know this-

i have been trying REALLY hard to not complain too much that winter keeps popping back up as soon as the weather gets nice. just smile, nod, and keep busy inside while i wait for a nicer day to go outside. but i must just mention this. last night i watched the news a little longer after american idol than i would have because they kept talking about what to do to keep you plants alive through the freezing night. they showed this little contraption to keep the plants warm, but i didn't have those. and i didn't feel like searching for a tarp. nor did i have a bunch of little planters. so at 9:30 last night i grabbed all the ceramic mugs and some bigger bowls and put them over each plant, in hopes that the freezing temperatures would not kill those veggies i worked so hard for. for crying out loud, i just want my plants to last! and then this morning i looked out and just laughed because my little garden looked so sad all covered up. its okay, go ahead and laugh, too. its kinda funny.


la. dee. da.

in case there was a question as to the growth of my belly, see above proof. can't hide it anymore.

now for a quick run down.
yesterday- a really good day. cleaned, hung out with lindsay, watched national treasure.
right now- watching this talk. feeling pretty good.
later- so excited for church. claire gets to go to nursery, i get to enjoy church. looks beautiful outside again.

*in case someone cares.... claire did amazing in nursery! she walked in and started climbing with the other kids and didn't bother looking back. and church for me was bliss. ahhhh....*



seriously, girl finds a boy everywhere she goes. usually the older ones, too. these two were found playing a duet together. yes, found. they had run off and were playing away. luckily they are only distantly related by a marriage. i hope the innocence lasts....


on being domestic

probably a nesting thing going on.... but been feeling a little um, creative lately? while my mom was here we pulled out my sewing machine that my mother in law gave me for christmas and got it all figured out. we made this little table cover. definitely not perfect! we didn't have a pattern, we just kinda made it up, but i think it turned out pretty cute!
now during this whole pregnancy i have not been craving anything sweet or fatty, but now that i can't have sweets i want them all the time! i figure its okay if i have to spend a lot of time making it and then sharing and giving away most of it, right? i have been craving strawberries lately and what better goes with strawberries than angel food cake and whipped cream? i'm usually not an angel food cake fan, but when its homemade- oh baby! soooo good!
and since angel food cake takes so many egg whites, i needed something that used all the egg yolks....... creme brulee! it really wan't too difficult to make. (trust me, if i can make it without any supervision, mishaps, or injuries it really can't be too hard!) we ate it all before i could get a picture of it,
but it looked a lot better when it was in my new little dishes! they were only $1 each, and i really love them. i wish i had gotten more of them i think.

so while my sister laughs at my attempts, i know she liked the creme brulee, and i know joe is enjoying the home-made yummies. i'm having fun, because i refuse to go outside when its snowing.... like today. i need something to do, right?


not so impressed

i really am not impressed right now. i've been waiting 25 minutes to talk to someone. i've been told each minute that someone will be with me shortly. and i'm getting antsy. gah!


me and my buddy

yep this is old. i don't like many pictures of me!

its been a rough morning for me the miss- she just wants to play! climb on chairs, eat everything, and on top of it all shes got a bit of a cold going on. so we put on her current favorite movie, ratatouille. {shes slightly obsessed.} and it calmed her right down. i LOVE my little one, and i'm looking forward to the next few months of just her and me. soon enough my attention will be all split up, and i'm just not sure how she (or myself, for that matter) will handle it. its funny to think that there will be more than one kid in the house for who knows how long! and i'm pretty excited for it.

also exciting- i quit my job, and joe got a "new" one! he has worked there before, but the pay is better, and benefits are included. pretty stoked about it! he really liked being there last time, and they liked him enough that he was basically hired on the spot. so life is looking pretty good right now

in other news, i have been eying this little ditty for some time. i finally caved. and i totally love it.

from target

i've got some other pictures to post, but the camera is m.i.a. i think claire ate it.


and a happy easter to you

just tell me how cute she is, alright?

woke up in a bit of a funk from her nap. but playing with daddy seems to always make things better.


pictures from the week

just a few shots from what we've done this week. its been cold and yucky, but we've had plenty of fun!
claire met her newest cousin poppy! she was recently adopted from samoa by my cousin jayne and her samoan husband. she was adorable! we kept joking that poppy is as dark as claire is light. too true!
here's the 'side shot' for those who want to see. that baby is in there, i promise!
we went to the farm at thanksgiving point. it was a little chilly, and claire wasn't too sure about the animals at first, and got pretty upset when a sheep started to suck on fingers looking for food, but she soon found the chickens which she thought were pretty hilarious! she thought the pony ride was pretty fun, too, and kept looking around to figure out who was neighing at her.
we were at the maternity store trying something on real fast, and we stuck the little poof for trying things on under her dress. she thought she was the walking around with a little belly and kept patting it. all the store ladies loved her!
also at the mall the easter bunny was there. we were waiting forever and she kept getting antsy to go up to him, but as soon as he picked her up she became really unsure. at least there was no screaming!

so, so sad that my mom and little sis have to fly home tomorrow. their visit was just too short! hopefully they will make it back soon!


thats outside plumbing

yesssss.... this is what the technician said when we found out that this baby is definitely a boy! he was being a little funny and got upset when she started pushing down, and turned his face away and put his hands up so we couldn't quite get a good look at his face, but his nose appears to look like his daddy's... oh well! we are thrilled that he looks happy and is measuring right where he should be.

while little nugget is doing great, his momma needs a little attention. the technician found LOTS of small stones in my gallbladder, which while not good, it is a relief to know what is causing some of the spasms that i was having a while ago. i will likely need surgery after the baby is born, but we'll find out more next time i see my doctor and the results from the ultrasound are in. my dad had his gallbladder removed forever ago, so this does not come as a surprise. for the time being i just have to eat small, frequent meals and keep them as un-fatty as possible to keep my body from trying to push them out. my kidneys are also pretty smushed, which she said was because i'm not sleeping on my left side (which i do- i don't fall asleep til i am facing to the left) so the back aches that i never thought twice about might be more fully resolved.

anyways. thats the update. we'll get pictures up later- its girl time with my mom today!