growing pains....

its a funny sensation- there are days when i know that this baby is growing, and today is definitely one of those days. she has been kicking me in the ribs all day, and my back is killing me. my feet started to swell after walking just a few minutes. I know this is all typical stuff and i'm lucky it hasn't come sooner, but its all kinda hit me today. and i feel like a balloon today. the belly is swelling out of control.

sorry about the complaining, its more supposed be me contemplating the whole baby thing. i think its so fascinating, and it such a miracle. to watch her kick and see my tummy move all over the place is so funny to me.... i just can't wait to meet her!

a wedding and seeing some family!

its been a crazy weekend so far: here's the run-down of the wedding events (it was joseph's cousing sarah who got married- one of the cutest girls ever!)

joseph's mom, his sister laura, her husband, and their three kids made the trek up here yesterday, and after a drive that took a little longer than planned, they stopped by to pick me up. they had been trying to get to the temple for the endowment session, but didn't make it. so we waited for everyone to come out after... boy were those kids needing a break! they were cute as can be, but who doesn't go a little wacky after being in the car that long? we said hi to all the family who was there, and made a break for the hotel and got the kiddies suited up for a swim. they are total water babies and were so fun to watch! then joseph and jill drove out from work came and said hi to the family as well and to see the kiddies. they loooove their 'uncle jill' (jamison was having a hard time getting aunt and uncle straight) and 'uncle jooooooseph'!

today joseph and jill took the morning off so we could all go to the sealing, and while we were on time, i could not find my recommend anywhere! we turned the apartment upside down twice looking for it, and it is no where to be seen. we hadn't seen it since the last time we went to the temple, so we thought maybe it had gotten left there... .well it definitely wasnt there, but they looked me up, and joseph's uncle happens to be a stake president and vouched for me, so by a miracle we all got in and attended the funniest sealing ever! the temple sealer was the funniest old man, and laura's husband jason was cracking us up the whole time. for memory's sake, may we never forget the awful but oh so hilarious moment of 'awkward,' the bad idea of taking the stairs, and the sealer's very insistent directions for where each of us was to sit.

we decided that we needed to treat ourselves to cheesecake factory afterwards and that was pretty funny too.... our poor watiress! jk it wasn't that bad- but there were definitely a few moments of wacky-craziness- the biggest grilled cheese sandwich ever and playing musical seats with the kids.... never to be forgotten!

we definitely wish we could have spent a lot more time with everyone and that we could have gone to the wedding reception, but we had to get back to work, so we said our good-byes to everyone and we hope to see them again soon!
the new couple!

i told you i love laura's other kids just as much as sierra! miss paige is quite the chunky monkey and jamison is one smart cookie! we love you guys!


i laughed so hard i cried......

i love my dad. naturally.

one of the best things about my dad- his hilarious sense of humor. we get the best emails from him, and they always manage to make me smile. he always has a funny story from work where he was playing a joke on someone, especially because he does not come across as a prankster when you first meet him. some people don't get his sense of humor, and you won't appreciate it til you get to know him, but once you do, then you can truly appreciate this from a recent email:

as long as i can remember, my dad has been a master picture editor, and i never get enough of his work. i got this one at the office one day, and no one could appreciate this enough. thank you for the laughs dad!


can't hide it anymore!

for anyone who hasn't seen me in the last few months.....

please know that he is arching his back and sticking out his tummy!

at a pound and a half, the little one is making an appearance that I just can't hide anymore! just an update on that..... and I got my cell phone to work again! thank goodness! however, I do need to get a new battery, the charge lasts 24 hours or less now, and that always makes me nervous....

for an update of our fun week last week, head over to my mom and sister's blog to see some things that we did while they visited! it was SOOOOO fun to have them here, and wish we could be together more often!



so we FINALLY found what we are having and couldn't be more excited to welcome a little girl into the world! but there is a little story that goes with it- but i'm a little embarassed.....

so my mom and sister sarah decided to take a little trip out to see us, and got here saturday. they took a quick trip down to virginia to see my aunt and to visit williamsburg yesterday, and they planned to just meet us for lunch in virginia right before the appointment today. it was a little hectic and crazy morning, and i had to be in the office for a few hours before we could drive the 45 minutes to the doctor. i was a little late leaving, and then i realized that i didn't have my insurance card on me, and that i needed to pay for something online before the appointment. i turned the apartment upside down looking for it, and never did. i dashed to a computer to pay the bill, then ran back to the car, anxiety gripping me because we were late and i wasnt sure if they would see me without my card.....

there was no traffic somehow, so we were able to get there on time. ate a quick lunch and got to the office. check in, (was fine without card) wait a little bit, have the ultrasound, and they tell me i can go do a urine sample. (this is where it gets funny!)
two confessions:
i HATE trying to pee in a cup! its always a disaster and i get a little nervous every time i have to do it.
i also think that people who drop phones in toilets and then ruin their phones then have to ask for everyone's number again are DUMB for using their phone in a bathroom.

so i go in there, freaking out because i had just seen my baby and found it was a girl but trying to be all chill about the whole thing. i had my phone in my back pocket of my pants, and i was like oh, don't want the phone to fall in, i'll take it out and put it away so i don't drop it in. so as i pull my phone out (that i just got a few months ago) it slips and splashes into the toilet! wanting to save it, i snatch it before it goes down the pipes, and pull it out. i pressed a button and it still worked! i cleaned it off, and then proceeded to finish my business, which took forever! then after sanitizing everything that i could and cleaning off the phone like 6 times, i looked to see if it worked again, but alas, no luck. and drying it off didn't help either. so basically a really expensive doctor's visit. dangit. so anyone who has been waiting to hear the news, i'm really sorry i had been planning on letting everyone know what we are having, but uh, thats gonna have to wait til i can get a new phone.

anyways..... great appointment, she looks perfect and healthy, and we can already tell a few things about her: she has my nose and joe's feet! we have a pic of her foot and her second toe is longer than the big toe, a trait that joe has but i do not. she's got sass and kept kicking away while she was doing the ultrasound. it was so fun to have my mom and sister there, it is a completely different experience that what she ever had. um i havent taken a picture of the pictures that they gave us, but i'll get those up sometime. now time for bed. i'm exhausted!