Not without a fight

The blog is dying..... But not without a fight.
It has become painfully slow to get pictures up, like an hour to get a few.
Which is why there have been very, very few posts with more than one photo.

But, I'm fighting to make this happen still.
So, for the time being, enjoy this shot of the wild things 1, 2, and 3, post church-crazy-sugar-spiked.
Honestly, the sacrament meeting-turned-circus shenanigans is wearing me out. 
I chant "3 months 'til nursery" every week for 3 hours each week. 
And remind myself that someday, far in the future, I might miss this a little bit.
Basically, an intervention is coming, and schedules, regimented living, and no nonsense will commence, after vacations are done. 

Heh, who am I kidding. That's never actually going to work out. But I can dream, right?

Oh, and bytheway, I am really, really excited for snow cones. I literally have a stack of quarters and dimes I have been saving for our trip to Utah, and all the snow cones and hot, hot sunshine. So my Instagram might consist of bright syrup and cream covered snow cones for a few weeks. Bare with me.


little booger

This cute little booger grabbed a marker and went to town.
I was FaceTime-ing with the parentals, when she rounded the corner with a huge grin on her face.

And then I went to her room after hearing screams of terror, because she was terrified of the ants crawling everywhere, seeming to multiply out of the carpet. Oh, did I mention that they were after spilled dr. pepper she snuck into her room at 10 o'clock last night? 

You know the worst/funniest part? She tries to claim no role in any of it. It's always a 'ghost' that did it. Or these things happen on their own, "magic, like Harry Potter". 

So, I'm thinking, no more Harry Potter marathons, and a more severe child proofing has got to happen. Again. Yeesh.