oh you make us laugh!

i wish i could've gotten the last ten minutes on tape- i have the energizer bunny for a daughter! besides running a mile in circles around the house just now, she outran her nursery leader today.... but what i really need to share are these stories:

claire and i ran some errands with lindsay yesterday and stuck her carseat in her car. upon going around a corner her seat got tilted sideways. i was flipping out but she was just holding a bottle looking at us like 'can someone just fix my seat please?' no noise, not upset, not flipping out, just kinda, 'can i get some help over here?' lindsay and i couldn't stop laughing for about 10 minutes. i may or may not have snorted i was laughing so hard.

i am just not a fan of children's music. it gets stuck in my head, and i just don't handle it well. the music from movies and cartoons is enough. i know i need to get over this- that need became very apparent when i read my friend's blog who was very excited that her almost one-year-old could do the e-i part of "old mcdonald's farm". i instead get excited that claire does the 'oh oh ohhh' from beyonce's "single ladies" song. yep. we watched this video of it and shes now obsessed. (she also loves this song they do. the puppet is hilarious to her.) so proud.

i also need to stop calling her names like 'g-funk' apparently. while being taken out of the high chair today she said, clear as day, 'g-money'. what???

anyways.... shes a funny one that claire bear. here's to more smiles and laughter!

In all of living have much fun and laughter. life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.
-Gordon B. Hinckley

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Yaya said...

When Daniel was little the kids all taught him "who let the dogs out,woof, woof". He couldn't say a lot else, but he could say that...but that was my teenagers! How am I doing on my plea to get Jill to bring Claire to me for awhile????

So cute!