a special weekend

Shoot. This never got posted? I put this together, like forever ago! 
Mom and Lindsay came out for a weekend in April.
Because Evie turned one!
It was rather gloomy most of the time, but we did have fun.
Miss them so much.

back in april (!!!) we had a couple special visitors for miss Evie's big 1st birthday. 
we kept it low-key, just how we like it. 
cupcakes, a few simple presents, and called it good. 
my mom and sister being there made it extra special. we hit the beach... as much as you can do at the beach here in Monterey. 

When you wake up in the morning

And you feel like this?

I tried to convince myself, that the foggy gray mornings of Monterey are enchanting, mysterious, or fun. That I would miss it when we move next year.
Not so much.
I am convinced I have S.A.D. And waking up to fog every day this summer really was a doozy.
And then! A glorious couple weeks of some bright September sunshine, only to have hopes dashed.
And then! It started to rain! Ha no, just kidding. 20 minutes of sprinkles was plenty.
I feel like I live in a version of Groundhog's Day.
Sometimes we get a break, some sunshine, a high of 75-80 degrees, then it's right back to the fog.
I'm over it.

Sorry for the complaining......

Here's a happy thought:
I went to the grocery store this morning
And actually filled the cart up, and got the correct groceries
AND used coupons!
PLUS all that stuff fits a 3 week meal plan. (Because the grocery store we go to is controlled by the gov, and might close...... week......)