mamma bear is here!

i love my mammacita!

we've been having a grand time ever since she got here two weeks ago! she came for the birth of her first grandchild, but since that hasn't happened yet, we've had to keep ourselves busy with..... well lots of things.
mostly its been getting everything ready for the baby- going shopping for supplies, and getting the nursery ready! last night we declared the room 'done' so hopefully this baby will get the hint and get here soon! we- well mostly mom, okay so all mom- have been doing some sewing and quilting, and visited tons of family and friends.
a couple days ago (on my due date!) mom decided it would be a great idea if we took matters into our own hands to get this baby out on her due date, and we got up on an absolutely gorgeous day and hiked the Y!

a great workout, we even passed a family on the way up, but to no avail- the baby is still in there kicking away! every time i look outside and see the Y now i think to myself- i climbed that when i was nine months pregnant! but i am not sure which is harder- doing that hike when it was 3 in the afternoon and over 100 degrees outside or being full term.... we did it in the same amount of time so i just don't know!

here's the latest pic- pretty much all belly, and a lot of swelling. don't judge!


so what have we been up to?

its been a while.... here's what we've been up to!

i hate to admit this: a few weeks ago joe won the first four seasons of the office at a work party. and we've been watching it ever since. we are almost done- a new episode tonight!

i've been told that the things i have occupied myself with lately is a serious case of 'nesting'. what exactly does this mean?

v. intr.
To build or occupy a nest.
To create and settle into a warm and secure refuge.
To hunt for birds' nests, especially in order to collect the eggs.
To fit together in a stack.
v. tr.
To place in or as if in a nest.
To put snugly together or inside one another: to nest boxes.

i guess if a severe cleaning, organizing, rearranging, decorating, painting, shopping, dusting, scrubbing, scrapbooking, planning, cooking, etc etc. falls into that description, then thats what i've been doing. it's been fun, but sometimes i do miss school.... just kidding its been fabulous to have a break from school and work, but i know that the hardest work is on its way, so i'm sleeping and resting as much as possible!

joe has been busy with school.... and he's doing so great! this is one of his best semesters so far, and i am so proud of him! hope he can keep it up!
a couple weeks ago some friends threw a baby shower and it was so fun! we didn't get any pictures, (i know, lame!) but a big shout-out to katie and jessie hosting and throwing it! this baby will seriously have one of the best wardrobes out there! thanks to everyone there!

last weekend was conference weekend and it was crazy but so much fun! chris drove out from california, marshall came over, and the four of us siblings plus joe and chris's girlfriend made for quite the party! it was great for all of us to get together, and we really missed sarah! can't wait to see you guys again over thanksgiving!

and i've been growing. exponentially. i've got a squishy basketball attatched to my belly that gets in the way and kicks whenever she wants. i promise i'm nine months pregnant- the scale confirms this, the million trips to the bathroom remind me, and the contractions that leave me sore for several hours won't let me forget.

but we are happy, healthy, and cheering on our byu cougars this weekend- top ten baby!