girls camp-a smashing success, if i do say so myself!

but really, after doing so much and stressing about it all, everything came together and fell into place, even at the last minute. and i think the girls enjoyed it. at least thats what they worth it. although i feel kind of like i would if i had just planned the weddings of all the girls, and that feeling you get when you plan all that for that one day and then its all just over. but hopefully, like the marriage, those feelings, impressions, and relationships last, and the things they learned will stick. at least until next year!

i'm feeling a little heavy tonight, even though that weight of planning and planning is gone. maybe sadness? the week honestly flew by. the girls never stayed up past 1130, so i really got as much sleep as i normally do. i took an air mattress with me so i was comfortable, and mostly warm. i'll admit, beyond dealing with the demon spiders, endless mosquitoes and flies, and food going bad, i got pretty attached to most of the girls, and learned a lot from them. some jokingly called me "mom" by the end, and i thought "if i have teenagers like this, life will be pretty great." they are a small but wonderful set of girls, with little to no drama between them, and most of them have testimonies that shine brighter than they realize. i missed the kids, and joe especially, but it really was a treat to be among them for four days.

this week and next will be full of anticipation! i tried to not let myself get too excited about whats coming up until after camp was over, and now that i'm on the other side, things are going to be pretty great for us! beach trip with joe's fam starting next friday. pretty stoked for that one. and then marshy marsh gets home from brasil! the blessings from him being gone for so long far outweigh the sadness of not seeing him, but him being back is pretty great too.

and those sheep? the sheep i almost ran over as we were driving back from camp. came out of nowhere, around a sharp corner, absolutely no warning. i didn't take a camera, so i will be stealing pictures from everyone else this week :)


miss you already

four full days without these cuties? sad day indeed. almost can't wait so i can get back and love on them again. having family play time is my very favorite right now. 

love these little buddies. bubba monster and crazy hair claire. she is a wild one, and he is on the move. wouldn't have it ANY other way. 


cashing in

i called my mom on my way to the gym, to catch up without kids screaming, pulling my leg, asking for milk..... she asked what i was up to. "oh, just headed to the gym, and then the sweet tooth fairy." 
insert a burst of laughter from mom, and then more from me when i realized how awesome that sounded.

half off from groupon? yes please! i didn't even need to think about that one, so much so i clicked it twice. i did finally realize what sabotage i was creating, and limited myself from that third one though! 

i only ate 2/3 of one cupcake though, k? and that was my entire lunch! those boxes have (way too many) cookies in them, and those are all for mutual tonight. lucky girls huh? lucky i made the stupid mistake of clicking "buy" twice that is!

i needed a pick me up, its been a kind of bittersweet day. being gone for a week sans kids for girl's camp means no more nursing, so i decided to make sure i didn't get sick or whatever before camp (next week!). bubba has always loved it, and we've been weaning him really slowly, but knowing that this morning was the last time has made me fight back tears all day. i know he knows. and it stinks. but i made it almost a whole year despite setbacks and whatever, and i think i'll finally be able to lose the last of the baby weight that has been nagging me for six months. and have a little freedom. little guy is turning 1 in a few weeks, and i am so excited we'll be celebrating with his twinner cousin! anyways. too much going on during summer to post more regularly, but i'll try and get something else in before camp. go find a sweet treat and celebrate a little victory for yourself!



it does this mommy good. sometimes i need a sane moment where everything is quiet, and sometimes that means having a milk session. claire + bubba + katelyn (the little babe in the middle i babysit) + 3 bottles/cups of milk/formula = a quiet moment for me. no crying, whining, questions, tugging on the pants, etc.

i keep being told i will miss this one day..... i'm sure i will. but sometimes, i just need a moment for me in the middle of the day. which is happening right now, thanks to some amazing nappers in this house. three kids napping at the same time = bliss. and the reason i can use the computer!

bubba has started this thing where he is not happy when i am in the room unless he is a)eating b)drinking or c)doing something he shouldn't be, like climbing on the couch and pulling on the blinds. i don't know what to do. i nurse him give him a bottle, and feed him a huge bowl of food and cereal, and he acts like he is starving. if i give him extra he barfs it up.... so i just leave the room. leaving claire to either follow me, or create a massive mess. i just don't know what to do! i am trying to teach them to play together, share toys, and read books with them, but bubba just gets mad and starts throwing things. so, we are constantly cleaning up messes, like flour. ugh. just keep working at it i guess?

and, i just need to mention that having my little sis around has been so glad she is here, and helping out this tired momma a ton. she's pretty awesome.


time flies

i never seem to get around to posting as much during the summer months. too much fun stuff going on?

head here to see some pictures from the weekend. spent pretty much all of it with the family!

joe has been through the wringer the last couple of weeks. three doctors visits within two weeks. yep, it stinks. (and the computer stays in our room, which i have been avoiding, so maybe thats why i haven't been posting?) annnnnd they still have no for sure diagnosis, so joe is on what, 6 meds right now? lost count. been keeping the kids away and outside, and trying to get him better. i mostly lost my voice, and willed myself to not get whatever it is that he has.... can't have two sick parents, right?

and also on the agenda, every day, is to somehow get plans for girl's camp figured out. it is sneaking up really fast, and i'm starting to get real nervous. speaking of:

FREE CAR WASH THIS SATURDAY! DONATIONS ACCEPTED :) AND THERE WILL BE A LEMONADE STAND AND BAKE SALE! 1600 W. in PROVO. just south of center street, at the church on your left. 9:30 am to 1pm

that was my plug for the girls in our ward. its their fundraiser for camp, and i'm a little bit stressed. so come? and bring friends!

oh, and here's the really awesome part: there will even be some vacuums and they will vacuum your car! sweet huh?

and marshy-marsh gets home in like, forty something days. its flown by, but i can't wait to see my little brother! he's probably got 8 inches on my now, but i will always be the older one :)

and harry potter. was going to go a midnight showing, but i am pretty sure we are too old for that. like i would most likely fall asleep. so next day it is. so excited.

and girl's camp. oy. lots of cute stuff and ideas, just making it all flow and come together. yes i know about sugar doodle. honestly, has not been the greatest resource. i'm kinda picky. to each their own.

 too. much. to do. and bubba is now bubbamonster. officially. he blubs around (thats the sound he makes) and walks in huge, wide-stance steps with his arms out like he's gonna get you. he's so delicious. and goes up AND down stairs on his own. claire loves dance class, but is a serious space cadet. her teacher says she follows along, but i'm just not sure. shes crazy.

oh and my car got rear ended. biggest headache. i HATE state farm (the other guy's insurance) i can never understand anyone i talk to on the phone! and i really don't want a rental car. ANNOYING.

soooo i will get some pictures soon... i have a REALLY funny story with some pictures, when i get around to it!