woot woot!

finally made it to a doctor! by some miracle i finally convinced someone that i have real insurance, and they in turn agreed to see me, even though i wouldn't be delivering with them. it took about an hour to get there and an hour to get back, but getting someone to listen to the hearbeat and draw some blood for me made it all worth it. what was funny was that it was actually a certified nurse midwife who saw me.... wasn't sure how that would go, but had i not known she was a midwife, i would have guessed she was a regular doc. we were able to make another appointment, and we will hopefully be able to find out the gender on july 2, when my mom and sister come to visit!

every night now, joe and i have 'baby time'. we lie down and see if we can feel the peanut move. we have been trying to feel it move the last week or so, and two nights ago we both felt him give a little bump! it has become my favorite part of the day- sleep is coming and we can just lie there and have a happy little moment to ourselves. we don't get to see each other that much lately, but when he comes home and we just sit and talk, it makes it all worth it. along those lines..... today we have been married for nine months. sometimes it feels like longer, sometimes it feels like it happened yesterday. and we love each other more everyday. :)

we are making a quick trip down to north carolina in about, an hour, and i need to go finish packing real quick and go pick up joe and his sister jill so we can drive all night, sleep for a few hours, meet our newest niece, and drive back up here for work on monday. its a good thing i can sleep in cars....


i'm sorry this is so boring....

but there is seriously nothing going on in our lives but work right now! i'll give you some "updates" but they are pretty boring....

baby-ish update:
i have been trying to find a doctor since we got to dc, and i had found one, had some problems with insurance, got that straightened out, finally was able to get ahold of the office again to make an appointment and after being on hold for twenty minutes i was told that i couldn't be accepted as a patient because i wouldn't be delivering with them. confused, i asked why that mattered, and they told me that because the doctor makes most of their money from the delivery, the other appointments wouldn't be worth it to them. so, frustrated and ticked off that all they cared about was the money, i spent the next two and a half hours calling doctor after doctor trying to find one that would take me. and they all said no. so i called my insurance, and they couldn't help me. bawling my eyes out i called my mom, and she said she would call a couple friends who have friends from the area to see if they had any recommendations, and i have finally found one that i think will take me. its kinda far away, but its better than nothing. wish me luck, i am calling first thing tomorrow.

another baby-ish update:
this babe is growing like a weed! it is doing everything it can to make some room for itself, and has a monsterish appetite! the first week we were here i realized i had a headache for a week because i wasn't eating enough, even though i felt like i was snacking constantly. so all meals are large, and i keep snacks with me at all times, and eat in front of everyone. (the baby- i hate calling him 'it' and although we don't know if its a boy or girl, i will be calling it 'him' at least until we find out the gender. besides which, we both think its a boy, and we have the name picked out. ) supposedly i should be able to feel him wiggling around within the next couple weeks..... he has definitely made his presence known though, and some of the twisting and turning i used to be able to do, i can't anymore. i have developed allergies again, which has brought on sneezing, which he does not care for.

work update:
last week i made more money than my husband with all my over-time hours i worked, which was approaching more than my normal hours. my office job has required me to take on a little more than i planned, and we had to get someone to help me out and lessen the load. i am the "inventory manager' for our office, which means handling all shipments of equipment that come in, and distributing it to the technicians. our office is doing really well, which is awesome, but it means thousands of pieces of equipment coming in and out..... and lots of work. it can be fun though, and we have a lot of really great people working with us.
hubby is doing pretty well with the selling, and has seen some good days and some not so good days, but overall its been pretty great. the opportunity to be working with such great people has been awesome, and we know that this summer will be great!

really, other than that, not much has happened. i'll try and get a picture of the baby bump soon.....


lets see....

we are in dc. life is crazy. i am deaf in one ear, and i've had a headache since i woke up yesterday. i have already worked in the office well over what is allowed in order to set things up for my job, i have to go back in tonight, and i still have two days to go this week. thank goodness for over time. the hubby is doing really great on sales so far, and hasn't bageled (gone home without a sale) a single day yet! we are living in really great apartments across the parking lot from ikea, but we have no internet in our apartment and can only use the internet cafe provided in the clubhouse, and we will likely not have too many pictures for the next few weeks at least. i am officially showing according to joe, and i'm pretty sure that the baby has doubled or tripled in size in the last two days, hence the headache. i can't eat enough, even though i feel like i am snacking constantly. i still need to find a doctor (i told you i've been busy-any time i leave the ofice to go home and get some things done, i'm in the door for about ten minutes before i have to go back, and by the time i'm home for the night its too late to call anyone). anyone know a good ob/gyn in dc? i have to pick from a list, but its a pretty big list, and i don't mind going a little ways if it means going to a good doc. okay, break is over, time to the office again, and then hopefully make dinner. :) poor hubby has probably lost some weight, not because he's better, but because we i couldnt go to the grocery store until about five days after we got here. yuck.