camera found!

so glad i found the camera.... (which was exactly where it was supposed to be. i am blind i tell you) but i am now exhausted and going to go to sleep. maybe more tomorrow. probably not- kids are going stir crazy after staying home from church. claire definitely did not act sick, just a dumb runny nose.

but do you love this picture as much as i do? so bubba. who looks like his dad's twin. and claire's. i don't fit into this family.

here is why i love this: drooly face, cowboy boots, so happy. and because i took a million of the same picture, because it was so funny to watch him try and figure out when the flash would go off, and he jumped in surprise EVERY time. and his ears stick out. like my bro marshall.

can you see his very blonde hair trying to come in? the fuzzies are making their way out. love it.

good night!

no more naps means

crashing in the car two seconds after we leave. even when we are going a mile and a half down the road. to get cupcakes. 

i hate not having those couple of hours, but its better than dealing with a grumpy pants from having to wake her from the dead after a three hour nap. 

anyways. found the camera. lots of gems on there- will be posting those hopefully tonight. a hint of what some are, visit this post


are you sick of phone pics yet?

i am.

BUT. i am incredibly grateful for my handy-dandy (we've been watching blue's clues lately) camera phone. and happy i could snap this picture this afternoon. i just barely set bubba down and had left them alone for maybe minutes and came back to this. (sorry for weird angle. phone was charging and plugged in)

camera... where are you???


sister & mister

this morning's text convo with lindsay was about various topics.... but my fave part was about claire and bubbers relationship. claire can make bubba laugh harder than anyone. she is the one that will run over and make him happy any time. she is always SO concerned if he is a little sad, and will stay with him til he gets happy again. but, he can pull her hair, and she can get a little rough with him. i LOVE seeing them together though- they can just be looking at each other and just laugh for about ten minutes straight. not doing anything but laugh hysterically. love it.

in other news, bubba is trying real hard to grow up. he was attempting to crawl this morning, but between his durned big head and shapely bum, he just could not get them up at the same time. he is a sitting champ. loves seeing the world in a different view.

love these kids. love my husband. love that he convinced me to let me have a new bedspread for my birthday/valentines day. you can see a little peek of it under caleb there. kind of obsessed really. best part? he really likes it too. win-win-win.


oh girl

lets just discuss how much trouble i am in....

picture #1. i am sitting here on the couch and hear claire laughing hysterically, and then look to see that she is laughing at some neighbor boys just beyond our fence. next thing i know, the laughter is coming from outside. she has no pants, undies nor jacket on, but had gotten my flip flops and let herself out back to play with them.

i am in trouble a) because she can let herself out through nearly any door

b) she is already getting her flirt on.

picture #2. we grabbed lunch at tucanos, and i was reminiscing about when claire was bubba's age and we gave her a lemon that she LOVED, and we happened to be at tucanos. i wouldn't dream of doing that to poor bubba right now though.... he is kind of a sensitive little guy, just like i thought he would be. he sometimes gets scared and sad if you say "boo" too laud. ANYWAYS. the point is that claire's teeth will probably be ruined before the new ones ever get a chance to come in. yikes.

did you see my sister's blog today? it made me really kind of happy amid a rough day. i was also happy because i was reminded that while lindsay was there, we were eating fresh strawberries. in the dead of winter. and they were delish. and only $1.77 a pound. mmmmm stawwwberweees. as claire would say. thank you sunflower market!


oh bubbers

my delicious bubbalicious, hunk-of-a-chunk. tried to sit in the cart. too lazy.

you make me smile. you light up the room. your laugh is contagious, and your grins are bigger than the sun.

you can't roll over. you can't crawl. your head is too darn big. but you are trying to sit up on your own, but that is really hard too, because your toesies look too fun to chew on and you nose dive every time. but you can scoot around on your back. thats kinda fun to watch.

jumping is your favorite, after watching claire dance. that is about the funniest thing ever to you. and i agree- mommy and daddy can't stop laughing when we see it.

you are my happy bubba. and i love it. and i love you. i promise i didn't forget that you turned six months old yesterday (!!!). we were just having too much fun. claire was trying to sneak you crackers and cookies though; i think you liked it. and i think you two will be best buds.


its jammies time!

trying to distract. watching toys. got him in a choke hold. bubba loves it.
you lookin' at me?

as close to a smile from them both as we are gonna get

how many of you were dressed as twinners with siblings growing up?

how many of you sometimes hated it?

and now you think its the most adorable thing ever now?

i did. i did. i do.

admittedly i wanted two girls so i could match them up all the time.... welp bubba will have to do! i have been trying, and trying to get them in a picture with these on, but sometimes nigh-nigh time is just not the best time to try and take a picture.... so i bribed with milk, and an extra feeding.... totally worth it.

or it would have been, had i been able to find the camera. nowhere to be found. camera-phone pics instead. boo. but still adorable.


i try,

but claire is her own little person.

yesterday joe asked what i needed him to do, so i had him take claire on a daddy-daughter date. i suggested just going to mcdonalds, share some fries, and get some of her energy out. so he did. upon arriving, three families from our ward (with lots of boys) were already there. claire joined right in.

joe got her a happy meal, picked the girl toy, because shes a girl, duh.

wrong choice. upon seeing what the boys had, she forgot all about the pink my-little-pony, and when she came home had a toy monster truck in her hand. hasn't left her sight since.

sleeps, eats, plays with it all. day. long.

i try and get her to like more girly things. but she just might be my tough sports-playing diva. we literally had to block the view of the boy undies when we went to get them so she wouldn't freak out over having to wear the girly stuff. she likes girly, pink and purple, sparkles, but.... hates pretties in her hair or on her head, doesn't care for dress ups, and has perma-bruises on her shins from playing rough. and i. love. her.


want one?

i would really love to send you a valentine's day card.

see? i tried to do something during the holidays, but i just literally ran out of time. so vday it is. would you like one?


princess life

anytime claire has a dress or skirt on, she is a princess. mostly she LOVES this, like yesterday (don't let the photos fool you! she just doesn't like to sit still), sometimes not. she CRASHED at about 530 on the couch, and we went to put her in bed.... welp g funk did NOT want to take off her dress, or squeaky shoes. so 4:56 am brought squeaks and a princess dancing through the bedroom door. 

bottom left picture = my fave. so claire. nevermind, they are all my fave. 

{sorry about that last picture..... it was one of about a hundred, and i forget that claire doesn't have undies on sometimes. potty training is taking over my life. and i did that post as i was falling asleep..... whoops.}


little gems

yo. been busy 'round here. mi madre visited the last week and a half-ish, and we've been playing non-stop, while also battling colds. woot. missing grammy tons! more pictures are coming.... soon.