A new year.

My resolution?
Quit being so dang lazy.
My hope is that by doing that, I can accomplish the usual resolutions.

Like, canceling Netflix, and picking up my scriptures. Like, quit going out to eat, and make food at home (i can actually cook decent food when i try!) Like, stop taking naps (and going to sleep at a decent hour) and play with kids. Like, stop putting movies in, and read books to the kids. Following?

Like, living a life with purpose and living in it, and not in the lives of so much terrible tv.

With so much change coming our way, I think it's time to make things count.

In other news, first time in forever, no boyfriend to celebrate with. Just a bottle of bubbly. Maybe we will Skype, if I can stay up. Which is unlikely.


man of the house

 the destroyer. yahoo #2. bubba-monster. thing 2. little tornado. stinker-winker. bubba-love. mr. bubba. mr happy. grumpy-pants. bottom-less pit.
always up in your face

 he can be so sweet. so caring. so loving. he can be so sensitive to those around him, and comfort anyone who is feeling sad.
and always food, bumps and scrapes all over his face

but then sometimes, he is the little tornado, ripping through the house. 
and sometimes he is a little rough with his sisters. 
the snow was not appealing i suppose

 he has really developed his boy-ness lately. he is known for making ANYTHING into a gun, and will get rough with anyone who lets him. also, he is strong willed. if you step in the path of hurricane bubba, you are in for a rough ride. and he is a daddy's boy/momma's boy. his order of who does what for him is dependent on who is around. daddy first, (if he is around) then mommy, then grandpa, then grammy. not that he doesnt like any of us, but diaper changing, dressing, seat belt buckling, shoe tying, etc, all need to be done by the correct person. or else. just trust me.
um..... rough day?

part of it is being 2 years old. a lot of it, well, it is because of his dear father, from whom he inherited every single insane boy gene. so don't mess. although, the clothes-less-ness might come from both his parents. 
sleeping with his golf club

 but sometimes he is sweet. he loves his bear. and he is the best snuggler when he is tired. and his cheeks, oh those sweet, chubby cheeks. and his giggle, and his laugh. oh turn my heart into a puddle.
carrying that golf club with him on christmas morning. 

the boy does not stop moving until he is off in dream land, likely dreaming up schemes, acting out battle scenes, riding horsies, etc. i so wish i could peek inside his dreams at night. the only time i get a hint at what that is like is when he falls asleep on the couch and i pick him up to move him to his bed, and he yells something out. and tonight, oh sweet boy, kept his eyes shut but kept wailing for mommy, and snuggled up in my arms. 

love that boy.


the waiting game

This stinks. 
I mean, Christmas was amazing. Could not ask for anything better.

But just like that, it's over, husband is gone, and now all I can do is wait.
I could move next week.
Or 3 months from now. 

I have no holidays, birthdays, events, or anything to put in front of me to work towards. 
It is now my very least favorite time of year, when I am over the snow and look outside and long for the sunshine and hot, hot summer days. 

It's a new normal, and something to adjust to. And I knew that. And I know. And everything will be great. It's better now than 10 days ago. We can talk and text everyday. Amazing. And this next step is going to be great. But it's the waiting to get to that point that is killing me.  

So now I need to find my happy things to do. And hope the wait isn't too long.


polar express

we went for a special ride up in the Heber Valley last Saturday
the Polar Express!
it went up to the "North Pole" and to say the kids loved it is an understatement!

the elves LOVED claire and all her crazy antics
she was dancing in the aisles the whole time
they were super happy to meet santa and Mrs. Clause, and loved getting their little bells
there are some things i would definitely improve, (we were kinda cramped, and the entertainer was a little, um, questionable?) but overall, a grand time for the kids with their grandparents. 
thanks grammy and grandpa!



Joe comes home in one week (!!!!!)

And shoot. I haven't been taking pictures of my kids. I'm too scared to take out the pretty new camera. Now I'm feeling bad because I feel like he missed out on all the fun. 

So! I will take pictures today. Hopefully. But definitely tomorrow. You'll see why.

Today will be a good day. Caleb didn't come climbing into my bed at 3:00 this morning, like he has been for the last 3 months. I think it's because we are mostly giving up on his naps. Which is not fun from 5:30-7:30 pm, but he is sleeping more at night and going down easier. 

Also, potty training round 46574839 begins today. Again. 

I love these kids. I love these kids. I looooooove these kids. And I will love caleb if he finally gets potty training down. Kidding! 

Seven sleeps. You guys, I'm freaking out.


wishing and hoping

These girls, oh be still my heart.

I hope they always know how much they are loved. How much they mean to me. How precious their little spirits are. 

I hope they always love each other. That their faces always light up when they see each other. That they will find comfort in being sisters, and that special bond.

I hope the men they marry will see what I see. That they will respect them, honor them, and spoil them in a way only a husband can. 

I have so many hopes for them. I know they will always be okay no matter what, but you know, always hoping for those special things you think every child deserves. Love these little chickies. 


Just because

Who doesn't love a photo of a smiling dog?
We'll just let that brighten up your day.
Also,  joe comes home in 17 sleeps. 
So that is something to be giddy about.