did you know?

caleb slept ten hours straight last night. and i slept maybe three. i don't know why. ugh.

i still don't have a costume for tonight's trunk-or-treat. i just can't decide on anything. boo.

claire turns two next week. i've been saying she's two for a while, so it hasn't quite hit me that she is actually going to be two. we're having a minnie mouse party. again. its gonna be sweet.

i have no pictures; my memory card got left at my parent's house..... we'll see about changing this. and so, no pictures for today. if i did have pictures, they would have been 1) of a very, very happy smiley baby, and 2) of claire's leg sticking out from under the crib, where she took her nap yesterday (because her room was too light, because daddy didn't close the blinds. girl needs a dark room to sleep in.). it looked exactly like when dorothy lands her house on the wicked witch. how appropriate, considering some of her behavior lately. gotta love those terrible twos!


its pretty obvious

that i think my kids are special.
this is the little outfit joe wore when he was blessed. so cute!

claire's halloween costume. pretty pretty princess!

claire loves bubba. she really does. especially now that she has decided to call him by a name instead of baby or just pointing. now its bu-bu-bu-bubba all day long. we had claire's two year pictures taken while my mom was still here, and let's just say i'm glad we only take those pictures once :) she was more than a handful. it took a good 2 1/2 hours.

caleb is still just the best baby! he really will sleep all day if he isn't entertained. and will still sleep through the night even if he slept a lot during the day. and right now he crashed on the couch even though claire wouldn't leave his toes and chubby cheeks alone. love that guy.

linds wanted to go play in the leaves with claire, and i warned her of what will happen, i promise. claire was drawn to the creek like a magnet- she saw the "waaaddderr" and ran. i don't know how we kept her from jumping straight in, but i'm really glad we did.
i LOVE these cute little shoes on her. i don't know what it is, but i think they are just adorable. love this girl.


she takes after her mother!

and i fully support it. most nights joe and i read before falling asleep, and he frequently comes and removes whatever i'm reading from my face and turns out the light. thankfully he doesn't take too many pictures of that :) lately though, i think my reading lasts all of two minutes before i crash. thats life, right?



i may have figured out where the "katie grin" has come from. possibly from my own mother?

how cute is my momma??? i'm pretty sure that my silly little scrunched nose came from somewhere and miss lisa jane would be it!

and i'm also pretty sure that claire has inherited it as well!


ten for 10.10.10

i've been at my parent's house in illinois for 2 1/2 weeks now, and have had some down time (thanks momma!) to think, ponder, meditate, etc. and i have decided on, realized, recognized, understood, admitted to, etc., a few different things. here's a few.

1. cream cheese makes just about anything 1000 times better. except my waistline.

2. while having large, squishy babies is great, seeing them in the "cutest-outfits-you've-ever-seen" just once is kinda sad.

3. i may or may not be coming around to raising my kids in one town/city, at least until they graduate high school. the thought of staying put somewhere is still strange and terrifying, but becoming appealing. seeing my sister recognized for something that could only happen because she went to just one high school made me slightly jealous. (not complaining mom!)

4. i've changed a lot since high school. more than i thought i had. we found all my old cd's from from way back when, and joe listened to them while driving the moving truck to utah. he just laughed and told me i was cute. ha.

5. at not yet two months, caleb is teething. i could feel those little bumps, but didn't want to admit it because then it would really mean they are there. but lets face it- i had teeth by two months, this is really not a surprise.

6. the color change to fall is beautiful, but i. am. not. ready. for. it. there was a day when it was around mid-50's in the morning, and the amount of 'stuff' we had to take with us tripled. really not excited with having to haul all the extra stuff around.

7. i still don't really care for organ music. especially poorly arranged organ music. but listening to good flute music (that my sister sarah is playing!) is quite lovely.

8. there are few foods that i don't like. with everyone in my family i can immediately come up with something they don't care for. (chris- uncooked mushrooms; lindsay- tomatoes; marshall- mushrooms in every form; sarah- roast; mom-peaches; dad- sun-dried tomatoes). i can't really think of something i don't like. i'm a pig- i just like food!

