last night claire was laying on the floor. her binkie by her side. she reached over, picked it up, and proceeded to put it in her mouth. the only thing is that she had it backwards. poor thing got so frustrated she couldn't hang on to it. and now some more cute pictures.


i do love a good deal

we had a very successful trip to the DI this afternoon. lindsay and i went with claire and we first found these little coyboy/girl boots. i went back and forth on them several times- they were eight dollars, but i didn't want to pay eight dollars for them, so we took them with us and the cashier said 'thats a lot for such a small pair of shoes.' i said 'yeah, is there anything you can do about that?' and he said 'we'll just make it $4.00.' score on that one!

the best deal was this little children's desk though- we found this in the yard area. just guess how much that was. just guess. okay it was only $12! we're going to stain and paint it. it works perfectly and i can't wait for claire to sit in it!


i need...

addresses! we didn't get around to sending out baby announcements or a christmas letter, but i will be sending out a 'valentine's day' letter/baby announcement. SO. if you want one, leave your address in a comment, email me at katiebowerman at sbcglobal dot net, or heck even give me a call. we would love to send one to everyone! (plus you get to have your very own picture of one of the cutest babies you have ever seen. i'm keeping that picture a secret til we send these out so hurry and tell me your addy so you can get a sneak peek!)

newborn pictures

a HUGE thank you to katharine for taking our pictures! it was a crazy day, after already having taken tons of pictures, and a somewhat cranky baby, she managed to get some gorgeous shots of baby claire. these were taken a while ago, but we haven't been able to get together until recently- anyways, i hope you enjoy! (there are so many of my favorites, but i can't get them all up right now. little muchkin wants some attention!)



(i wasn't going to post this but i have to get it out of my system!)

he sat directly behind me today.

at first i thought that things would be better today. i really had hope that they would, and at first i thought i was witnessing a miracle. but....

you know whats worse than seeing someone make-out in front of you? having to listen to it. why? because i can at least close my eyes and pretend its not happening. but i have yet to learn how to turn my ears off.

on top of that, he kept tapping my chair with his feet the whole class period. and he had his stupid computer out. and for some reason has to have it as far away from him as possible so that the top of the screen kept hitting me in the back of the head! i kept trying to kind of nudge it so he would get the picture, but he kept on tapping it against me! this guy really must think the world of himself- no consideration for the people around him except his wife! i am really trying to think nice thoughts but this goes way beyond that.

i'm moving seats on friday. so help me, if he follows me i WILL be saying something to him. and it ain't gonna be pretty.


the saga continues

mr. center of the universe sat in front of me today with his precious wifey. complaining again - this time about not having time for lunch. why can't this guy get a schedule together!!!! i'm sick of hearing about his complaining about 'not having enough time' and blaming everyone but himself.

and i almost said something to him again. this time it would have been

'while i know you love your wife, i am not appreciating the make-out fest with her ear you are having. i am TRYING to pay attention to the lecture, and am currently distracted by you!'

one more day of this and i might let loose.

just realized i am complaining. i'm sorry folks. i promise i will have something better to show you within a day or two. promise.

and to make up for the mean things i thought about this guy- five nice thoughts
his hair is a lovely color red
his wife is nice
he must have some redeeming qualities to be married
he's probably kinda smart
he had on a nice jacket

i feel better now.


did i hear that correctly?

am i wrong on this one, or does the guy that was sitting behind me in world civ think the world revolves around him? this is a recap of the monologue he gave his wife before class started-

i will never go to another byu choir concert. i went to it and when it was over i needed to go to class, but i needed to make a copy first. i was already going to be a late for class, and this girl was making copies at the only copy machine! and she was making a ton, really she should have gone to the jfsb printing center and had something like that done professionally. really she should have done that somewhere else. then she turned and said to me that there were other copiers on the second and fourth floors. i was so upset at the point that she would go off like that on me! i mean, those machines are only making a like two or three copies at a time. why did she have to do it there? she made me ten minutes late for class! my blood was just boiling the whole time! i can't stand girls and other individuals like that! i feel bad for her husband- man it must be bad to married to her. and that is why i will never go to another byu concert choir.

