oh you make us laugh!

i wish i could've gotten the last ten minutes on tape- i have the energizer bunny for a daughter! besides running a mile in circles around the house just now, she outran her nursery leader today.... but what i really need to share are these stories:

claire and i ran some errands with lindsay yesterday and stuck her carseat in her car. upon going around a corner her seat got tilted sideways. i was flipping out but she was just holding a bottle looking at us like 'can someone just fix my seat please?' no noise, not upset, not flipping out, just kinda, 'can i get some help over here?' lindsay and i couldn't stop laughing for about 10 minutes. i may or may not have snorted i was laughing so hard.

i am just not a fan of children's music. it gets stuck in my head, and i just don't handle it well. the music from movies and cartoons is enough. i know i need to get over this- that need became very apparent when i read my friend's blog who was very excited that her almost one-year-old could do the e-i part of "old mcdonald's farm". i instead get excited that claire does the 'oh oh ohhh' from beyonce's "single ladies" song. yep. we watched this video of it and shes now obsessed. (she also loves this song they do. the puppet is hilarious to her.) so proud.

i also need to stop calling her names like 'g-funk' apparently. while being taken out of the high chair today she said, clear as day, 'g-money'. what???

anyways.... shes a funny one that claire bear. here's to more smiles and laughter!

In all of living have much fun and laughter. life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.
-Gordon B. Hinckley


please, just stop

dearest claire,

you are more joy to your parents than you will ever know. but please, just stop growing up for a few minutes, k? you are talking up a storm, you are getting so smart with all those books you read. you make friends with EVERYONE, you make us smile, shake our heads, and laugh constantly. you have the craziest hair- it doesn't stay groomed more than ten minutes before you are off and getting into everything. mornings and after naps are your best time of day- you are so so so happy to see us when we walk in to get you. just stop changing and let us enjoy this part of you a little longer, please?

your mom and dad


little gift

this babe gave me a little gift yesterday and today by falling asleep in my lap just before naptime. i LOVE holding sleeping babies. and watching them sleep. i creep into her her room to watch her sleep all the time. maybe its allergies, maybe shes sick, or maybe she knows that 'just us' time is coming to a close soon, but she hasn't let me hold her til she falls asleep in forever. shes just too dang busy. but i most definitely cherished those quiet moments of her dozing. shes getting too big and too smart way too fast for my liking! shes already playing dress up, loves doing make up, and even has her animals give each other kisses- without me showing her how. she rolls with the punches and just lets all the other kids steal toys from her without any retaliation. anyways. just feeling ultra grateful for the little gift miss bub-a-chub gave me today. shes so thoughtful and sweet to know exactly what her momma needs.


why lindsay is great

last night i got a call from lindsay who was laughing so hard i could not understand her. why was she laughing? because she thought my post about the doughnuts and starbursts was hilarious. which is what it was supposed to be. just a little humor. yes i was being a little over dramatic, but that was the point. my husband's son was emphasized so much because he was a 12 pound (yes, i've seen the birth certificate) baby. he ate so much he could not be nursed, and had to go to a bottle rather quickly. and i know i'm not a heifer, but i feel huge, i am always worried about trying to push out another 12 pounder. so that is why that post was funny.

and my seeester (my mom always says "this is your seeester calling" when she calls her sisters- also funny) seemed the only one to agree. its all good though. even joe does not get it sometimes. like how the other day lindsay and i went to yet another craft boutique (a running joke) and we found these prints shown above. its titled "i don't like the sound of this." (found on this blog) its just funny! and yes we each had to get one, and thats saying something. joe still doesn't get it.

or like how on the same day we were eating lunch and there was a tv showing random trivia. and i kept getting some that she thought were impossible to know correct, and i said "its like they asked me all the questions!" and she couldn't stop laughing. and then when i answered correctly what a fortnight is (two weeks, duh) speaking in a (really horrible) british accent we almost couldn't eat anymore.

anyways. even though i love joe, and he usually gets my humor, its really great to have someone who thinks the other things he doesn't get are really funny. you know what i mean?


birthday princess!

although she's on her way home to see mi familia for the weekend, i got to spend some quality time with the birthday princess this morning dropping her off at the airport. as the grumpy/hormonal/fat/hungry/tired pregnant lady i would only get up that early for a few people in this world, my sister lindsay included! (lucky her, huh?) thanks for being such a great aunt for claire, she sure loves her dee-dee! couldn't ask for a better sister. hope your day gets a little better despite all your mishaps and red lights this morning! we love you!

how did they know???

my wonderful sis-in-law and her crew visited this week. while here jason took it upon himself to get to the store, and filled the house with goodies. he snagged some mother's circus animal cookies (the pink and white ones) which we both happen to have a weakness for. on that particular day though he also brought hostess powdered doughnuts, and i ate nearly half the bag. after they left i found myself craving more... and more.... so i snagged another bag of them, and they were half gone again before we even got home.

and then last night laura grabbed a few more things for their trip home today and conveniently left some starbursts in a kitchen drawer. haven't had those in forever, so i sampled one, and now i am getting ready to take myself to the store and grab another bag.

my question is- how did they know? how in the world did they place in my possession two of my best friends, as well as two potentially dangerous enemies? for i cannot have just one of either.
for you see, i can eat them, and not feel sick. i can be distracted and snack to my hearts content. i somehow do not get full, and they keep calling to me. telling me of their goodness, and their desire to fill my body.

ahhhhh..... to be slave to a pregnant body carrying my husband's child. *ahem*. my husband's son.


they grow so fast

how claire felt this morning

they've changed so much in the last six months!

my little buddy. she loves getting her picture taken, promise.

sweet girl. crazy bed head.

we've been a little lame until a couple of days ago, when claire's cousins came to visit! we only managed one picture just before a nap time, and just before they were about to take off, but they were here! and we LOVED every minute of it. after they had gone, my sister came over, and claire got rather upset that she wasn't her cousins. oh well.....

other than that claire and i hang out pretty much all day, every day. i am slowly getting bigger and more rotund, and according to the doc on wednesday, "it still sounds like a boy". i am due four days apart from my sister-in-law, and we are so excited to be having cousins so close in age- finally!

my garden pretty much went ka-put. most everything died- its been so stinkin' cold! we missed covering up the plants in the 50 snowstorms that we've had in the last month.... i am NOT giving up. the lettuce survived, and the temps are on the rise again, so i'll be giving it another go soon.

and claire still LOVES nursery. she practically runs in there without so much as a look back at us. i might just love it more than she does.

happy friday!