we have pictures!

the promised pictures have arrived! i know, finally something to look at! with that, here's a litle update of our current life:
the weekend after mother's day we drove all night to north carolina for a quick trip to see the brewer fam. all the siblings, nieces and nephew made appearances, even grandaddy brewer showed up! we had a grand time, some delicious food, and some time to not think about work. we drove back that sunday night, and went back to work and have been working ever since.....
here are a couple pictures of niece sierra. i promise we love all of laura's kids the same, but we only have video of jamison and a weird picture of sierra and me that i would rather not let the world see...... and si-si was just being a little cutie pie!
we took about fifty takes of this picture. she was all cute with the teddy bears all around, but we could not get her to smile!
this girl loves to play dress up! her current fave at ya-ya's house is this gray wig. it cracks us up!
today was such a great day. we slept in, had some yummy french toast, and had a really great sacrament meeting- because joe spoke! (but i didn't- thats what made it soooo great!) we spent some time just relaxin' and watching a movie, making dinner, and now we are down in the internet cafe, catching up with what goes on in the rest of the world!
soon to-be-daddy. i made a cake. it wasn't that good. so depressing.
we spent some time making calls today to family and friends to catch up, and then i pulled out the camera to document the fact that we are alive. we get so happy to actually see each other longer than five minutes on sunday.

we are so silly.

at last! baby bump picture! i have basically reached the stage where i look pregnant and not just a little chubby around the middle.... kinda. it really actually depends on the angle. we are hoping that i pass up joe before the end of the pregnancy..... i think i will. what do you think???

okay.... i promise this was an accident. i just deleted the picture of us comparing tummies, and i can't get it back.... i will update this and repost it later.

baby update! we are heading back to the doc in couple weeks for the ultrasound that will tell us the gender! definitely looking forward to that appointment! this little wiggle worm reminds me that he is in there all the time, and i can't wait to 'see' him again sooooo soon! my mom and little sister are driving out here to visit and will get to be there to see it as well. basically we are having a party. anyone else who wants to attend is more than welcome to come join the fun! okay. time for bed.


ps- i love you!

i've said this before, but really, this is further proof that joe and i were meant for each other.

if you have not seen ps i love you, you must do it now. it will make you cry. unless you are a heartless soul like myself.......
so i had heard that i needed to watch this movie a million times, i borrowed it and was promised i would cry. i pretty much didn't even think about crying. but i knew that joe would. so, on sunday, i took a nap while he watched it. two hours later, i was woken up by him putting his arms around me, and somehow through sobs he said "don't ever leave me" in my ear. i was a little confused because i was still coming out of sleep, and then i saw his face. tears streaming down his face, all he could do for a half hour was sniffle, snuggle up to me and tell me how much i meant to him and that i could not ever leave him. he didn't just cry. he bawled his way through the whole thing. you would think it would be the other way around, but seriously, i snagged a good one. he has a heart!

and ps joe- i love you!