9. the movie "saturday's warriors" will ALWAYS be one of my favorite movies. as cheesy and awful some (all) of it is. my sister got the DVD for her birthday, and it comes with a karaoke feature. you bet we stayed up watching it and singing and dancing to it (so maybe i was the only one dancing....). julie is my favorite. sarah was laughing that i know all the words still, but i can't ever forget them after watching it nearly every sunday for about ten years.

10. my parents really are the best ever. and my in-laws are pretty awesome, too. and i'm so lucky they all like each other- i know that doesn't always happen. love you guys!

hope you did something fun for 10.10.10! did you know that this month there are 5 fridays, 5 saturdays, and 5 sundays? only happens every 843 years! weird, huh?


the queen of terror and prince of fatness

since my parent's house is a bit bigger than ours, there is that much more stuff for claire to get into. constantly. gotta love the dumping of spices, furniture climbing, cereal dumping, toy box dumping, toys over the railings, etc. the best was when she moved the chair blocking the exit from the deck, went past it and moved it back, and ran all the way over to the neighbors backyard before we noticed she was gone. little escape artist that one.

we went to the zoo earlier this week. claire's faves? the "elll-fant" and the goat yard. yes we came home with a stuffed elephant, and we managed to not kill the goats in the goat yard with rocks. seriously the girl is obsessed with rocks, and kept trying to feed them to the goats. they were more interested in caleb's blanket.

while his sister is going nuts around the house, caleb eats, and eats. still deciding on his nickname- it goes between bubba, bubbalicious, budha, those kinds of things. at least he gets plenty of sleep in. he is just so squishy. i particularly love the stuff in his armpits. there's so much of it in his pits. and i love that he flails his arms and smiles his gummy smile when he sees us now. he is so funny now because he is trying so hard to suck his thumb, but he can't get it to stick out on his own. poor little guy.

love these silly kiddos. as nuts as they are, i love them that much more.


more little happenings

claire loves putting powder on. a little too much sometimes!
baby has been giving smiles, but we never get the camera out fast enough. until today! oh its precious.
i. love. his. squishy. face.

while joe's family was here we had a birthday party for claire as well. yes, her birthday isn't for another month, but because everyone was here, we decided that it would be okay to practice.
it was a minnie mouse theme, and claire's ya-ya made the cutest cake! claire thought it was pretty great!
she dug in this time! she loved poking the eyes.... she kinda has an obsession with eyes. and she REALLY loved being sung to. we definitely sang it a couple of times and she clapped and laughed the whole time.
joe got pretty into his being helpful with some yard work- he was way up in the trees cutting off some branches. i couldn't watch- but he made it out safely :)
my parents will likely be moving somewhere (who knows where.... they sure don't!) next year, so they are checking off a few things on the "need to do in st. louis" list and a cards game was a must! it was a pretty pathetic game, we left before it was over because they were losing so bad, but it was really fun and we had GREAT seats! joe was really looking forward to a pro baseball game- and being in the new stadium was perfect for him! its a pretty awesome stadium- we even had padded seats! thanks mom and dad for a super fun night!
caleb is finally lifting his head up. he's kinda lazy, and seeing him lift his head up is a relief.

more more to come!

blessing day

the main purpose of our trip out here to st. louis was for caleb's baby blessing. it was just easier to do it here, and it conveniently happened to be the same weekend as my mom's birthday, so bonus for her! joe's parents, brother, and joe's grandfather were able to come, and we are SO happy to have spent some time with them! it was a really special day, and blessing joe gave was absolutely beautiful. i was overcome with love and gratitude the entire day, and could hardly even think thoughts of what was happening without tears coming to my eyes.

we took pictures of everyone afterward- need to get some more from my dad still- with everyone still dressed and all (it was pouring rain that day). it was claire's nap time and joe's parents were needing to take off, so she got left out of them.... oh well. maybe next time! the first picture is extra special as its the first brewer great-grandson-finally got all four together. what great men caleb has to look up to!