thats outside plumbing

yesssss.... this is what the technician said when we found out that this baby is definitely a boy! he was being a little funny and got upset when she started pushing down, and turned his face away and put his hands up so we couldn't quite get a good look at his face, but his nose appears to look like his daddy's... oh well! we are thrilled that he looks happy and is measuring right where he should be.

while little nugget is doing great, his momma needs a little attention. the technician found LOTS of small stones in my gallbladder, which while not good, it is a relief to know what is causing some of the spasms that i was having a while ago. i will likely need surgery after the baby is born, but we'll find out more next time i see my doctor and the results from the ultrasound are in. my dad had his gallbladder removed forever ago, so this does not come as a surprise. for the time being i just have to eat small, frequent meals and keep them as un-fatty as possible to keep my body from trying to push them out. my kidneys are also pretty smushed, which she said was because i'm not sleeping on my left side (which i do- i don't fall asleep til i am facing to the left) so the back aches that i never thought twice about might be more fully resolved.

anyways. thats the update. we'll get pictures up later- its girl time with my mom today!

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LinnieBell said...

wait...twins??? 2 boys???