little update

some other pics from lately........

how can you get mad that shes standing with a face like this?

okay so its not that i get mad, its just frustrating. she is just taking a lot of falls and getting more bumps and bruises. its happening too fast!

she somehow managed to land her spit-up perfectly on the newspaper. she has also done it right into my shoe. sick

she still has to be swaddled to go to sleep. spoiled rotten i tell you.

she LOVES computers. she thinks hitting the keys is a game.

but i love, love, love her more than anything. stinky diapers, hair pulling, whining and all ;) when she gets a little cranky sometimes all she wants to do is cuddle and sit with me, usually when i'm doing something. i have to remind myself i'll never get that moment back, so i better enjoy it while i can. and then i do.


oh man

remember when i posted this five minutes ago and joked about how she would scale a wall if left in a room with solely walls? um, room has more than walls, and she still did it anyways.

heaven help me.

monster in the house

{don't worry- i grabbed her a second after i snapped the picture!}

when i say that we have a created a monster, i mean a monster that we really love. but i am a little worried. she is standing up on her own already! seriously if i were to put her in a room with nothing in it she would scale the walls. she pulled herself up using the straight side of the couch a few minutes ago! i would love to be able to just play with her constantly so she doesn't do that, but i really just can't! and she doesn't like toys as much anymore unless shes strapped in the car seat with nothing else to do. all she wants to do is crawl and climb everything. i doubt that at this point baby gates would stop her. pray she doesn't bang her head on anything too badly.


and some pictures

just a little glimpse of the weekend. lotsa fun.
more fun to come. happy memorial day.
miss you tons mom, dad, and sarah.


oh hey

sorry for the lack of posting lately!

quick run-down of lately
-soft ball games
-bike rides, stroller walks, playing in lush grass
-cook outs
-cook ins
-enjoying gorgeous weather for once
-mothers day festivities

-trying to do the whole coupon-thing. it can be a lot of work, but its worth it.
-my beast-of-a-child keeps me on my toes constantly. shes an avid crawler, and while it was cute at first it is now a constant battle to keep her out of things! worried she might be walking in a blink of an eye. has already tried to climb the stairs
-family in town! marshall was able to go to through the temple on friday. what a great experience for him, and for the whole family to participate.
-my cousin emily was married on saturday to a wonderful guy in the manti temple. such an awesome temple. i wish i could take a tour of the whole thing!
-the passing of our sweet, sweet doggie oreo last weekend. we are happy that she is no longer in pain, but we all miss her terribly
-meeting my brother's gf- we really like hollie and are crossing our fingers for it to work out!

coming up
-memorial day
-joe's mother comes to visit!
-another sealing in june
-pool opens=lots of swimming!
-family time
-more grilling, bbqs, etc.
-father's day

get the picture? a little hectic, but i wouldn't have it any other way. i LOVE summer more than any other time of year. i love being outside, lots of fresh summer veggies, sunshine, pools, HEAT, swimsuits, shorts, sunburns, sunglasses, bbq and lemonade, sprinklers, summer thunderstorms, longer days, fresh air, a break from school, vacations, flip-flops, and the like.

summer here we come.


a funny thing happened-

-when you idots spray-painted our neighborhood. the reaction that you were after just didn't happen.

no one got fired up.
no one tried to get you back.
no one went out looking for you.


everyone pitched in to clean up.
we met people we had never seen before.
our little community was brought a little closer together.

so while you can still see a little smuduge of what you did, i don't want it taken down. i want it left there as a daily reminder to be a little nicer to those that are just beyond my personal space. i want to reach out just a little further, even if its uncomfortable at first. because the result, the memories, and the feelings created were well worth it.


we have been {tagged}

there are many definitions. here is a list of possible choices.

 /tæg/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [tag] Show IPA ,noun, verb, tagged, tag⋅ging.
a piece or strip of strong paper, plastic, metal, leather, etc., for attaching by one end to something as a mark or label: The price is on the tag.
any small hanging or loosely attached part or piece; tatter.
a loop of material sewn on a garment so that it can be hung up.
a metal or plastic tip at the end of a shoelace, cord, or the like.
a license plate for a motor vehicle.
Angling. a small piece of tinsel or the like tied to the shank of a hook at the body of an artificial fly.
the tail end or concluding part, as of a proceeding.
the last words of a speech, scene, act, etc., as in a play; a curtain line.
Computers. sentinel (def. 3).
an addition to a speech or writing, as the moral of a fable.
a quotation added for special effect.
a descriptive word or phrase applied to a person, group, organization, etc., as a label or means of identification; epithet.
a trite phrase or saying; cliché.
Slang. a person's name, nickname, initials, monogram, or symbol.
tag question (def. 1).
a traffic ticket.
a curlicue in writing.
a lock of hair.
a matted lock of wool on a sheep.
Fox Hunting. the white tip of the tail of a fox.
Obsolete. the rabble.

which one?

to write graffiti on.

our entire neighborhood. and the retirement neighborhood down the street. NOT COOL. who does that anymore?


dodge, dip, dive, duck, dodge!

{cell phone quality!}

at church, our callings are to be the cub scout wolf den leaders. some nights are better than others, but the funnest ones lately have been the less structured, more hands on, active, fast-paced nights. the last two nights have been kinda funny- few boys have showed up for whatever reason, and we didn't want to do too much without everyone there so we grabbed some tennis balls and just 'had a ball.' well joe did- just chucking them back and forth to the boys in the gym. the boys love it, and the parents love that he wears them out, and joe likes having a fun target to aim at. so its a win-win-win situation.

i had a few thoughts while they were playing. (i typically sit out because, lets face it. i throw like a girl. those 8-year-olds have much better aim than i do.)

i'll let you ponder this question- how does a game of dodgeball relate to life?

because i found about 10 ways.

your thoughts?


its coming

i promise an update will be forthcoming. its been a little hectic around here to say the least.

but know this- i have a six-month-old and i can hardly believe it! what better to do on her 'birthday' than to cut her first tooth? yep. the razor blades have made their apperance. shes doing well on sitting on her own, and has begun the attempt to crawl. unfortunately she has become very impatient with the eating factor, and while shes still healthy and lean, her weight percentage has dropped a little too much. time to force the solids on her now!

i'll be back later with a real post. soon.