so joseph had surgery today- a septoplasty, tonsilectomy, turbonate reduction, and a possible adinoid something or other. (they never told us if they did it...... gotta get back on that) it was an out patient event, and he's doing great! looking a little worse for wear at the moment, but he's just getting lots of sleep, and drinking just water at the moment.

a last look at five thirty this morning. a slightly restless night for me, but wanting to get it over with! please note the crookedness of his nose before!

all dressed in his gown- sadly, he was completely covered in the back, much to his disapointment. he wanted the nurses to see his cute bum! (kidding!)

sweet socks with the little rubber things on the bottom so he wouldnt slip

they make the lights comforting- definitely didnt look like that when we went in!

right after surgery, making the joe face

slightly drugged
so thats whats going on right now. the surgery went well enough that we dont have to go back for two weeks, right before thanksgiving. and if recovery goes well, he should be able to eat a real meal by thanksgiving day!


Porter Family said...

darn, that would be pretty funny to have to puree his thanksgiving feast and have him suck it up through a straw...just kidding! Hope his shnoz is better soon!!!

Shellie said...

Cute pics! Can't wait to see the black and blue. Thanks for being a great nurse Katie.

Shellie said...

Well I hope he dosn't starve because he is only ok if you give him a real meal every 5 minutes.

Jamison said... look hot Josephina....too bad you couldn't show off your butt cheeks!