lindsays hair.) I wonder if this is what Evie will look like? Claire with brown hair? Will evie's hair stay darker? Fun to think about....

Time is moving faster, and slower. It went so slow before joes mom came to visit, she came and I blinked and she was gone. Now it's two ish weeks til my parents come, and I can't wait any longer, it's taking too long. But wait, Evie had her two month check up.... And she is not a new born anymore! I'm being jerked around every second, I feel whip lashed some days.

I love books. I haven't been reading as much for myself lately, but I have always wanted to have children that love, love to read. Claire likes books, and loves to read with me. But sweet Caleb, that boy has never wanted to read, at least with me. Every time I have tried, he rips the book away, slams pages and starts whining. And my hopes of him loving books have been shattering little by little. Until tonight. Claire fell asleep early so I had some precious one-on-one with him, and he didn't want to get in bed til we sat on the floor with him in my lap and a stack of books and read book after book. That boy. Oh how he melts me.

Its been a rough week. A good week, but rough. I was SO spoiled by my mother in law, I could hardly handle the kids not being occupied while I nursed, pumped, or fed baby girl. I forgot in that short span what my kids do unsupervised. Oh well. We are back in it, and getting better at sticking to a schedule I can manage. Maybe. (ive been out of bed before 730 every day. This is a big deal people.) I lost it, completely broke down after listening to kids whine, pick up and clean thing after thing. And my sweet husband listened, helped me laugh it off, and helped make the bed. I luf him. So much.

And I can't stop eating ice cream. It is not helping me reach my goal of skinny jeans. Not in the slightest. It's an addiction. Hopefully admitting this will be my first step of breaking the habit....

It's Sunday tomorrow. I am so excited. I don't know why, but I am. I get my husband home all day I guess. And I already have our sacrament meeting quiet entertainment bag packed. And it includes felt dress up dolls. We did felt Velcro dolls instead of paper dolls growing up. Oh yes. And I have inherited them for Claire to play with. I'm probably more excited about it than she is!

Now to finish Saturday chores. And crash in bed, waiting for husband to come home. Nighty night!