sweet baby evie

i cannot get enough of sweet baby evie lately. she is always up for a snuggle, has no desire whatsoever to sit on her own, and is always smiling and laughing. (unless hungry or tired. and cover your ears if she is both. remember, brewer genes!)

still working on the slow, slow process of scanning, saving, uploading my baby photos. but i have been thinking so much about my love and obsession over miss evalyn jayne while doing this,

i feel like, this baby, she is MINE. my mini-me. she is number three, like i was. she has the dark(er) hair that i did. and she brings peace, which is all i ever want.

the above picture is me, with evie's namesake: my dad's sweet mother Evalyn Bowerman (she passed away 13 years ago when i was just 11). i keep doing a double take looking at it because evie looks so much like i did. this is normal to so many people, but i never, ever thought that i would have a child look like me after having caleb and claire. it sounds so silly, and it is, and i realize that i just shouldnt care, but i have dreamed and dreamed of having MY child. some people say claire looks like me; i can hardly see past the while blonde hair so i dont know.

oh anyways. loving little evie. i am feeling like a failure with her right now; i nursed her for the last time last night. for some reason my milk supply decided to just go away, and it is killing me. long story short, i feel it is best for her, for my sanity, and the sakes of my other children that she get formula. i have enough stored that she will get some pumped milk every day until she is 6 months old (next week!) which makes me feel a little better. i promised myself that in order to be "fair" i would nurse all my babies until at least six months. any longer is lucky for them......

anywho. the last few times she has really struggled with it, but last night i decided it would be the last time, and she was so content the whole time, and drifted off to sleep seeming so happy. (okay i am bawling now, why am i so emotional about this???? ) she seemed to be telling me that it was okay. so here we are, im done nursing. and now, hopefully i can shed a few pounds. ha!

love that girl.


1 AM

its after 1 am.

ive been changing up the look of the blog for 2.5 hours. and i still dont like it.

i dont ever stay up this late. ever. but joe is not home, he is off having adventures with bubba-boy back east/down south/whatever-northcarolia-is and his family. i miss them so. although, my house has stayed significantly cleaner, and stays that way. AND less laundry has to be done. AND less food eaten. AND its been real quiet. maybe........ JUST KIDDING those boys better be back in my arms no later than next tuesday.

its been too quiet, actually. i woke up at 330 last night and couldnt stop my mind from turning. i have had a little too much quiet, and once the mind gets going, its incredibly hard to stop, no matter how exhausted. i have really gotten to think some things through lately, make some goals, and accomplish a few things (like making a dent in the laundry. and moving furniture, because i cant. stop. moving. furniture. this is my of expressing my need to move somewhere. its been happening more and more frequently, and i cant stop.) but right now i cant stop clicking, dragging, moving, adjusting, blah blah blah.

this is the reason why i either read or watch a movie until i fall asleep every night. they require little thinking.

sooooooo. i will turn on some pointless something or other on netflix, and call it a night. and maybe the blog will look better in the morning?

yeah right. i seriously lack blog design skillz.


A reunion of sorts

See all those kiddos?
My 3 on the left, the other three belong to my 'cousin' Brooke.
Brooke and I have birthdays months apart, got married weeks apart, and each of our kids are just months apart.
We think it's been about 10 years (at least, maybe more!) since seeing each other, and like my parents, we are leaving just as they are going to be moving here. Boo! Her kids are adorable, and their crazy boy stuff is hilarious. 
Her brother getting married brought them out for a visit, and it was too short. Love her, love them!



My dad, he's totally awesome.
He has always had a soft spot for the grand kids.
But, he worked really hard at his job, and hasn't always had lots of time to spend with them.
Until now. 
Grandpa is retired! And lives not too far from us!

And, let me tell you, watching him get really into being grandpa awesome.

Taking Evie, playing with her, taking the kiddos for rides in the jeep, and buying books to read with them is the best! 
And it breaks my heart to think we have to leave him (and the rest of my family) in a few months. 
Love my dad.



Just a bubba update.
He is allllll boy. Except when Claire gets her nails painted- he loves getting in on that action.
He is finally talking lots and lots. Tons of new words everyday. My fave right now is when he tries to say chocolate. So funny.

He has recently reverted to baby mode- wants a binky, to be carried, wants to be held and rocked, wants me to feed him a bottle. I am totally aware that this is normal. My mom loves to remind me that I was potty trained completely before my brother was born, and then went backwards when he arrived. I was expecting him to, just five months ago! His binky thing is driving me crazy, he had no problems 9 months ago giving it up. Trying some things this week, hopefully it's not a problem much longer!

