she is the same, yesterday and today

and probably tomorrow.

yesterday was closet switching day. i moved all the kids clothes to their room. while doing so, a gem fell off a hanger, and as i picked it up, i smiled inside, remembering the sweater my mom added to so many years ago. (she saved some of her favorites for each of her kids, and i have a few hanging in the closet waiting for claire to fit into them)

a few hours later, claire and i opened a surprise package from grammy. a new sweater! can you guess what it looked like?

pink crew neck sweatshirt, cut up the middle, and flower appliques along the bottom with buttons in the middle. 

and claire absolutely loves it. and i love it. and i love that my mom's tastes stay exactly the same. makes things really easy :) thanks mom!


New room!

Lindsay and I teamed up yesterday and seriously overhauled the two small bedrooms with some major success. I wish I had a real before picture.... But they were both needing some major attention. We switched the kids room with the guest room, stacked bunk beds, painted an accent wall, and started the de-junking. And the landing got cleared out, stuff went to the dumpster and DI, and so. much. more.

I'm aware that putting bunk beds up with such little kids is kinda risky, but Claire could not have been anymore giddy about the whole thing. She is excited she gets to share with baby, and loves being up in her new perch. Noises I have never heard her make came squealing out when she saw what we did. And I LOVE the results. From the color to the arrangement, I am so pleased.

There is still tons left to do, like clearing out the closets, but I kept thinking we were on an episode of trading spaces, except the only addition was a shelf and some paint. And it looks normal and I like the end result.

I should mention joe helped a lot too. Like those bunk beds are a pain to assemble, but he took them apart and back together anyways. So thank you Lindsay and joe for yesterday! It's almost all ready for baby to come! 16 sleeps, to be exact :)


She doesn't either

But cute.

Baby is here in less than three weeks! Panic is starting to set in. Lots of things i want to do. We are getting a nice blast of spring before some more snow, and i can air out the house which feels fantastic. AND. We bought a chest freezer last night and I feel like I can breathe now that my inside freezer doesn't explode every time I open it. This is huge people, my inside freezer is rather large to begin with, but I don't feel right if it isn't completely full at all times.

Enough freezer talk. I am aware that baby brain is making me want to paint all the walls this weekend.... But the rational brain tucked away in there tells me joe would not appreciate it. I'm learning how to be rational through the whole nesting thing. It's not easy!

Today will be fantastic. Doctor will tell me I have been in pain for naught, as I won't have progressed. That's okay. As long as it doesn't end in a syrup explosion in the back of my car, like last night, I'll call it a success!



Doesnt need them, but kinda wish he did. How cute is he???


Joe insisted I spoil myself a little for the birthday last week. I started to resist, and then after seeing these little beauties again, I couldn't resist.

After a few hours in them: still LOVE the crochet. Glad I didn't go a size down, I guess my feet are a little wide. From my view, I think they make my feet look long, but not too bad? Comfy, but they don't give the support that I hear everyone rage about. I have exceptionally high arches..... Like kinda freakish. So I wasn't expecting much there, it's just fine. Overall, I think we'll be very good friends. Did I mention how much I love the crochet?

If we weren't trying to save money right now, I might have grabbed a second pair in coral.... Or light blue.


Wail, whale, and well

Wail: so done with winter..... That should be obvious.

Whale: or "measuring ahead" as doc so nicely put it. This pregnancy is 100% exactly the same as the last 2- don't bother looking preggers for a long time, explode at the end. Makes for awesome stretch marks, waddling, and squishy baby. And her head, it's realllly low. Once again, don't judge a baby's size before she's born.

Well: it's birthday week around here. 24 doesn't sound much older, but those wrinkles are making appearances. Awesome. The kids might be getting better... We'll see.

Less than 5 weeks! Celebrations!