just can't get enough

princess claire with bestie adi

i just love her. and claire loves her buddy adi. our house is diagonal from hers, and seriously the second adi is outside claire spots her and goes wild until they are together. its especially funny, because they play together, but they also play separately. they start together, and then they end up doing whatever they want, but when its time to go, they can't let go of each other. so cute. whenever claire talks about nursery, she always talks about playing with adi, and dance was always about adi, and when she wants to go outside, its so that she and adi can play. i hope they can always be such good friends!


Anyone out there?

Not sure if anyone reads this anymore?

Here's a quick shot of Claire after her dance recital last night. She was being a stink, but danced her little heart out when it came time. Cute little bug. Thanks for coming to watch linds!

Oh and my younger brother is here. Pretty happy right mow.



Bubbalicious turned one at the beach. Poor guy was suffering from his first ear infections, and other illness and spent that night screaming and throwing up. He did have some fun at the beach that day, and a great little party with the fam that evening. This guy is all about being on the move and what he can figure out how to get into next. He's brought so much joy into our home that I wouldn't trade for anything. He doesn't try words ver often, but is constantly giggling and laughing, and making grunts and blubs when he wants something. He loves cuddling, and is a pretty good sleeper and eater. And has more teeth than any kid his age, with more trying to pop through.

Love this guy. Love him to pieces.

And Joe. Love him too. Four years today for us. Keeping it low key, which is how we like it.

Since I'm talking love today, love Claire too. What a crazy little chick she is.



This picture sums up a lot of our trip: just having a good time, doing whatever the heck we wanted. Its been a blast being with everyone. So great to finally introduce Caleb to everyone. Meeting the newest niece for the first time. Getting more sand in more places than I care to admit. Oh how I miss the ocean. Both kids absolutely loved it, didn't mind the water when it was colder one day. Heading back to Utah Monday and am really sad to leave everyone. The hospitality of southern people is so comforting. Gonna miss it.


love this little giggle

oh how i love this boy! he, like any baby, does not appreciate having his diaper changed. this was today's distraction.

12 hours til we leave for north carolina! time to start packing i guess?

why do i always wait til the last minute to pack? i don't like packing. but packing shorts and swim suits might be motivation today. although this red eye flight is looking like not such a good idea the more i think about it. oh well. to the beach we go! 


fabio to the rescue!

gosh i love my dad. see that little orange circle with the 76 in the middle? my dad is in oil, and through the years companies have merged, sold, bought, whatever with each other, but he started out sporting the 76 for quite a while. so, whenever we spot a little 76 memorabilia it brings a smile to our faces. this gem was found around the corner at the local sandwich shop.

anyways. reason #834839487 why my dad is a superhero, is because when i was having a meltdown about leaking water and my mom couldn't solve the problem (not that she can't, but dad is better at this stuff) he actually left a meeting to take my call. i know sometimes i probably don't give him enough credit because he puts a lot of work into what he does (and does WAY better at it than he gives himself credit), and sometimes that takes away from family time. BUT. when it really matters, he is there 100%. always.

anyways. i'm bawling now just thinking about what an incredible man he really is. love my dad.

blerg....way too much going on right now. just pile it on why dontcha! 

and. can't wait to see joe's dad, and the rest of his family so soon! right now in a week we will be on our way to the beach. can you tell i'm excited yet? i keep wanting to start packing in hopes that we can just go ahead and go, but i think that would only create a bigger mess than the one i'm trying to clean right now.