slideshow from wedding reception

i could sit and watch this all day. these are pictures my dad put together of us growing up for our wedding reception three months ago. i was looking at some pictures and decided i wanted to share.


the land: "zion's camp"

we had a fun day up at laura and jason's land in virginia today! it was brrrr cold but we had a hot fire, pot pie, hot chocolate, and lots of fun! jason mowed some of the grass, and the boys had shooting time. the kids got a little restless, but it was an overall fun trip for everyone! some memories from the day:

at the start of the day: rick got some branches on him after going after a stump

sierra wearing rick's hat, and doing his scowl

jason on the lawn mower with jamison (their kids LOVE it!)

jamison driving all by himself

the bell fam
getting ready to go shooting!
(and he gives me a hard time about how i hold a gun. hmph)

some other funny moments: last night we went to laura and jason's for a "sibling hang out" and we had a good time watching some movies and eating pizza. jamison had a hard time going to bed because there were people there and was just too wound up for sleep, and kept coming downstairs to see what was going on. he was too cute to get mad at though, especially when he started doing his tiptoe-ing across the hallway. what a cute little kid!

being "shy"
we also want to say congrats to our friends katie and zach who just welcomed a BEAUTIFUL little boy into the world! congrats!


vacation in NC

we are currently hanging out in north carolina with joseph's family and having so much fun! we had a yummy thanksgiving meal yesterday with everyone, and we all contributed, so it was a fun time having a some of everything. we've got some other fun things planned for the rest of our trip, and we will try and get better at taking pictures. we had a date night with the married couples the other night. we went to the village tavern and it was soooo yummy! (grilled meatloaf was delicious!)
at the tavern!
we spent some time up at joseph's sister laura and jason's place, and their kids LOVE playing with cell phones and taking pictures of themselves! sierra had some cute ones!

me and sierra! (cell phone quality, sorry :)

we'll keep y'all posted! we hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving holiday! i am soooo excited for the christmas season- i have been waiting as long as possible to start the christmas music and the time has finally come :)


every dad can do this

for a good laugh, go check my sister's lindsay's latest post- every dad can do this. a funny video of a few minutes from last night. i'm slightly embarassed by it, but we were having a good time!

we are going on a trip tomorrow to go see joseph's family in NC for thanksgiving. we are stoked about it! its going to be so much fun to see them again- we cant wait.

gross story from today: i was sitting in class, waiting for a lecture to start, and suddenly i hear a sneeze and feel something hit my head. i pause, think "no way did what i think happen, just happen. no way." i turn around, and see a guy wiping his mouth, and i thought, again, "no way, no way, no way!" and i reached back and touched my hair, and i wanted to throw up. there was a huge glob of the guy's bodily fluids all over my hair! how disgusting is that? a college kid that doesn't know how to cover his mouth when he sneezes? i wanted to say something to him, but i was utterly dumbfounded. way to ruin my day, when i already woke up with a cold, and my stomache was hurting for no reason. i want to go take a shower right now and get it out!

i guess thats all for now..... NC here we come! :)


bourne ultimatum

we went to see this at the dollar theater last night (i have a hard time seeing movies for more than a dollar. why spend ten dollars when you can wait a little while, and see it for a dollar?) and i totally loved it. i like action movies a lot of times, the ones i can follow anyways, which is great for joseph. and this was definitely the best of the bourne movies, i think. im generally not a fan of sequal movies, but this was the best (there were like seven "third"movies that came out this summer). joseph especially got into it- at one point he forgot he was in a public theater, and put his hand up in the air and kinda said "stop!" kinda in a low grunt. it was pretty hilarious because i looked over and pulled his hand down. he didn't even realize he had done it. pretty intense!

also intense- 24. we rented the first season last week, while joseph was out of commision, a couple disks at a time, and it was so hard to not just go and get all of them and watch it straight through. we got pretty into it- again. like one night after watching about six hours of it and doing homework one night, we were getting ready for bed and i said, "you dont look very happy. put a smile on!" and he looks at me, and said, "you already said that today! oh wait.... that was 24." good times.

