great. just great.

why did we have four inches of snow yesterday? it is nearly APRIL for crying out loud.
another boring week, i'm sad to report. but i promise next time will be exciting. next week we have:
  • first doctor's appointment
  • general conference
  • sister jill is coming to visit
  • wedding
  • birthdays

speaking of general conference..... does anyone have a special treat that they have while they watch it? in our family, we ALWAYS have orange rolls for breakfast and chili dip for munching. it would not be the same if we didnt have those two things twice a year. i'll share with you these two recipes.

chili dip- one can Hormel chili- NO BEANS and 8 oz. cream chese. heat chili and melt cream cheese all together in a saucepan over medium heat until all melted and heated through completely. serve with frito's chips (we usually double this and use the dip kind of chips)

orange rolls- go to the grocery store's freezer aisle, buy rhode's orange rolls and follow the directions. if you live outside of utah, good luck finding them! one of the blessings of living in utah. you can subsitute with pilsbury if you can't get rhodes. those are great too!


oh what to blog about....

i got nothin' folks. and we got no pictures of anything recent. school is life at the moment, and the fact that finals are coming up in just a few weeks is kinda scary. our washer, which we've only had for two and half months, decided to stop working. which conveniently happened when we really needed to do luandry. i hate food, except grapefruit. mmmmm...... we are moving to washington dc as soon as school is out, and i cant wait to enjoy the pool everyday. but we haven't decided what to do with our house. know anyone who needs a place to stay in utah this summer? speaking of dc, here is a pic from last summer- its called handy, something about a religion.

sorry this was soooo boring for y'all, but really the most exciting thing that has happened was an easter egg hunt we went to last night that had money in the eggs. we were not very good hunters :( but it was fun to hang out with friends.

today is the first full day of spring. i think i will go get some flowers and plant them.


oh you want an update?

okay, well i wish that there was something to report... but theres just not much, other than i am in a constant battle with food every day. and its the first time that i am not happy to have suddenly lost some weight. right now just trying to keep the end in sight, and get through the next little while.

and now, back to watching the biggest loser. (i would watch american idol, but this has captured my attention a little more this season. )


no longer a teen? and get excited!

first: today was the big 20- woohoo! i have the left the world of teen things and become... not an adult. why? because i still can't 1-drink and 2- gamble in casinos. because apparently, those things are for responsible adults. but i can still vote, get married, get a credit card, buy a car, house, etc. woop dee doo. (just kidding on most of that- i LOVE my husband and being married and i LOVE my house!)
the first thing i did this morning was go back to sleep. then i waited for my wonderful husband to wake up, and he asked what i wanted for breakfast in bed. i asked for cream of wheat because thats the only thing that sounded remotely good. i guess now would be a good time to announce to those who dont know that we are having a baby! (i gave up on trying to keep it secret because there are too many people i want to tell!) and today was my first official morning sickness. i only managed to eat a few bites before dry heaving my way to the bathroom. we had no crackers in the house, and so i dressed, drove to the store, bought a cart full of crackers and ginger ale (while an old lady behind me kept sneaking up and touching my butt... i dont understand what was happening. if i had tried to turn around i would have knocked her over thats how close she was. and all she bought was orange tic-tacs, which almost brought me to tears thingking about my grandmother's obsession with orange tic-tacs) and the cashier asked me how i was doing. i know i looked like a zombie, and wanted to share the details of hanging out by the toilet this morning and why all that i was buying was things to cure the sickness, but i smiled, gave the "good how are you doing?" response, and went home, where i proceeded to eat nearly an entire box of cheese and cracker ritz.
the rest of the day was pretty uneventful, but a wonderful day to relax and hang out with my husband, who i didnt see much of last week. i ordered pizza for dinner, thats how much i really didnt feel like going out.
so yes i really am pregnant, i am due october 26, i havent had my first appointment because i am a slacker and am freakishly scared of miscarriage. we have no idea a boy or girl, but we are having fun coming up with names. (suggestions of names you like or hate or claim i cant use are welcome anytime!) and guessing. originally he thought boy, i thought girl. but we have been joking around that its gonna be twins or triplets based on a dream he had the other night, and the fact that women carrying twins are more likely to feel nausea/and vomit.

special thanks to sister lindsay for her little blog about me. feel free to get to know me a little better by clicking your way to her blog on the right and enjoy some embarassing photos of yours truly



just wanted to congratulate mr. and mrs. smith who got married last friday! we were lucky enough to be invited to the sealing and even though it was a snowy cold day, everything was beautiful and the couple was oh so happy! mike and joseph are buddies from the mision and its been fun to keep in touch. anyways... we wish the cute couple the best of everything!