boys will be boys

this has been such a great summer for us becuase of the awesome people that we get to work with. there were about 40 guys that worked in the office with joe throughout the summer, and these are some of the funnest, funniest, and just all-around good guys to work with. they were all so different but their personalities meshed so well and getting together with them is a guarunteed good time. this week was a fun pool party at the apartment complex, and it was non-stop laughs as they played 'basketball', had a relay race and had a 500 dollar coin dive. the best was watching them wrestle in the pool over huge watermelons covered in tons crisco! the goal was to be the first person to get one out of the pool- basically hilarious! anyways, love these guys, love the good times, and we will definitely cherish the memories!
getting ready to go for the coins

little fishies

searching for more

fighting for the watermelon

and this little guy- my absolute fave munchkin! i just want to eat him up!


John Deru said...

Hello, I like swimming, too !!

The Browns said...

This really was a fun party at the pool. I hope that we get to hang out during the school year and meet the one on the way!!

Amanda said...

So does this mean you'll be heading back here soon? Can't wait to see you and the belly!

Zach and Katie Hillstead said...

my favorite munchkin too!!! great pics!