i almost turned around to him and said a few choice words to him.

i guess i just don't understand the logic of this one-
he chose to go to the concert
he chose not to leave early enough to get to class
he could have made the copy or whatever before going to the concert and could've gone straight to class
that girl had no idea that he needed to be somewhere- and maybe she (who obviously got there first) really needed to be making those copies?
those machines don't have a limit of how many copies you can make- as long as you keep providing the money
he really could have used one of the other dozens of stations all across campus

but yet, it was the choir's fault for having a concert he wanted to go to, and that girl's fault for using a publicly provided copier (glad i wasn't her!) for making him late to class. not his own. oh, and only girls and other individuals, not males, act like that. (what is his wife then, a martian?)

i just don't get it.

admittedly, maybe the girl could've offered to let him do his thing real quick and then contiued what she was doing. but she did try and help him out by telling him where some other places were that he could go. i almost said something to him, but restrained myself. would any of you have said something to him?


perfectly chunky!

little munchkin's 2 month check-up-
she weighed in at 13 el bees, 4 oh zees (13 lbs 4 oz)
she measured 24 ins long.
i want to eat every little fat roll.

she can sleep for 8 1/2 hours straight when she wants to. which happens a couple times a week. this even happens at night.

she was a champ on the airplane. her ears may have bugged her, but she showed no signs.
she charms everyone, and can smile on command.
i'm basically in love. i don't mean to brag, but she really is the best baby, and i am so blessed to have her.

she loves her g-pa bowerman

yummy gummy smile and double/triple chins

little rosy cheeks


Create Your OwnMake a Routan Baby

not sure about this one... i can't tell if this is supposed to be a boy or girl


how's it going?

just realized i never really said anything about christmas break...... so here's what we've been up to:

absolutely nothing.

sad huh? but you know what? it was great. although we were away from all of our family, we got to spend some real TIME together, just us, as the josephandkatieplusclairebrewer family. it was cold, so we stayed inside. we snuggled. we cuddled. we gave gifts. and we finally caught up and have seen all of the seasons of 24. (new season starts tomorrow!) we ate yummy food. watched some good football games. watched some bad football games. we skyped with family across the country. we shopped for good deals after christmas. we (i) cleaned some things up.

and this week we started going to school again. it was a crazy week figuring out our ever-changing schedule. but it feels good to be on campus again- as hard as it is to start in on the homework again, i love the feeling of starting a new semester, and having a clean slate to start things off right. and i'm more determined than ever to get an 'good job' on the monitor in the testing for getting an A on a test . the only problem?
none of me teachers are giving tests there this semester, except for finals.
but its gonna be my semester. i can feel it.

here's to the next four months of crazy!

*keep reading for some pictures and other updates!*

the aftermath

we had a fun early weekend:
thursday joe's company took us on a ski trip up to park city! so fun! we had dinner at a yummy pizza place, then the next day joe went skiing while i went shopping at the outlets with claire. we had a ton of fun just relaxing with friends and getting out of the house for once, but we, uh, forgot to take pictures while we were doing anything. all the pictures i got were of the aftermath:
i know, so lame. but the day was great for skiing, and the outlets were prime for shopping. now back to reality!

someone must be teething....

check out that drool!

its been a steady drip of droooool all day today- everything near her gets soaked. and she latches on to everything.

including: lindsay's nose, shirt, and arm, the glass, and all the hanging toys
and now for my faaaaavorite picture of her to date-

she's smiling.
she's happy.
she's looking at the camera.

and i have an obsession with eating these UGE feet.

bump it up!

i was rolling on the floor when i saw this comercial. and anyone who knows me i rarely laugh audibly when i watch tv. but this got me. it is utah/idaho fashion summed up! one of these in your hair and a pair of platform flipflops..... you would fit right in!


2 months

where have the last 2 months gone???? this little chunker has changed so much already! she is so alert and makes us laugh every day with all the faces she makes. she babbles away at us all the time, and holds her head up so well. she has even started to learn how to roll over! okay, okay so she hasn't yet, but she definitely started trying. her 2 month checkup is still a week and a half away, but i'll let you know the stats when we get them!