im a slacker

but heres an update:
we last left the saga of the brewers in utah in our new house. we moved out of our apartment the day before we left for st.louis and dumped everything we had in the garage and started to unpack and put away the things that had been dumped inside the house. we had been expecting the builder to get a washer/dryer set put in earlier in the week, and had put off doing laundry in the coin laundry for a little too long. the day before left we had negative clean clothes, and in the hope of not having to do it in the laundro-mat we made a last-ditch effort to get them. connections = amazing: made a SINGLE phone call, received maybe five in return, and they got put in literally twenty minutes later by a miracle and we stayed up until two in the a.m. getting some done (still left in piles around the house) and packing. we took a three hour nap, got up at 530, left at six thirty a.m., and got to st.louis that afternoon, and have been watching football ever since. seriously. byu played in the pioneer bowl game that night (AMAZING ending to the game bytheway!) and we've watched pretty much any other college ball game thats been on tv. currently the patriots are playing new york and penn state is playing texas a&m simultaneously as i type. we keep flipping back and forth. but dont worry- we did some other things. and have some other things planned.
highlights so far:

randomly our neighboor was having a christmas party and hired a horse drawn carriage for the night to go around out neighborhood. our dog oreo was slightly intriguied- she had never met a horse, and we dont think she really understood- pretty sure it smelled funny, but she recently went mostly blind and couldnt see it. she turned twleve this year, and we worry how much longer she will be with us.

my dad had the brilliant idea to make us do karaoke on christmas eve. we taped the whole thing. one of the funniest things to do. here is joe singing to n'sync

chirs and joe singing/dancing to "at the hop"

marshall and i to "mocking bird"
the traditional pajamas on chirstmas eve. joe and chris have a special way of wearing them

our first chirstmas together!

we are all just too silly.....
there is no way i am putting pictures of me on christmas day up- but here is marshall thoroughly enjoying himself!

santa "suprised" us with tickets in our stockings! pretty sure i am in love. better than i imagined. and my roommates in the dorm can testify ive been imagining for quite some time. it took a lot of restraint not to jump up and sing with elpheaba and glinda the whole time. i knew every word of every song. and i would see it again in a heartbeat!

it really was amazing. we had the stand in for elpheaba, but the people around us afterward said that she was better than the usual one. i was pretty pleased.

just funny. lindsay and i really enjoyed ourselves.

we have another week here in little edwardsville before we head back to our new home and another semester at byu. we are having sooo much fun and have finally caught up on our lack of sleep. not sure what the rest of the break will bring, but we have new years and plenty more games to watch!


pics of house

i know i said i would get these up ealier, but here they are.... click the link
i will get more up after we actually move in and have a little decor.


i need a heart

because apparently, i dont have one! reason being: i dont cry during movies. i just don't. i have no idea why. it doesnt matter how sappy the chick flick, they never get to me. my dear husband has a heart as big as it gets i guess because he cries for them all. he cries for chick flicks, any kind of sports movie ('specially football and baseball) and ones that remind him of samoa where he served his mission. a couple classic examples:

1-we saw "martian child" in the dollar theater friday night (HIGHLY recommend it!) and i didnt notice but at the end he was bawling when the kid and dad are on top of the telescope. not really even a chick flick but just has some good morals or something in it.
2- tonight we put on "the other side of heaven" which is set in tonga, and is almost identical to samoa in culture, setting, language, people, etc. the opening credits started and he was tearing up and trying to hold back.

its highly probable that he cried during lord of the rings- actually im pretty sure. i usually (ok, every time) sleep through most of them, but it wouldn't surprise me.

which reminds me. we are going to see the play "wicked" over christmas break. i'll ask the wizard for a heart while i am there.



aka: TIRED!!! sometime we come up with different ways to say tired. thats one of them. another is tuuurd.... i was going to put up some pics tonight, but maybe tomorrow. today was the last day of classes this semester, and it feels sooo good. gotta get through finals still, but they aren't really phasing me at this point. we are just too excited to be moving to our house. which, bytheway, is going to happen TUESDAY and we are ecstatic. i was all ready to post some pictures, but i got tired and hungry, so im satisfying those needs first. sweet dreams.


oh what a week

its been one of those weeks. finals coming up. papers to write. snow falling. more homework. trying to sell an apartment contract. more snow. bills. furniture and christmas shopping. and, oh yeah, buying a house. yep- you read that right! mama and papa bowerman are helping the kidies get their first house and we are so thankful and excited! everything happened a little fast, but we are so stoked to be moving in at the end of next week, the day before we leave for christmas break. we found a beautiful little townhome in southwest provo that just got finished being built several weeks ago. great little neighborhood, close to a pool, park, and even has a little backyard (a rare find for a townhouse!) saturday night after dealing with snow all day, trying to get errands done, and missing the ward christmas party because of a steep hill we weren't sure we could have gotten up with snow, we came up with a list of the things we are most grateful for with the house. at that point in time the fact there is a two car garage with it made the top of the list. here's our list of why we are excited for a garage:

1- storage space! (no more storage unit!)
2- the car goes inside, which means
a- car gets less dirty
b- no ice to clean off
c- no snow to clean off
d- warm car in the morning
e-easier to wash, vaccuum out, etc.
3- no searching for twenty minutes to find a parking space a half mile away in the pouring rain at nearly midnight and below freezing temps
4- car has no chance of getting towed, booted, ticketed, etc.
5- less likely to get stolen

we are moving in next friday and we can hardly wait! we are frantically trying to find furniture, and getting finals over with. its been crazy trying to find some things. still on the list of necessary things are: kitchen table chairs to match the table, mattress (we arent even sure if we are going queen or upgrading to king... :) and refrigerator. other items of interest: coffee and side tables, big wooden storage trunk, entertainment thing to put tv on, and a man chair.

we'll get pics up later, probably after some things are moved in!


snow fall

i decided after church yesterday that i am greatful for snow. at church there was a polynesian woman who got up to bare her testimony who was from hawaii visiting her son in our ward. she was so funny and she said over and over that she was so grateful for the snow and how beautiful it is. she was so grateful that she wasn't drowning in the ocean but looking at how beautiful the snow made the world. i talked to her after in relief society and she said it all again. her happiness was infectious, and i could not help but be grateful for it. any of those other feelings i had toward snow the other day vanished, and i wished it could stay. there is something so beautiful about the way snow sparkles in the sunlight, ahhh i love it.


happy birhtday laura and cold, white, fluffy stuff

its joseph's sister's birthday today! we love and are thinking of ya! i dont have a picture of just laura, but here she is with her family that was taken while we were visiting for thanksgiving.

she is almost six months pregnant now, and she's due on my birthday! (march 3rd!) we spent alot of time at her house when we were in NC and we miss it! anyways...

ps- it definitely snowed 4-6 inches today. im not sure if im happy about it or not. i was definitely not happy about when the car was skidding this morning when i snuck out to get doughnuts to suprise my husband (krispy kremes for byu game days- byu is playing san diego as i write this- and winning). but everything looks soooo beautiful right now. time for snow gear!