true love

pretty much in love with my husband! can you guess what i found after school today? rose petals on the bed! so cute!

nice huh? so i went to his volleyball game with him. and go some sweet action shots of the stud!

true love..... :)


utah fun

it seems we haven't stopped doing things since we got here, but i haven't gotten to post about them yet. so heres the scoop:

the first weekend we were here, there was an award ceremony for the guys with platinum who he worked for all summer. he made into the 100 club (100 sales from the whole summer) and we had some yummy food. there was a masquerade after, here's us with our sweet masks:

we've also been spending some quality time with my sister lindsay who lives just a little ways from us close to the uvsc campus while she works at a cute little scrapbook store as a designer for them. we had dinner with her on sunday, and it was a fun affair at my expense. the whole being sick thing has made me have a few moments lately, and everyone seemed to think it was pretty funny.

also pretty exciting, we just got done listening to the prophet speak in the marriot center today, and we got really great seats! we were about a half a baskeball court away from him, and being there was so awesome! joseph skipped class to get those seats, and for that i am grateful!

there he is, he's such a sweet little old man!

anyways..... gotta run to class, as always!


cruise pictures- finally

Finally got these up.... some are pretty funny! Good memories from this for sure though- even without the luggage!

our cabin stewardess made these animals for us every night-
she was sooo cute and so nice to us, it made everything ten times better
for sure! even though she walked in on us a few times... :)

this is supposedly a myan temple..... the door was only two feet tall,
maybe. more like myan outhouse!

on our "limo" as the guides called it! we went on a jeep and
snorkel adventure, it was pretty sweet

a sweet crocadile- his name was max and he was king of the lagoon

our sweet little mini jeeps we took to the beach to snorkel. the only
problem was that it topped out at 40 mph, and wasnt manual-
sorry joseph!

before dinner the second night-
in our clothes we bought right before getting on the ship

our sweet waiters from the phillipines

the group we had at dinner- good times!

the carnival fantasy- pretty fun ship!

Maybe i'll post more later, its time for class almost......


sweet homemaking skills? not yet....

so in efforts to impress everyone with my sweet cake making abilites, i attempted to make your basic two layer triple chocolate fudge cake. however, our oven is slightly old.... SO i found a pan that fit in the toaster oven. and it worked for the first layer, and pretty much for the second, but then as i was frosting it the one on top split down the middle and came crashing down the sides, ruining the almost two hours i spent on it. :( here are my attempts.

sad huh?



at the beginning of every school year/semester i ALWAYS get a cold, without fail. and its no fun, let me tell you. runny nose, headache, runny nose, hiccups, runny nose, coughing, and did i mention runny nose? its possibly the most annoying thing ever to have a leaky nose dripping every two seconds.

in other news..... joseph and i are officially in a ward, and already giving the prayers in church tomorrow. he was supposed to go paintballing today, but homework has taken over our lives. and his poor wifey is sick :( and we might be getting callings tomorrow. first time since high school- didnt have one the entire last year, which was nice sometimes but it made it harder to get to know the ward when i had no reason to interact with them specifically. we'll see what happens! jospeh is hoping for temple worker or something with little kids- we are in a family ward which is fun to see little babies and families in church again.

school really has taken over our lives! we are both taking a lot of classes (he's taking 16 credts and i'm taking 17) and really getting into our majors (he's doing excercise science and i'm doing home and family living). we both have several hours every night, but have managed to stay on top for the most part.

our little apartment is starting to feel like home, and we are just loving being together! now its tme to get on to homework...... its going to take pretty much all day!


Some Pictures

These are all out of order..... but here are some random shots from the day!

Me and my photographer's daughter Addy- so adorable!

Getting ready to shove cake at each other!
(It got messy, but we were pretty nice!)

Mississippi river in the background

Me and mom getting ready for the reception

All the studly groomsmen

My beautiful bridesmaids

Almost all the family that was there

Coming out of the Navuoo Temple

Special thanks to Dressler photography for the pictures
at the temple that day! Even with the rain they turned out!
Also to Katharine LeCheminant for pictures at the
reception- it got a little stressful but they are awesome!


a busy couple weeks!

pretty much the craziest few weeks of my life, but definately the funnest! flying around, driving across the country, cruising the carribbean, and getting MARRIED! we are finally back at school in utah, all moved in and getting through all our shcoolwork. our apartment is a little smaller than we had hoped, but it keeps us cozy together! the wedding was beautiful, and even through a huge rainstorm, lost luggage and late flights, and nights with almsot no sleep, it couldnt have been a better day! the receptions in Illinois and North Carolina were wonderful and our families managed to handle everything pretty well. :) anyways..... we both have a pretty heavy load this semester as we both start really getting into our classes for majors. time for more homework! we'll get pictures up soon, gotta get a few more things done tonight!