yet another wedding!

my cousin nick was married this weekend down in farmington, new mexcio. it was a fun time being able to get away from school for a few days and see my parents and some extended family we havent seen for a while. it was a gorgeous weekend and the weather couldn't have been more perfect.

on the way down with lindsay. the katie face.....

The Joe Face

so, the above picture has a little story behind it...... lindsay and i have made this trip down and back to and from new mexico several times now, and every time we pass this rock that has a huge sign that says 'hole n' the rock' on both sides of the wall, with an arrow, but we have yet to see this "hole."
so on our way down this weekend we saw it again, and really wanted to see this hole, because you cant see it from the freeway. so on our way back to provo today we decided we HAD to stop and see it. we pulled up and here it was! however, we were slightly disappointed because there wasn't a hole, but a house inside the rock. i guess the "hole-house" was a pretty big deal because its in a rock, but we were slightly let down, and we didnt feel like paying for a short little tour. at least we dont have to look for a hole anymore! plus we got some sweet souveniers....

we were walking up and for a minute we thought this was the hole, but, its not.

anywho, a great weekend. i'll post more pictures of us and the wedding later. lindsay had her camera and we took pictures about every five seconds, so i'll get those later.

another platinum dinner

we love them!


funniest thing today

so, joseph plays flag football, and thats always fun because he plays with some of my friends from middle school and high school in washington, always a good time to see them. so at today's game, the team they were supposed to play didnt show, so they won that game. another team showed up early for a game after them, and they decided just to play each other. on the other team were a few guys from the high school that i went to in california. and so it was just this bizarre moment when i saw people from completely different places interacting with each other, and i knew them coming from completely different times in my life...... anyways just this wierd thing that happened. and i felt bad cheering for the other team, because im supposed to support my husband, but they were friends.... wierd..... on top of that was a few pieces of interesting gossip from a friend..... strange night, possibly going to get stranger, if we go to a haunted house.
on a side note, i love halloween. i cant wait to have an excuse to eat candy. i don't care how old i get, if its halloween, im allowed to eat candy:) and watch scary movies. its the american thing to do.


jerrica's wedding

just a few pics of jerrica- i love her and miss her! she was such a beautiful bride! the best friends: someone, angela, jerrica, zenna, and me. we love her!
me and jerrica! she had a cute little luncheon in bountiful at a little reception house.
love ya babe!


so its been a while

its been a while since the last one, and things have finally calmed down a bit. school was getting hectic, we both had severl major exams this past week, with more to come. whew, we cant wait for thanksgiving break! the weather has been throwing us off too- one day its snowing the next its 75 and a sun shiny day. all the winter clothes have officially come out and are ready for use. i wasnt done with summer yet, but oh well.
one of my best friends, jerrica zollinger, got married last week in the Salt Lake temple and it was an absolutely beautiful ceremony. elder D. Todd Christofferson, president of the seventy, was their sealer; what a neat experience! he shook everyone's hands and asked us our names. i'll post some pictures later!
gotta get back to studying- thats life right now!