Little besties

They started sitting together to watch their favorite movie- despicable me. Which is a huge bonus for this whale over here, because caleb recently decided he is completely attached to me if I sit down. And i kinda have to sit down throughout the day. Let's remember that currently, the space in my lap is very, very scarce. And bubba chunk is kinda a big, pushy boy. I wish I could physically give him all the snuggles he wants- this is very different for him. But I can't. So, Claire will have to do. Besides, how cute is that?



I am at a loss. I can't figure out how to fix Claire's lips. She licks, bites, whatever all day long, and I just don't know what to do. It's been since a little before christmas, and the ring around her mouth keeps getting worse. She has also had a runny nose since then, and I'm wondering if it's because she is getting the little dribble? The only time it was better was when we were in Texas and she didn't have much of a runny nose- and she let Grammy put Chapstick on (grammy must have magic powers? Is claire just scared of me?) She absolutely melts down if I try and put anything on her because it's "spicy". And I have tried just about everything- different chapsticks, soft lips, blistex, Vaseline, even m&m flavored Chapstick. I've tried sneaking in and putting it on at night, which helps keep her from bleeding, but she wakes up crying and wipes/licks it off as soon as I do.

Any ideas or suggestions? EVERYTHING I've tried, like letting her pick out the flavor or color has backfired majorly, and seems to make it worse. That girl.... All the bribes don't help either- she is just a little stubborn thing :) really don't know what to do!


sunday funday

shes a crazy one. 

home from church today. i dont like missing church. sickies all around.

will someone please stop making my kids get sick? please? i am so over this! keep your kids at home! i know you hate it, but i hate it more. trust me. whiny sick kids everyday is getting really old. 


Pretty boy

Ive been watching a little boy the last several weeks, which has helped the female dominated play. But sometimes, you just need some fancy heels to make you feel your best!

And just to be clear, I did not push him into it. He threw a fit til I put them on. We still have plans for a tough little football player, don't worry!

Love at first sight.


Auntie Lindsay is reeeeeally a genius when it comes to surprising Claire with fun little gifts. Sometimes, Claire is in a mood, and they aren't received well at first, and then later loves them. This is not the case with the latest gift. During lunch break, she snuck over and gifted Claire a PET ROCK for V-Day.

To say she loves him (it's a boy) would be an understatement.

She adores Pet. (that's his name.)

so far,

They've had a tea party, gotten dressed and sparkly, made plans to be married in the temple, and he's been rocked to sleep. They have plans to eat cereal, and go for a car ride.

WHY IS SHE SO FUNNY???? Every kid is funny, but she is hilarious. I LUF HER!


He liiiiiikes it

That boy. So big right now. Mom keeps telling me "interesting" when I tell he about how he likes it (the bunk beds), and stays in it during naps and night time. That's because he's awesome. He did fall out last night I believe..... But went right back in and stayed asleep, until the kids came into our room at 7:22. I must say that I much prefer that to his endless screaming in the crib in the morning. I should probably look into putting the rails up. I luf him.

In other news, it's finally dumping snow. Which is great, but it's a bummer we didn't get to all stay in this morning and snuggle and watch the snow fall.



Im not saying transition has happened just yet, but little man slept in his bed last night! Aaaaand both kids slept til almost 8. The mattress was just on the floor because we didn't get to finish setting up the bed, but he only cried for 10 minutes before going to sleep.

Did I mention that the night before he climbed out of his crib in the middle of the night? So, pretty much I know how my kids work and what they're all about.

And ikea is my definition of a love/hate relationship. Ugh, that place is awesome, but really the worst. Trying to buy a lamp is a nightmare. And buying two is like pouring shards of glass in my eyes.

Happy Saturday!


Growing up

I might be insane.... But bubba is being kicked out of the crib this weekend. Tax refund (making less than what the govt thinks we should has its perks. Sometimes.) is being used to buy the mattress, and big boy bed is being set up. He hasn't tried to climb out of the crib, but he loves Claire's bed, and she doesn't really want to share? I found a great deal on some cute matching bedspreads.... His might be kinda girly. Whoops! It is blue though, so who cares?

Also, Sunday, Sunday is going to be amazing. Caleb turns 18 months next week, which means nursery for the big boy! And Sunday school and peace for the parents again! Oh it's going to be so great I tell you!

And, in case you were wondering, I'm getting fatter by the second. Because all I want is cookies. And sweets. And my sweet husband fulfills any desires for theese things. So, if I'm being pushed around in a wheelchair by the end of this, you'll know it's all cookie weight, not baby weight. I might already look like a whale. 54 days left!



In the middle of snuggles on the couch, watching a show, bubbers flipped and fell fast asleep. I luf him.



Teaching reverence during prayers to younger kids is kinda hard sometimes. But also really funny sometimes. Don't worry, joe already scolded me for taking a picture during a prayer, and I repented.


a santa FAIL

i try so very hard to give my kids all the necessary experiences that i can. start and keep traditions, all those type things. good mom stuff. 

soooooo. at the beginning of december, i grabbed joe and the kids, and we headed to the outdoor mall where "the best santa" was supposed to be. he wasnt there. no signs saying when he would be back, schedule, nada. claire was devastated. i didnt want to go to the regular indoor malls- they all charge for pictures now, and dang it i didnt want to pay to capture my kids screaming with a fat bearded man in a red suit. (they are EXPENSIVE too.) 

perhaps maybe the ward party..... oh wait. no chance there. no santa at our ward ever again..... 

so we waited, figuring maybe we were too early in the season. it was a at least a week after thanksgiving, but whatever. as usual, december was hectic, and we didnt make it back to that outdoor mall until christmas eve. no santa. claire was disappointed again, but at least there were signs saying he would be there at 6:00 THAT NIGHT, along with free carriage rides. (oh carriage rides....another story. another day.) so i convinced lindsay to come with me since joe was working, we were there just after 6, and NO FLIPPING SANTA. nowhere to be found. and no carriage rides. even his chair was gone. we werent the only ones walking around in the freeeeeezing weather, wondering where the heck he was. so lame.

three times we tried to see santa. and three times, we failed. miserably. they didnt even see him, let alone get their pictures with them. no idea if claire would have been happy or sad, if caleb would have sat down, anything.

when its all said and done, the kids enjoyed running around his "house" and i got to enjoy looking at everyone else's screaming kids on facebook and blogs. i think that there was not one picture of kids with santa that didnt have them upset or looking realllllly confused. 

next year kids, we WILL get that screaming picture. hopefully :)


more thanksgiving

found some more shots from our trip to ca for thanksgiving.

aquarium at legoland. enthralled.... not really. he had kind of had it by then!

found a great hiding place in the condo to play :)

mom took claire to legoland one of the days, and had a little face painting done! so fun

splash pads are so fun for her. she loves it!

driving school.... uh not really quite ready for this yet. but fun!

as close as we got to a santa this year.... i'll share more about that another time



cute face

and now hes driving a motorcycle. why are my kids growing up so fast?

thats more like it. a slide, just right for his age :)

im a little obsessed with how handsome i think chunkers is.