guess life doesnt slow down, does it?

busy, busy.

Play groups. Library. Reading time. lots of sunshine, a beach day. the aquarium. a couple of birthdays. Parenting classes. homework, studying (for joe). church callings, cleaning, more time at church doing church things. missionaries for dinner on the regular. movie and pizza nights. a fun run notquite5k, gym, gym, and more gym. pool playdates. fire station tour. dental appointments. doctors. more doctors. costco 4 times a week. pretty sunsets and tons of fog. an awesome surprise birthday visit from grammy.

and more.

Sigh. we are getting ready to finish our time here in Monterey. Its been a ride, thats for sure. loved a lot of it, and hated some of it. mostly great experiences. a few awful ones. lots of learning, lots of growth. lots of togetherness, too much time apart from each other. a million new friends, hopefully many we will see again. this chapter here is closing for now, and its been a good time. mostly. i think i would be happy to come back again. i think.

i'll see about getting some pictures up. if not, enjoy facebook and instagram, sometimes i post some good things there!


Christmas 2013

 these kids are something else, I tell you what!
who doesn't love a little engagement re-do?
(this girl. I am cringing over the aging I did, and he didn't do)
Whew! That was a crazy few weeks there.

I finally drove out to Utah to my parent's house in Alpine with the 2 littles by myself, and hugged my Claire to death. Joe had to stay in CA for classes, and flew out a few days before Christmas. We were finally all together again! it was a sweet reunion that morning to all be together, after Joe being gone, then Claire being gone, then Joe coming back, but no Claire, then all of us without Joe..... anyways.

As always, BEST CHRISTMAS EVER! But really, it was. we were completely spoiled rotten by everyone around us, especially those kids :) Santa was as generous as could be, and all of the kids' grandparents showered them with love, from near and far.

Also, we finally bought a new family car. I'll write about that saga later! gotta go snap a picture.

A quick run-down:
We celebrated my dad's birthday with tons of friends and family, celebrated my older brother graduating from his school, played in the snow lots and lots, chased my mom's poor, sweet little doggies all over, lots of dancing with the xbox, saw santa, attempted to see some lights, drank lots and lots of hot chocolate, hot tubbing in the freeeeezing cold, jumped on the tramp and did relay races in the basement, attempted to do a live nativity....... ha! and went and saw saving Mr. Banks on Christmas Day. (so, so good!) and CAFE RIO. ah! so good.

More pictures over on the facebook. and I need to find a few more. I lost my phone right after joe made it to Utah, and didn't find a new one until we got back, so I have nothing from that week. photos from my padre and madre and seeeeeester!