and we're back

so behind. whatever. 
figured out how to make this a littttttle bit easier. so maybe more posting. maybe.
first, we'll start with a bunch of random shots, taken from the ipad, ipones, etc.
sorry for the instagram repeats, but, you know. cant get enough or something.

 fell asleep playing superheroes.
all in a day's work  ya know. 

trying to get a shot of the littles all together is rather fun!

this boy turned 3! but he thinks he is four. or five.

joe really missed this while i was gone with the kiddos in utah. 
he really did. (not).

hey susan. come back in visit. i don't think i got enough of mr. atticus's sweet cheeks.
i want to squeeeeeeze him!

hey claire.
still a pistol. and we started preschool. trying to anyways....
thats another post for another time.

and hey, six years with this guy!
i sure love him.
no mushy gushy post about it this year. we kept it low-key.
except, i will post about the gift i made him this year.
oh man guys, it was good. 
you know it was good, because it made him cry. thats the true test right there!

this is the daily. always monkeying around with these boogers.

they think they are cute or something. 
i guess.

she really is adorable. this one is old but i love it so.

i feel like i am always taking sleeping pictures. 
but they are just so stinking sweet!!!!!!! 
and look! his lips still do that thing! 

this guy in uniform, it never gets old.

i finally took claire to get her hair cut in a real salon, for the first time ever,
and lets just say, she would go there every day if she could.
growing up to fast, that one. oh i love her.
she wanted to go to school so, so badly this year, and formal preschool was just not an option this year. i really feel so badly about it, but there was just no way around it.
so we are doing home preschool, and she is doing awesome. most days :) that little firecracker. 

so there is that. next up- more pictures!