i've been having some crazy dreams lately, and i have forgotten a lot of them, but i remember the one from last night, and i feel like sharing- part one: i was on a vacation with my family, and my dad drove us into the mountains, and we were driving in an old red buick (we have NEVER owned anything like that..... ) dad then decided that we were going to fly to outer space, so we started driving really fast and flew out of the earth, and looked at it, while dad was pointing out all the cool things you could see from space. part two: we came back to earth, drove down the mountain and drove to new mexico, and then it was time for me to get married- again. but we were getting married civilly, at my cousin's house, the one who just got married. but my mom forgot the veil, se she tried to get me to wear an ugly blue and purple hat. anyways.... any dream interpretations would be great! haha.

well its time to watch football, another one of our favorite things to do. any time there is a byu game on tv, we go get krispy kremes and watch the game, because we are lame and couldnt get tickets to any games. go cougars!


day 10!

it has come and gone! joseph has made it past the day 10 marker! apparently, day ten is the worst, because people think they are fine and over do it, and then end up going back in the hospital because something bad happens. we had a little scare last night, but it was just a little thing, and today he is doing awesome! he lost over 15 pounds, and we have the before and after shots for ya. we are sadly mourning the loss of wilbur, his beloved gut. R.I.P. wilbur.

lookin' good! he is still eating very little, but is starting to like food again! this is a HUGE improvement over the last few days, because although he was eating solids, everything was nasty (it WANS'T my cooking this time!) AND he made it to all his classes today! (another HUGE accomplishment :) if all goes well, and it should, he will be able to fly to NC next week, and we are sooooo excited!



my scruffy little boy is feeling MUCH better now. this is one of the first days he's been able to smile a little bit! he is going to try a little school tomorrow, hopefully. he hasn't been up to shaving, and we don't know what he'll be up to later. he's eating solids now, but doesn't like them yet because they aren't tasting very good. he's lost over ten pounds, pretty fast way to lose weight. we'll keep ya updated!



so joseph had surgery today- a septoplasty, tonsilectomy, turbonate reduction, and a possible adinoid something or other. (they never told us if they did it...... gotta get back on that) it was an out patient event, and he's doing great! looking a little worse for wear at the moment, but he's just getting lots of sleep, and drinking just water at the moment.

a last look at five thirty this morning. a slightly restless night for me, but wanting to get it over with! please note the crookedness of his nose before!

all dressed in his gown- sadly, he was completely covered in the back, much to his disapointment. he wanted the nurses to see his cute bum! (kidding!)

sweet socks with the little rubber things on the bottom so he wouldnt slip

they make the lights comforting- definitely didnt look like that when we went in!

right after surgery, making the joe face

slightly drugged
so thats whats going on right now. the surgery went well enough that we dont have to go back for two weeks, right before thanksgiving. and if recovery goes well, he should be able to eat a real meal by thanksgiving day!



got tagged by my friend heather little while back.... been busy but here it is!
six random things about me....

1- my dream is to go to spain. i wanted to major in spanish and live abroad there for a semester, not gonna happen now. but i still want to visit and go to a bull fight. i dont know how many presentations ive seen about spain, and they always talk about the bull fights. go figure.
2- i am a disaster when it comes to arts and crafts-y type things. my absolute least favorite part of girls camp for sure. dont enjoy it, and cant do it.

3- i really want a dog. i miss our family dog at home, and i cant wait to get one when we have a house.

oreo dressing up last year....

4- i dont like lord of the rings. i didnt watch them until a couple weeks ago, and even then i didnt stay awake through it. i tried to read them once, didnt get into it, didnt like it. i think i read the first chapter.
5- i used to dance and cheer, and i wish i could do it again. i loved it, and i loved how it feels to dance. best memories from summer term freshman year was going dancing until 1 in the morning. and it was one of the best parts of high school.

6- im a harry potter fan. i know, totally nerdy, but i started reading them years ago in middle school, and it was cool. i cant start something like a movie or book and not finish it. so i had to finish them. and i like them. totally nerdy.

so now you know.....

never ending reunions!

we've been to a few "reunions" with friends from my various 'homes' lately. we were at another one last friday at Brick Oven at provo- so fun! saw some people i havent seen in a LONG time, and caught up with people i havent talked to in years. a good time and great food! a couple pics.... we need to get better at it! dinner was yummy! joe wasnt a bellinghamite, but hes got a lot of connections to us, so he wasnt too out of place!
Lindsay and her roommate jac! jac isnt a bellinghamite either, but she had fun! always a good time at brick oven!