she walks

girlfriend went from one or two shaky steps to 11 in a row in one day. the vid got cut off, but you get the idea. ignore my gross face, just took a nap before this.


lame face

went to st louis last weekend and surprised my dad for father's day! it was way too short but we managed to pack a lot in. still recovering!!! i started writing this earlier but now i dont feel like fixing it up, but enjoy the out-of-order pictures.

found out claire LOVES pickles. like LOVES them. she started screaming for more when she droppped them

loves her grandpa

this picture is explained below- linds thought we should get a pic with the pilots. they were funny- yes his hand is on my head. i am that short.

my little monkey liked hanging on the back of the seats

goodbye utah!

so excited! my little charmer. everyone lovers her

tried to save money on a ticket.... that was a no go. we packed going there and back within about a half hour- i don't know why i kept putting it off!

she thought it was pretty funny!

we tricked you dad! we got you good, don't you think?

quick funny side story- claire did relatively well on the trip out her on the plane. she got a little fussy at one point, but the hardest part was that there was turbulence the entire time. she managed to dirty her diaper early in the flight but we just could not get up the shaking was so bad. i finally was able to get to the lavatory up by the cockpit to change her diaper and right as we started to go in she started screaming as if i were hurting her. it had to be changed to i did it as quickly as i could, and ahe screamed and screamed and then suddenly stopped. i wasn't sure how soundproof the walls were, but i figured a few people probably heard her so i started apologizing as i walked out, and talked to the stewardess. she said that yes she heard her, she didnt know she was old enough to scream that loud, half the plane heard her, and the pilot called her and said he could feel a bunch of vibrating, and was wondering if everything was okay. he then had called on the PA system so that everyone on the plane could hear it, and just said 'SSSSHHHHH!' joe, lindsay and marshall had no idea what he was talking about because they were too far back, but it was kinda funny. i was pretty embarassed that i could not calm her down, but i think most of the people understood and didn't mind- she was charming and entertaining the rest of the flight except for parts of the descent her ears started to bug her pretty badly. ears popping=not fun.

rest if the trip included
yard work
trip to navuoo which included
temple session
seeing really good friends
YUMMY food where we had our dinner the night before we got married
walking around
getting my hair cut finally by my fave hairdresser
tri-tip by padre
homemade cafe rio salads-yum
claire getting pictures done
church- always good on father's day :)
and much, much more

thanks mom for putting this all together! we had a blast, and even though we almost blew it a few too many times, we got him good! miss ya!

i'll try and get up more pics later. prolly not for a few days though- this weekend includes
wedding recption friday
sealing saturday
more work
hang out with cousins!
i still need to finish putting my house back together
new calling starting sunday!
we'll see if any sleep happens

bytheway- july starts next week. anyone else feel like june flew by a little too quickly?


today claire decided it would be a good day to start clapping

and cut two more teeth. so great.


the katie grin

proof that this is indeed my child. squinty eyes, scrunched up nose, cheeks puffing out. looks cuter on her than on me, no? matching teeth on the bottom even. although i got those at two months, she didn't get hers til 6.
who does she look like now???

what is that thing?

confession- this is what my nightmares are made up of. things that go around with eyeballs on top of it. things that come in stacks, ie hamburgers. yep, i always feel like somebody's watching me.


'this is the place'

before dropping ya-ya off at the airport last saturday. we stopped at the 'this is the place' monument and had a little picnic. was a beautiful day, and neat to see. wish we could have stayed longer to check out the whole park and everything, but we were short on time. definitely one to come back to though!



i love
-when wet eyelashes stick together
-how she figures things out
-her soft snoring when shes really tired
-big blue eyes
-elephant noises
-wet raspberries
-squeals of delight-when she eats her binky sideways
-little bum stinking in the air when she crawling
-kneeling like shes saying a prayer
-chubby thick little thighs-her favorite mode of transportation
-her need to be a part of everything
-her subtle ability to demand all attention-her sense of style
-how she makes EVERYONE smile
-the way she flirts with all the older boys-that everyone at the grocery store stops in their tracks to say hi
-shes a girlie girl but a tom boy at the same time


bath in the sink

i know. adorable.

been waiting for the babe to sit on her own to have a bath in the sink. after letting her make a mess with mashed potatoes (she wouldn't eat them, just mash them some more) she got stripped down and then splashed away. she loved it! i know, most people do this opposite- sink baths when they are infants and bathtubs when the are older, but my sink is a little small! and my baby, is not.
claire's yaya is here with us this week too! it took her a few hours to really warm up to her, but she's really loving the attention now! she really gives and gives so much, and we are so happy to have her with us.