just some pictures

as requested!

the little muchkin played hard! shes soooo tired!

instead of just sucking her thumb, she just sticks her whole fist in. much better that way
claire bear just bumming around


santa's little helper!

hey santa

thank you kelsie and marci for the cute santa/christmas outfits! we think she is adorable. pretty much. and everyone in the line at the mall thought she was precious. there was even a little boy that wanted to hold her. AND she did really well with santa and didn't cry. what a champ!



um whose tongue did she get?

cuddle bug


love this tub of chub

i can't get mad at this face. i'm thinking about eating her right up.


Claire Laughing

Claire was being so funny today. She has found her little laugh and we can't get enough of it. We have also found out that she is ticklish and we are having a lot of fun exploiting that new found discovery. She is getting so big and we estimate she is over 12 lbs now. She is getting nice and chunky. She has a funny sense of humor too; she likes to tease us. If one of us is holding her and the other one of us tries to give her a kiss, then she will lean back to try and avoid us. Then she'll get this little grin on her face and she thinks it's sooo funny. She's going to fit in nicely with our family. We are all little tricksters around here.


good morning sleepy head!

thats what i said to this happy, sleepy little munchkin this morning. why? because she slept for 8 hous straight last night! i'm pretty sure this isn't totally normal, but it made me happy. joe and i each woke up this morning freaking out because we had been asleep for so long without her waking up, and we each had to go check to make sure she was still breathing. the trick to getting her to sleep for this long? only taking 1/2 hour naps all day. i am convinced that she just doesn't want to ever miss out on anything, and has to know whats going on.

and she loooooves watching football with her daddy. really, she gets transfixed on the tv sometimes. future football cheerleader?


its coming....

pictures and updates are coming!

claire turned one month on wednesday- i can't figure out where the month went, but it flew by!

christmas is only 19 days away- 19 days! can you believe it? we're staying in utah for christmas this year, sad :( but it will be nice to just have some down time to oursleves and gear up for next semester. its gonna be a crazy few months while we are both in school and he is working, but we'll make it work somehow.

and i got on my wedding band today. joy in the little things!
here's a little preview

little bundle of joy!


he's got talent

he can spit pumpkin seeds really well! better than a group of eight-to-twelve year-olds anyways. most of them could only get about 8 feet. he got about 30. talent!