california update

I am still figuring out what the heck i am doing.
I have a new blog. but, its not ready yet. its not quite where i want it, i need to flesh some ideas out, and fill some stuff in. and maybe design it...... ha.

so, to keep everyone in the loop. 
we live super duper close to the beach.
today was the first time we let the kids go run in the sand. for 10 minutes. its just a little colder than we would like. and thats fine. its still winter. and the beaches are small, crowded, and incredibly windy 90% of the time. we knew that coming here. thats why the focus has been on clam chowder and fish and chips :)

our days have been filled with lots, and lots of outside playtime. its warm enough to be outside nearly every day, but almost always with a light jacket or sweatshirt.
we have some wonderful parks close by, a gym that has a child play area and a heated indoor pool, a children's museum down the street from the base (where Joe is in school), and so much more. we haven't made it to the Aquarium yet..... but its high on the priority list! 

we have pretty much decided, we wont eat at the same place twice. there are way, way too many good places to try! i did find my new favorite taco shop to substitute Diego's in Provo. 

updates on the kids:

evie cakes
cute as EVER. and still not walking yet. praise to that girl that she has held on this long. i like to think its because she just really likes hanging out with me (unlikely) and not because she sees her siblings getting into trouble (likely).
The little stinker is creeping up on turning one in a few weeks, and it makes me ill to think about, so we'll leave it there.
love her to death.
oh, and she hates solid food with a passion. working on it.
but, she did finally start saying MAMA on my birthday. best present ever.

(before we left utah- the traditional sink bath!)

claire bear:
sassier by the DAY. i tell you what, she is giving us a run for our money that one.
but she is also so sweet, and full of giggles all day long.
loves her siblings. loves her parents. wants to constantly be doing, is getting better at writing her name, and misses everyone in UTAH desperately (and those in north carolina!)

i think she misses the snow, too. she kinda liked that stuff. or something. 

this picture cracks me UP. she looks like she has been awake for days. nope. but she did pour herself some yogurt, and dumped on some sprinkles (instead of granola.)

missing her bestie Adi

 and THIS dude.
only likes mommy when dad is not around.
is POTTY TRAINED. no really, after trying 983475938475 times, it finally stuck! (mostly because i was tired of buying diapers for two kids. yuck. ) he loves it, and its been an adventure potty training a boy. for us, a complete, and hilarious, rollercoaster. currently, trying to help him understand he can't just go in the plants (i think we would be kicked out of the military if someone saw it. and we cant figure out how he learned to do that!!!!)
he is so sweet, but also, strong-willed. boy will he do his best to get what he wants. he has leaned that the sweet face he inherited from his daddy doesnt always get him what he wants, and it makes him a little sad. working on it. he is so funny, and the best snuggler. love this kid.

okay, so this was THE sweetest thing in the world. we were have a night of family blessings for everyone, and at some point Bubba decided that he wanted to give his bear a blessing. so sweet Caleb gave Bear a blessing with some help. cutest, sweetest, most tender moment watching him learn about the power of the Preisthood.

With gf Kaylyn before leavning. I might be obsessed with her.

okay, so now just a few since we've been here:

down off the warf in Monterey. SO beautiful here!

making sand angles, and not getting their hair in the sand

 my smoking hot husband

free spirits!

AND, the saddest picture.
 from just before taking off on that winter morning, saying peace out to the snow, holding back the alligator tears, and looking forward to being reunited with daddy. 
 (shellie: that flag pole will come out sometime. when i tried to pull it out before leaving, it was completely frozen in the ground, and we had to leave it behind. ha!)

hopefully i will get the new blog together soon. i want it to be juuuuuust right.
and seriously, we have an open invitation for visitors. we have a really comfy new couch. and some air mattresses. and im sure my kids would share their beds :)