what a goober-bub-a-chub

she makes me laugh all day long. i love 'tricking' her by making the red flash go and waiting to actually take the picture. she always squints when she sees the red light!


we've been seeing a lot of this lately
she thinks its it hilarious to look between her legs

can't figure out why! but it makes us laugh a lot


the crazy continues

although the traveling is over the whirlwind of 'life' goes on. among work, we squeezed in a ward party, errands, and a camping trip this weekend. woah- camping? yeah, we got a tent two YEARS ago right after we got married, and this weekend- the weekend of our anniversary- we finally put it to good use. i think joe was a little surprised with how well i did while 'roughing it'. it had been an extremely hot day but a coming storm and being up in the mountains made the weather perfect. thanks to lindsay for being a champ and watching claire for us!

as ive mentioned a few times, my little brother is leaving for his mission tomorrow. can hardly believe the time is finally here, and im sure he will be coming home before we know it. if you are interested, you can follow his journey here.

can hardly believe that school starts next week- is summer really over? i don't think i am ready for fall just yet! i know a lot of people are ready for fall, but i haven't quite gotten my fill just yet. i am a HOT weather kind of girl. although i might be *slightly* excited for some really good football games...

have i mentioned what today is? just a little anniversary for my love and me. when visiting home a couple weeks ago and helped throw a reception for my friend, we commented several times about how so much has happened in the last couple of years it seems like its been so much longer, but at the same time its gone by so quickly. either way, i really, really love my hubby. i love where we are and can't wait to see what the future brings.


and we're back!

all the trips are done for now, thank goodness. now on to normal life. claire has the flying thing down, and the fact that she always charms the stewardesses (resulting in special treatment!) makes it fairly do-able. being alone turned out better than expected- got a lot done, had some quiet time to myself, spent some time with linds, and got a few extra hours in at work. wanted to share a few pics from claire and joe's trip to NC.

claire with some of her greats- typical face.

more greats. so funny

all the brewer cousins. she adores all of her cousins. and i think they adore her? really wish they could see each other more often. yes she is wearing tennis shoes. she needs them.

and now my buddy is back!

so..... my mom had a wheat grinder and a bread maker that she wasn't using, and over the last couple of trips we have gotten the machines through the airports and out here to utah. linds and i decided to try them out last week, and the first attempt at wheat grinding was successful, and uh, quite funny (pictures and a video later lindsay?). we got a delicious loaf of bread from it, and i am now hooked. my kitchen is now a bakery. claire normally does NOT like machines, but she was highly intrigued by this one!

perhaps she liked the delicious smells coming from it? i am HOOKED. and i think claire will be inheriting my love of bread.
with this little thing making bread is CHEAP, EASY, and makes my house smeall HEAVENLY. a thick slice spread with a little butter and homemade jam, oh so nummy. anyone need a loaf?


all alone

{looking at a blog- oops}
i am all alone today in more ways than one. this is the view that i have had all day. two people have come in. both visits lasted less than 20 minutes. i am weak- i've cereal today and thats it. sound like i'm plugging my nose. can barely hold my hands up to type. eyes are drooping. i feel like my head is in a pressurized cloud and my body being run over by a truck. and then reversed and run over again.

and i'm going home to an empty house. hubs took bebe to get to know some aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, greats, and so on. i moved all the furniture out of the way last night to clean the carpets and now it really looks like its an empty house. sweet.


the gathering place

we're halfway through the weekend already, and its been a whirlwind of cleaning, eating, driving, tulle candles and cake, bikes and lots of laughs and giggles. linds, marsh, and monster got here wednesday afternoon, i got here wednesday night, chris and holly made it friday morning. mom marsh and i drove up to navuoo thursday night and attended our friend's sealing. it was beautiful and we were grateful to have been a part of such a wonderful event. drove back down here, put the finishing touches together for the house, everyone came, we ate and chatted the night away, cleaned it all up and went to bed. this morning was the bike ride- so fun! beautiful trails and the perfect weather this morning. for a few minutes everyone but me has left the house for various things.
{my little buddy}

{me and the bride! good high school buddies!}

{bride and groom- miranda and tyler. so beautiful!}
{monster.... i mean.... monkey! yeah monkey}
{siblings. not sure what is going on with my neck.}
{fyi- this pipeline originates in alberta, canada, and will eventuall reach the gulf of mexico. part of my dad's project he's workin' so hard on!}

next up- ice cream, bowling, more laughter, pictures, cafe rio salads, church, probably some tears, and then we head back. for now i will share these few pictures (from a few hundred already taken) from whats gone on thus far, and then enjoy some more time at the gathering place.
favorite quote so far- 'you didn't have those the last time we did this!'
the funniest- watching claire in her squeaky shoes
most memorable- will happen tomorrow when we say our goodbyes to little bro marsh for 2 years.