bourne ultimatum

we went to see this at the dollar theater last night (i have a hard time seeing movies for more than a dollar. why spend ten dollars when you can wait a little while, and see it for a dollar?) and i totally loved it. i like action movies a lot of times, the ones i can follow anyways, which is great for joseph. and this was definitely the best of the bourne movies, i think. im generally not a fan of sequal movies, but this was the best (there were like seven "third"movies that came out this summer). joseph especially got into it- at one point he forgot he was in a public theater, and put his hand up in the air and kinda said "stop!" kinda in a low grunt. it was pretty hilarious because i looked over and pulled his hand down. he didn't even realize he had done it. pretty intense!

also intense- 24. we rented the first season last week, while joseph was out of commision, a couple disks at a time, and it was so hard to not just go and get all of them and watch it straight through. we got pretty into it- again. like one night after watching about six hours of it and doing homework one night, we were getting ready for bed and i said, "you dont look very happy. put a smile on!" and he looks at me, and said, "you already said that today! oh wait.... that was 24." good times.

i've been having some crazy dreams lately, and i have forgotten a lot of them, but i remember the one from last night, and i feel like sharing- part one: i was on a vacation with my family, and my dad drove us into the mountains, and we were driving in an old red buick (we have NEVER owned anything like that..... ) dad then decided that we were going to fly to outer space, so we started driving really fast and flew out of the earth, and looked at it, while dad was pointing out all the cool things you could see from space. part two: we came back to earth, drove down the mountain and drove to new mexico, and then it was time for me to get married- again. but we were getting married civilly, at my cousin's house, the one who just got married. but my mom forgot the veil, se she tried to get me to wear an ugly blue and purple hat. anyways.... any dream interpretations would be great! haha.

well its time to watch football, another one of our favorite things to do. any time there is a byu game on tv, we go get krispy kremes and watch the game, because we are lame and couldnt get tickets to any games. go cougars!

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Savanna said...

the old red buick is a sign that you must come visit me. i drive an olive green buick, and since it is Christmas season, red and green go together... especially when they are buicks. there. now you can't say no. the dream interpreter never lies.