He always has bruises everywhere. He is so rough and tumble, but always just gets up and keeps going. Sometimes needs a quick kiss from mom, but then just keeps going. 

I think he was born with the knowledge of how to make everything a sword. Everything gets pointed like a sword. 

He wants to grow up so bad. Just to play with big sis, and ride a real bike. Long torso and short limbs does not help him reach the pedals, sadly. 

He thinks he is so funny, and is so happy most of the the time. Super ticklish, and has the most infectious laugh. The biggest open mouth grin, and bright eyes that go squinty when he smiles.

Such his father's child. Knows how to do puppy eyes better than his father even.

Boy do I love him. Crazy, silly, happy bubba. 

Midway getaway

Spent the afternoon on labor day up in midway with the fam. 
Joe was working; couldn't pass up working a triple on holiday pay. He really does work so hard for our family.
It was THE MOST glorious day. Sunny, warm but not uncomfortable, and slightly breezy. 
We went for rides in el-jeepo with the top off, and laid out on blankets in the grass. Bike rides, and plasma car, and running after those crazies. 

So fun. 



These babies. These little loves of mine. 
Oh, how happy they make me.
How crazy they are. 
Munchkins, stay little? 
Stay my chubby cherubs.
Sweet, sticky kisses, and big bear hugs. 
Snuggles, kisses for a boo boo.
I can't get enough. 
Tucking in for bed. Bubbles for the bath.
Extra blankets, extra juice, extra loves, always room for more. 
Kidelts, stay mine. Because I love you beyond the moon and back.

End of a season.

 It's been a whirlwind of a summer. Everyday went faster and faster. Playing outside, pretty much all day. Swimming. Water park. Farmers market. Bike rides. Grilling. Parties. Weddings. Late nights. Open windows. Such a wonderful time for our family.

It's also been one of anticipation. Joe worked so, so hard to be able to join the Navy, and after so many prayers, work, questions, changes, and then more changes, anxiety, papers to sign, more questions, meetings, more phone calls, disappointment, and then huge, huge relief. Of course, I am still biting my nails until he's on the plane, and I won't believe its happening til we are gone

My kids are getting way too big. Bubba is talking like crazy. He also took his binky back, and has to have it to sleep. It is making it easier for him to go down, but it's driving me nuts.

My parents are officially Utah residents, and are loving retirement life so far. Almost as much as Claire is loving be able to have sleepovers with them. So fun to have family dinners, and seeing my dad so relaxed. It's a whole new him!

Anyways, a few pics of life this summer.


story time.

I was looking back through the blog the other day and noticed how I used to write about really funny things that happened, but since having lots of kids it's been rather dull. So! A story for you.

I was conducting in relief society yesterday, and as our teacher was wrapping up her lesson, Eleanor hall started raising her hand.

Now, let me pause and tell you about Eleanor hall. She is OLD. She wears her frizzy, flyaway hair in a very TALL beehive, and has some of the biggest, thick glasses covering half her face. And her comments are always well-intentioned but  off the wall a bit.

So, the teacher tried to ignore her, she was trying to leave time for testimonies. But as she moved to sit down Eleanor started talking anyways. And she started talking about little Yosh, her 'dear friend,' and how it was her birthday, so we really needed to sing to her. What?!?!  The teacher calmly tried to assuage her by saying no, we'll share testimonies first, and perhaps we could all just go make sure to say happy birthday on own.

Crisis almost averted.

I got up after testimonies and announced the closing hymn, and promptly got interrupted by Eleanor, practically yelling (we have RS in the chapel, by the way) saying no, we will sing 'happy birthday' because it would only take two seconds. Ah!

Fine. We sang the least enthusiastic version I have ever heard, closing hymn, and done.

I cant count the number of people who came up and said, 'you should have seen your face!' Yeah, I'm sure that was hilarious. But they all also said there was nothing else that could have been done.

Oh those old people in our ward. They are one funny bunch. I need to say there are a few who I will dearly, dearly miss. One being Cynthia Scott. She is teeny tiny, wears Fifties cat glasses, and her stark white hair in a bob. She has really horrible memory, it took her maybe three years to finally remember my name.  But she always tries so hard to remember, is really so kind, and has the sweetest testimony that she is so willing to share.

I need to also say, I will miss our ward in general. It's a really, really big ward, but it's also really transient, you can meet someone new every week.

Anyways. This is Claire after her dance class recital this summer. So fun!