its all worth it. its all worth it. its all worth it. its all worth it.


hit stage 3 and feeling quite sluggish these days... but the end is in sight. its there. i can see it coming. i have a will-not-go-past-this-date set, and that makes me very happy.

on a sad note they tore down the pristine pool in our backyard today. we've been watching the bull dozer tear it down and fill in the hole all morning. what a total and complete waste.

also unrelated, but i'm curious. does anyone know how to teach a toddler that soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, lotion, and all that is DISGUSTING? claire is obsessed with eating all of the mentioned, and doesn't care that it tastes funky. i don't leave all that stuff out, but every so often she finds a way to try and scarf some down. oh dear child.


LinnieBell said...

after her bath the other night, i squirted a little lotion in her hand so "she could do it herself," only to have her put a squirt's-worth of lotion right in her mouth...she tried so hard to get the taste out of her mouth that when i got the brush out to do her hair, she grabbed the brush and started to "brush" the taste out of her mouth!

maybe she's just building an immunity to all those things so that when she's older, you won't be able to "wash her mouth out with x, y, or z" when she talks back to you...just a thought :) i sure do love that little kid!

Cristy said...

Hailey is eating everything still too! She especially loves dirt... sigh... I am surprised to hear they are filling in the pool! I never expected anyone to ever do anything about that! Are they just going to put grass over it? Or actually do something else? (Hahahaha.... ah, as if they would do something else that cost money...)

Laura said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE this cartoon. I keep revisiting for a good giggle. So true...and kiss the Claire-Bear. My kiddos ask for you guys super ya