puppy love

just a little post dedicated to my puppy. my puppy- as i will always call her. she's an old lady now, about to turn 13 (63 in people years!) this year, weighs at least twice what she should, mostly blind, deaf, and is losing her sense of smell, but she still acts like a puppy sometimes.
she came into our family for christmas one year, and has moved with us all over the country. we named her Oreo, for she looks like the cookie. anyways, i don't want this to get depressing, because we know her time with us will probably not be much longer, but she really is a member of the family, as much as my dad doesn't want to admit it. i just want document two things- 1- that today she came to sit with me over everyone else- thats why shes mine :) and 2- my mom and i are pretty sure that she gave herself a brain freeze a couple days ago! see, my mom has this ice cream for dogs, and it comes in a little dish, and she takes it out of the dish, puts it on a plate, and it looks a bit like a hockey puck. normally she just licks it up, but she decided she wanted it so bad, and she bit into it and ran off with the whole thing! it was too funny and made a big mess, but she kept doing it, trying to eat it really fast, and we are pretty sure she caused herself to get a brainfreeze!

remember- she came to me!


I'M DONE!!!!!!!!!!

This is my first blog and my wife doesn't know about it but I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm done for the summer and packing up to head out to Utah tonight!!!!! As an office we finished as the number one office ever. I beat my summer last year, but not by much.... I'm just glad to be done and glad I'll get to spend time with my wife again. The best news of the night is that our office did well enough to win free video camera's for all of us rep's.... Well hopefully my wife doesn't get mad at me for posting a blog but hey I also wanted to publicly thank her for pushing me this summer especially at the end when i was burned out.... She truly is amazing and does so much. I'm proud of her this summer as she worked while being pregnant and had to deal with me on the days when i was in a bad mood from selling... i'm truly the luckiest guy ever. Well i've got a lot to do so i better get at it.....


its been one of those weeks

its been crazy but good! it was a great anniversary weekend- we slipped away to cute williamsburg, virginia saturday night and toured it all day sunday. it was SOOO nice to get away, just the two of us and not talk about work! it was a pretty warm day, but everyone there kept saying how lucky we were it was wasn't as hot as it normally is.

we left and headed back to dc for our last week of work! what a relief it is to be done! i left yesterday morning to fly to st. louis to spend a couple days with my family, before heading back to utah, but i just didn't have enough time to finish things with work and pack, and ended being the in the office til almost two in the morning, and we had to get up at 5.30 to leave the next morning! i had a quick flight (it really was quick, we even arrived almost twenty minutes early! so unheard of these days!) and my mom and i have been talking baby stuff ever since! i have been holding back all summer because i knew we wouldn't have room to bring things back, and its been so fun to start making some decisions! some friends threw me a great baby shower last night, (thanks again heather and kirsten!) and i think that this baby will be the best dressed baby ever! she probably won't have to wear the same thing twice- she has so many cute clothes!

anyways... just wanted to document.....

lame! its not letting put up pictures right now... i'll get back to that later!


true love

this last week we've been playing a game- its called "what were we doing a year ago right now?" one person says it and the other person has to remeber as fast as they can. why do we play this game? because this week last year was the week we got married! (yes wedding festivities went on for a whole week) tomorrow is our one year anniversary! its been the longest week of my life because i've known for a while that he was planning something this weekend and i wasn't allowed to know until he told me about it a little bit ago- so now i am packing for our little trip this weekend! i'll keep y'all in the dark til we get back.....
to continue with the game.... a year ago right now we were just getting out of a temple session with our families and getting ready to eat dinner at hotel nauvoo- so much fun and so so so yummy!

this was after dinner....

and just because i like talking about him- here's some info:

1. what is his name? jospeh william brewer he's such a stud

2. how long did you date? friends for a long time, best friends for 5 ish months, dated 5 weeks.... engaged 5 months

just after we decided to get married!

3. how long have you been married? one year tomorrow!
4. who eats more sweets? not sure... it could be a tie, but i probably do
5. who said I love you first? he did
6. who is taller? he is
7. who is a better singer? he definitely is- just come over and listen to him shower on sunday mornings and sing hymns in samoan- you will agree.

8. who is smarter? i probably have better grades, but i think he knows more than me.
9. who does the laundry? i mostly do it, but he helps, and will do it if he needs something. and he will usually refold his socks.
10. who pays the bills? we share. he does more though. and he makes the money to pay them
11. who sleeps on the right side of the bed? looking at the bed, i sleep on the right. laying in bed he sleeps on the right.
12. who mows the lawn? we haven't gotten a chance to mow our 2 ft. by 5 ft. patch- we left before the ground had thawed out. but he was in charge of finding someone to do it for us for the summer. he probably will be the one to do it though- i somehow got skipped growing up and have never actually used a lawn mower or even a weekwacker. i am not sure how this happened because i did a lot of yard work, but no one ever bothered to ask me to mow the lawn. because everyone else liked it? most likely because i am a klutz and am not allowed to handle power tools...
13. who cooks dinner? me most of the time. he helps sometimes, and will do any grilling. he likes to make breakfast though- he's pro
14. who drives? he usually does- it just depends.
everytime he drives, he opens my door. everytime he opens my door, he gets a kiss. everytime

15. who is more stubborn? i probably am.
16. who kissed who first? he kissed me. it was awkward. there were no sparks.

