a case of cabin fever and gold

pretty sure that claire is as sick of this yucky weather as i am. we don't leave the house much when joe has the car most of the day. she spends time gazing out the window each day, and no, we don't go play. i don't like being cold. i really kind of hate it. i do give in on the sunny days, but those are not so frequent. spring, we cannot wait for you!
see? i have to have a blanket. constantly. i am sure a snuggie would be my best friend.

yes, i know. she should not be playing behind the blinds. i'm perfectly aware. the girl just wants to CLIMB! and the love sack is right underneath it to catch her, should the agile cat fall. and yes, that is snow outside. i am trying to convince joe we should move to arizona. no snow there!

speaking of joe..... today is his GOLDEN birthday! he is 25 on the 25th- so he is super ultra special today! so. 25 things about joe.

1. he makes really good breakfast and steak.
2. he has the funniest laugh.
3. he is all guy- but a total softy.
4. he can make claire laugh more than anyone. and me.
5. he's a daredevil, and i hate it, so he respects that.
6. joe is a the most protective husband and father. so watch out.
7. joe would totally be willing to go on "what not to wear". not that he is a horrible dresser, but thinks getting a ton of new clothes would be great.
8. he works harder than i could i ever ask for.
9. hes pretty photogenic. (not photo-electric). which i think is awesome.
10. he really likes to help people. he really understands the joy you get from serving others.
11. joe tells me i'm beautiful everyday. even when i KNOW i look less than desirable.
12. he's honest.
13. he is dependable. as in, he doesn't flake out, and gets things done. i appreciate that.
14. he talks on the phone more than i do. ha.
15. he's good lookin'. pretty sure i've made an ex-girlfriend jealous because i snatched him up.
16. i think that joe could live in an igloo and be fine. he's pretty tough. and he just doesn't like the heat.
17. he has the best dreams. like when dreams in spanish. he doesn't speak spanish.
18. he is extremely thoughtful. more so than i sometimes give him credit for.
19. he is patient. he puts up with a lot.
20. he probably knows more about wedding dresses than you do. not his choice, but he deals with it.
21. he's a jack of all trades- a mechanic, an athlete, a student, a physical therapist, a custodian, a dad, a husband, a cook, and my best friend.
22. he likes dancing. he has a special dance for claire. and we are always dancing in the kitchen.
23. he has a southern accent when he talks to his grandfather. he "lost" it on his mission, but it makes an appearance every so often.
24. very few things can make him really mad. he is really even tempered.
25. joe is a rock in the church. he has a testimony that can't be shaken. and i appreciate that more than anything.




i may or may not have been craving cherry pie last night at around 930....

and i may or may not have devoured half of it by 11:00 pm, by myself. and finished it for breakfast. anyone see something wrong with that?


miss fishy face

not sure where this face came from, but she thinks its pretty funny. we do, too.

what a yucky morning. really. still in our pjs, can't seem to get moving. snow. but little monkey's face make it all better.


happy day

we were a little lame yesterday with v-day. we did enjoy sleeping in, steaks, and some olympics. claire was surprisingly un-monsterish considering the night before, and actually napped for quite a while at church. we have no pictures, because pictures we cannot take until we get a new memory card. sigh. we did a little skype action and claire performed her latest tricks: sliding down her slide, jumping (and getting air!), and blowing kisses. we reminisced about how three years ago today (yesterday) we decided to start dating.

sorry this was lame- perhaps we will get a new memory card this week?


oh. my.

just glancing through some old posts and pictures. oh. my. goodness. am i really ready to get THAT 'uge again? my sister has this awful picture of my bare belly on her cell that she so lovingly likes to pull out and ask if i'm ready for. all the time. pretty sure this picture doesn't do it justice. i was a whale. and i already feel like a whale again.

not. good.

all i want to wear is joe's sweatpants and a sweatshirt. ugh.


little princess

when did my baby become a little girl? i cannot figure out when she grew up! i feel like she became a little girl overnight. shes starting to repeat things we say, and is learning 'tricks'. she can blow kisses, tell stories, and point out ears, noses, and bellybuttons. i totally love it, but i just can't figure out where the time went.

showing off the curls for grandma! we loooooove them. hope she will appreciate them.