Wild thing

{this is the post where you need so sing the words in your head. Do it.}

Wild thing, you make my heart sing, you make everything, groovy.
Wild thing, I think I love you.

Now, while this is true, you also think bath time is torture, you need constant attention and praise, and you are even more of an 'into everything' child than your siblings. I mean, today you found your way up onto the kitchen table and plopped yourself in the middle of a coloring session, and threw all the pencils to the floor. 

But, seriously, the stinking cutest, nose-scrunching, best giggling little girl a mama could ask for.

Despite the weeping and wailing and gnashing of (sharp, pointy) teeth when I take away the dishwasher soap for the twentieth time in as many minutes. 

My heart really does sing, most of the time with you around.


It's good to be a mother

Mother's Day is hard, and wonderful, always emotional, and thought provoking, with women every in different situations and stages of life, all you can do is just be grateful for all mothers, and all those who have mothered in some way, big or small, you or the ones you love.
We'll leave that part of it alone.
Let's just remember how awesome Claire was today. (And forget the screaming and crying 'I don't love you anymore!...... ) she finally, FINALLY conquered her biggest fear of getting up in sacrament meeting and sang her little heart out, "mother I love you!"
I almost cried. Almost. 
Let's hope she keeps it up :) 
Really, truly, best Mother's Day. 
(Joe took me out last night for dinner to an amazing Indian restaurant, sans kids, and it was incredible. Seriously, that was the first long, uninterrupted conversation we've had since Christmas, and it was much, much needed. Huge, huge thanks to some awesome babysitters!) 
Love my little (okay, here in California, people think our family is huge- ha. Not) family.


start over.

I think it's time to start blogging again.
I read through some of the blog for the last little bit, and I miss it.
I have gotten so discouraged- lotsa personal things going on, and just not really feeling it for a while. But then I started remembering so many funny things. And realized I haven't shared hardly anything about my sweet (and prissy princess-syndrome!) Evie cakes. So! Back at it. New blog will have to wait a minute.

But Oh this girl- walking and babbling away now, and I love her to pieces. But she is also a little terror at church.

I've made the comment to a few people- 12-18 months is just the hardest for me. Really and truly- so many fun things, but also the hardest things for me. 

Also, I have to say this, I am not a lover of cloudy, foggy weather every other day. As much as I'm loving the good weather, gorgeous scenery, and some really fun things, this weather is driving me bonkers. Not as much as snow on may 1st, (ahem, Utah! Stinks for you. But I had 7 years of that, thank you very much) but still. Gotta figure out how to get past it! 

And what to blog about. Gotta figure that out too.