awkward.... not. but i like it

17. who asked who out? we just decided to go out. kinda. he was supposed to take someone to see a show, and she backed out last minute, and he was telling me about it. i had a ticket to the same show but later, but decided i would rather go with him instead of the people i had tickets with. so we went. and then we decided that we would "try" dating for two weeks for a marriage class he was in. loooong story behind that.
we went on lotsa dates

18. who is more sensitive? tough call- but he probably is- he will actually cry during a movie.
19. who has more siblings? the same- we are both the middle child of five, and we both have two brothers and two sisters
20. who wears the pants? he actually prefers his lava-lava.


boys will be boys

this has been such a great summer for us becuase of the awesome people that we get to work with. there were about 40 guys that worked in the office with joe throughout the summer, and these are some of the funnest, funniest, and just all-around good guys to work with. they were all so different but their personalities meshed so well and getting together with them is a guarunteed good time. this week was a fun pool party at the apartment complex, and it was non-stop laughs as they played 'basketball', had a relay race and had a 500 dollar coin dive. the best was watching them wrestle in the pool over huge watermelons covered in tons crisco! the goal was to be the first person to get one out of the pool- basically hilarious! anyways, love these guys, love the good times, and we will definitely cherish the memories!
getting ready to go for the coins

little fishies

searching for more

fighting for the watermelon

and this little guy- my absolute fave munchkin! i just want to eat him up!


another belly picture

for anyone who is interested in the growth of my tummy this summer.....

here it is! at my last appointment i weighed in at gaining about 16 pounds, and measuring 28 centimeters at 28 weeks- absolutely perfect! i've gotten a lot of comments lately saying i look too little to be 7 months, but i'm perfectly average, in the middle, normal, on schedule.... like i am with everything else. (except my blood pressure- a low 94/68. i've always had low to normal, but it could just be the nurse. the appointment before last she couldn't get pressure or even a beat in one arm....which would mean i was dead) should i take everything looking normal as a good sign? i think so.

we are fun people.... see?

have you been bored with us? 'cause we have. so we decided as our last weekend in DC we would actually do something not related to work, and do something we have been wanting to do all summer. we made a trip down do the smithsonian today to go and see the air and space museum! we hopped on the metro for a quick ride and landed smack in the middle of 'the mall." luckily it wasn't too hot outside and we walked around the mall for a bit and ate snacks, and checked out the museum. it was pretty sweet- they do an amazing job with it. joe was loving it! his secret dream life would be to fly around in planes, and he was totally digging seeing how they worked and have evolved, and their role in history. we didnt snap a ton of pictures, but enough so that we could prove we went. see?
the cessna was the perfect size for me!

not so much for him- a tinsy bit too small
and now we are tired. i am leaving in just a week and a half- i can't wait to see my family on the way back to utah! time sure is flying! (haha, get it?)


I really wanted to give you something to look at

but we still can't find the camera charger. so this is what i could come up with. we have been dying to know what our little girl will look like, and this is as close as we can figure...... here's what we started with.

joseph william brewer

katie anne bowerman brewer

katieph willianne brewerewer

a little asian looking..... chubby cheeks...... plenty of hair....... whaddya think?


okay so its been a while

yep. and not much has been going on. i wish i had pictures to document everything so as to be more entertaing for anyone reading, but as soon as we needed to use the camera the battery went dead, and we can't find the charger. but here's an update, for anyone who cares to know :)

joe has had a great summer selling, but the last week and a half have been really rough for him, due to being extremely ill. we can't figure out whats wrong, and its lasted way longer than a flu bug should last..... we have tried to get him to a doctor and as always, health insurance has been a struggle. besides which we figure they wouldn't tell him much anyways. we got him in finally, and of course that was a total waste of time. hopefully he kicks this soon!

despite him being sick and afflicted, i continue to be spoiled by my wonderful hubby who suprised me with the book that i have been dying to get my hands on. i was waiting patiently to borrow it from my sister, but he bought it for me and it came yesterday! i have had to force myself to not speed through breaking dawn and savor it as long as possible, and its killing me! i have to do little things to reward myself to be able to read another chpater, like do some laundry, clean the kitchen, etc., basically all day. we'll see how long i can make it last!

other than that we have few other things going on.... we leave in three weeks- only three weeks!- and head back to provo. we're making a stop in st louis on the way back. its all i can to to keep myself from starting to pack up already. hopefully we can fit in a few more things while in the nations capital, and make use of the time we have here!

so this is something thats been happening....... i wish i could post a picture of this so you can understand, but again the whole camera thing.... we've had a problem with a leak in our bedroom ceiling. there was a leak from something up there, they thought it was the water heater, and so they 'fixed' that, said to let it dry, but then it keep dripping, kept dripping, and finally decided to actually look and see what was going on. it was the sprinkler system that was causing the leak, and because it was so bad they had to cut a ginormous hole in the ceiling, which revealed tons of moldy, nasty insulation and rotting wood. they fixed up the sprinkler stuff and took out a bunch of stuff, but they still want it to dry out before patching things up again, so we have this gross, smelly hole that i stare at every night, and it freaks me out. i have this weird 'fear' of mold, and this seriously makes me sick to look at.

speaking of being sick..... i'm down to 80 days left of this pregnancy! its been fun, but i'm totally ready to meet this little girl! and besides which, i am getting anxious to start getting the nursery and everything set up! we spend time everyday looking stuff online, taking notes of what we like, what has good reviews, and so forth. there will be plenty to do as soon as we get back!

i'm gonna go see if i can find that camera battery charger, and then maybe read another chapter.....