This girl is full of beautiful smiles lately. She does seem to have SES, but we'll take it. Love love love it. And sleeping. Still. 8 weeks today, and the last few nights she's gone 9 or so hours straight.

We "officially" started potty training Caleb today. He's gone several times on the potty before getting in the tub, and has taken his diaper off and run to the bathroom on his own. He wasn't real sure about the undies at first, but I think he will like it.

Joe's mom is in town for a couple of days still. We haven't done too much, kept it low key so she could just enjoy and love on Evie girl and the older kids, but we will be getting some things in today and tomorrow for sure. she has been so helpful and generous with us, even getting up and letting me sleep in a little. So appreciatetd!


It's the weekend!

I love this face. She's saying so many things with those lips and scowl.... Love her.

And what a weekend it will be. As the start of summer officially begins, we have coming up:
Two birthday parties
Joes mom (aka yaya) is coming to visit
Cousins coming to visit
All the sibs together
Joe is off work til Monday night. This is a big deal.
Memorial day- which means BBQ!
Neighborhood pool opens- crossing fingers.
We got our pass of all passes today, so maybe trafalga at some point???

Basically it will be fantastic.
Basically, I can't wait. I really miss my hubs every day. So happy to have him home for a little bit!

Oh, and my seeeeester had a birthday. So that will be celebrated too.

As CRAZY as my kids have been driving me lately, I have been so blissfully happy the last month or so. We get to play outside, just about everyday. I get to sit and chat with friends and snack, yell at the kids to stay out of the street, enjoy the sunshine, and then drag the kids inside to bed where they fight bed time and then crash. Evie loooooves being outside on a blanket in the shade, with the breeze swishing her hair around, and she falls asleep every time. We get to water plants, kids play in sprinklers, we rub sun block everywhere, they ride bikes, and build an endless number of sand castles and dig the deepest holes. Summer really is the best. Here's to hoping for a loooong summer, and lots of fun!


girlie girl

So many funny things. Claire is starting to understand boy vs. girl..... Which has lead to a lot of funny conversations. Especially because Claire is such a Tom boy sometimes. I think Evie is going to be a little more girlie than her sister.

The last two weeks have been rough trying to keep the kids from being outside 24/7. Mornings we spend inside and the afternoons are usually outside. It's been so fun, and Claire just loves her little friends. Even Evie loves hanging out in the shade feeling the breeze. Can't wait for the pools to open!


Munchkin land

Nothing in the world I would rather do than be a mother to these littles. Nothing.

I fall into that stereo- typical "Molly Mormon" because I went to byu, got married, started having kids and dropped out before getting my degree. I don't regret that for even a tiny moment. I learn more from these kids than I could ever learn in a classroom. I still want to get my degree, and plan on doing so through byu's independent study program. but right now, I am enjoying (almost) every second of being in the trenches of young motherhood. And the few times I don't enjoy, I have a husband who balances things out and keeps it moving. And a sister who takes me away just long enough to make me desperate to get back to my babies.

So to Claire, Caleb, and Evalyn, you three really are my little rays of sunshine. I love you farther than the moon and back.

To my mother, I miss you. Can't wait for you to be closer! You really are the greatest example.

To my mother in law, thank you for raising such a wonderful son. He gets a lot of his awesomeness from you.

Happy mothers day to everyone!


a silly little thing

or maybe its not silly. i feel silly sharing it, but maybe someone will enjoy?

ive been thinking about "why i blog" for a while.... what is the purpose, etc. i just post whatever i feel like, no rhyme or reason to anything i put on here. my thoughts, stories, funny pictures.... just whatever. i love being able to share snippets of what i can with whoever wants to see, (especally those far away who love their grandbabies!) and i am a terrible, horrible journal-er, so this is what ive got for now.

my mother, and mother in law were/are much better at the documenting/scrapbooking thing, and i have both of our baby books. i pulled mine out last week to compare evie to myself, and decided its high time to get all those photos digitized.


a separate little blog to share the pictures i scan in, as they are scanned. im saving them all to a hard drive, but figured it wouldnt hurt to have them online as well.

is that totally silly? honestly, i dont care if anyone ever looks at it. but maybe someone will. not much on there yet, ive been trying to figure out the scanner, and finally got a groove going for scanning, cropping, saving, and uploading.

this is going to be a long, long project for myself. hundreds of photos. so grateful for them though!


Where did it go?

Little miss is four weeks old. Where did those last weeks go? The days have escaped me. But they have been oh so happy ones.

She looks like me. A child that looks like me! I didnt know it was possible for the brewer genes to be beat. Not that I don't love those brewer genes, but being outnumbered was getting old.

Her toes though.... Linds loves to make fun of my second toe, because it shorter than the big toe. I am just fine with my feet, thankyouverymuch. But all my kids and joe have longer second toes. And Evie girl's second toe is no different. So, an outcast, non-royal, short-second-toed girl, I will remain. (I heard once that long second toes mean you are of royal descent. True or not, it used to make me feel less-than Linds, who loves her long second toe. :) so silly of me, I know)

Anyways, it's been hard to put little girl down. She loves a good snuggle, and her current state of still being absolute perfection makes her simply irresistible. She tries to get right up under your chin, like that is the safest place to be. Oh that newborn phase. I'm realizing not every baby is quite this wonderful, and some really struggle with the sleepless nights and a baby who just won't get comfortable and relax. Evie's only struggles are the awful hiccups, just like Claire and Caleb. We are so blessed.

Btw, that pretty quilt she is laying on, was 10 plus years in the making. Linds started it, I worked on it for a while a few years ago after mom pulled it out, and then last week my dad brought it with him after finally being finished by mom. way to get it done Mamacita!