they grow up so fast....

she's two weeks old today! and we discovered that she is already on her way to crawling. well its more of a frog hop, but there is some forward motion going on!


you must do this now!

if you didn't see oprah today, you must go here to get a free photo book printed by snapfish from oprah! i'm trying to decide what i want to use my free photo book for.... i'm thinking a sweet book with pictures of claire. what will you use yours for??? you have to decide quick- you have until midnight on friday to order!

she's a chunker!

we took claire in for a check-up today. a little early for her two-week appointment, but we were a little worried she had some jaundice. her lab tests came back negative! the doctor and nurses were impressed though- she was a little angel baby! she was awake and alert the whole time, and hardly made a sound when they had to test her gag reflex and prick her heel. she even gave the doc a smile at one point- he was highly suprised. we keep thinking that her good behavior is too good to be true, but everyday she gets even happier.

she just sleeps and eats.....

normally babies loose a little weight after they are born. not out 'little bug'! she is 9 lbs. 5 1/2 oz now and grew to 21 1/2 inches. (we didn't measure after the cone head went away....) she can eat like its going out of style, and then some. she only wakes up a couple times in the night to eat, and then she's back down in no time.

.... and eats and sleeps! sometimes she eats a little too much....


a little cougar fan in the making

we spent the day just kinda chilling, watching football and hanging out with friends. we got this little onsie for her to wear, and i'm sure that we won because she was cheering on the team the whole time! she's doing so great still, and is a greatlittle eater- couldn't ask for better.

'oh the drama!'



*be sure to keep scrolling down for pictures!*

sorry this has taken sooooo long. i've been enjoying spending time with the newest love of my life! its incredible to think that i already love her so much, when she's only four days old! she is the sweetest thing, and she has her daddy wrapped around her little finger already!

i'm recovering pretty well! keeping busy with a newborn makes you forget about all the hard work that went in to getting her here! one of the few things that i remember really well from the delivery was the strange sensation of having a baby kicking around inside, and then the next minute she's in my arms. so wierd, but amazing all at the same time.
i'm sure there will be plenty more where this came from! be sure to check out my sister lindsay's blog and my mom's blog for more pictures and updates!

since we've been home

a couple pics since we've gotten home....

playing dress up!

she loves her accessories! or maybe lindsay just likes treating her like a barbie doll..... kidding!

all wrapped up in the blankie her ya-ya made her! she loves it!
she actually doesn't mind bath time too much! just the cold after she is done. but then she loves the attention she gets from everyone because we all LOVE the smell of a newborn freshly bathed!

some hospital pictures!

all out of order..... too lazy to fix that.

she loves sleeping like this. i hope it lasts a while! and this is such a sick picture of me, but she's beautiful and thats all that matters.

in the nursery getting all cleaned up! still had a cone head....

such a proud grandma!
this was funny- so we woke up wednesday to a snowstorm. great. so mom brought in her big coat/bag so she would be warm, and the hospital has to check to make sure that we have a suitable carseat and that she gets strapped in correctly. there was so much fluff she almost couldn't get strapped in!

she loves her aunt lindsay!

sucking away!

she has arrived! cone head and all.....

how did she all fit in there?

my doc- richard holmes. love the man. amazing.

she made it safely here!

we got the call for the induction at 5 in the morning on monday saying we needed to bere there at six. we (joe, my mom and i) jumped into action and made it over to the hospital, and got all checked in. then the waiting game began. it took a while to get things going, and the pain meds are probably to thank for that, but i am so greatful for them! i was 'flying high' on the epidural but it felt great so no complaining here. mom and joe were great coaches the whole time, and lindsay was a great support to have there too! almost 18 hours after getting to the hospital and just minutes before midnight claire elizabeth brewer made her entrance into this world!

i am the lucky wife of a guy who was 12 lbs at birth, and i was 9 lbs 10 oz, and generally you pass those traits on. i knew this was gonna be a big baby, but i somehow hid the weight really well. they thought that claire would only be about 7 1/2 pounds, and the hospital won't let you be induced unless you are a week past your due date, so there was no getting her out earlier. they had to use the vacuum to get her out, and in the end had we known she would be this big the doctor would most likely have done a c-section, because she was not wanting to come out on her own!

she is truly a little angel, and barely made a peep when she came out. all she would do at first is whimper a little and give up. even after smacking her heel while the nurses were checking her out almost didn't get anything out of her! she has since changed her tune a little, but she is still a calm and peaceful little bundle of joy. she is also a great little eater- she came out and started sucking on both her hands almost immediately! what a blessing that has been.


t minus 48 hours!

lucky for me (right?) i am still 'prego' and huge! but by monday night- hopefully- it will all be over.... or just beginning? we are 'scheduled' for an induction on monday, and it couldn't come sooner! i use scheduled hesitantly because there is not a set time, i just have to wait til they call me and say there is a bed available. which could be any time of the day..... which also means she may not be here til tuesday.

and so you know.... i have tried basically everything anyone has suggested, and still no luck. walking the aisles of every store i can think of, different foods, physical activities, more walking, a pedicure, cleaning the floors, even hiking the Y for crying out loud. but no such luck. it must be really comfortable in there!

next post will hopefully have pictures! i might post one last 'prego' pic, but if not we'll see ya on the flip side! my mom will keep her blog updated, so check
here on monday! also.... before monday you should click over to my mom's blog and leave a comment with a guess of how much she weighs, and you might win a prize!

oh and don't worry- we went in for a non-stress test at the hospital on wednesday and they did a quick ultrasound and confirmed that yes, we are still having a girl. :)