New room!

Lindsay and I teamed up yesterday and seriously overhauled the two small bedrooms with some major success. I wish I had a real before picture.... But they were both needing some major attention. We switched the kids room with the guest room, stacked bunk beds, painted an accent wall, and started the de-junking. And the landing got cleared out, stuff went to the dumpster and DI, and so. much. more.

I'm aware that putting bunk beds up with such little kids is kinda risky, but Claire could not have been anymore giddy about the whole thing. She is excited she gets to share with baby, and loves being up in her new perch. Noises I have never heard her make came squealing out when she saw what we did. And I LOVE the results. From the color to the arrangement, I am so pleased.

There is still tons left to do, like clearing out the closets, but I kept thinking we were on an episode of trading spaces, except the only addition was a shelf and some paint. And it looks normal and I like the end result.

I should mention joe helped a lot too. Like those bunk beds are a pain to assemble, but he took them apart and back together anyways. So thank you Lindsay and joe for yesterday! It's almost all ready for baby to come! 16 sleeps, to be exact :)


Shellie said...

Love it! I love that count in "sleeps".

Jeannette & Brandt said...

So cute!!! We are putting bunkbeds up in the girls room as well. I love it!

LinnieBell said...

success!! 'twas a fun saturday.

Cristy said...

Love it, way to nest Mama! By the way, we've had Hailey on the top bunk for sixonths now - she loveds it and I live it cause I don't let her have a ladder so she can't get out! Hello Naptime!

Joseph and Katie said...

Cristy that cracks me up! Unfortunately I've already seen Claire try and get down without the ladder.... And she doesn't really nap anyways. So glad those girls love it up there!