great. just great.

why did we have four inches of snow yesterday? it is nearly APRIL for crying out loud.
another boring week, i'm sad to report. but i promise next time will be exciting. next week we have:
  • first doctor's appointment
  • general conference
  • sister jill is coming to visit
  • wedding
  • birthdays

speaking of general conference..... does anyone have a special treat that they have while they watch it? in our family, we ALWAYS have orange rolls for breakfast and chili dip for munching. it would not be the same if we didnt have those two things twice a year. i'll share with you these two recipes.

chili dip- one can Hormel chili- NO BEANS and 8 oz. cream chese. heat chili and melt cream cheese all together in a saucepan over medium heat until all melted and heated through completely. serve with frito's chips (we usually double this and use the dip kind of chips)

orange rolls- go to the grocery store's freezer aisle, buy rhode's orange rolls and follow the directions. if you live outside of utah, good luck finding them! one of the blessings of living in utah. you can subsitute with pilsbury if you can't get rhodes. those are great too!


Stephanie said...

I love family traditions like that! We always had cinnamon roles and "conference casserole". I have made these both for my in-laws since we are usually around them for conference and they loved the idea!

Erica said...

omgsh! SNOW!!...that is crazy..we are having some really super bad storms but luckly no snow!

Richard said...

I won't tell you about our weather! Just know that Spring is here and it is beautiful! I can't wait to hear about your adventures next week!
Love, Mom (Shellie)

LinnieBell said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for including the 'NO BEANS' part in the chili dip recipe...beans ruin everything! :)

Porter Family said...

We always got together while the boys were at priesthood meeting and made cinnamon rolls. Good times. The last few conferences, Kirstin and I have gone nuts delivering said cinnamon rolls to unsuspecting people. Loads of fun. Enjoy the snow.