today is gonna be one of those days where all i can do is say whatever.

i am never buying white onsies again. i think with my next child it will be brown onsies ONLY. what other color goes with a baby's messy diaper? maybe black? cheetah print? i'll tell you it isn't pink, blue, green, yellow, orange, or any pretty color. whatever.

why? oh because its 830 and i've already dealt with two blowouts. this has been the routine for the last week. yay.

yep, one of those days.

and yesterday was a high of low 80's. today- low 50's. what? never live in utah permanently. whatever.

finally get a semi schedule at work, and joe's boss changes his. whatever.

and my younger brother got his mission call last night. i'm not gonna see him (hold back the tears) for two. whole. years. i don't even get to see him go into the mtc because he'll be going to the one in brazil. where he will be learning portuguese and serving the people of porto alegre. i'll get to have him live with us until he leaves in august, but still. whatever.

bring it.


the many faces of claire

had to throw in the bum crack shot! she was being really impatient as i was changing the diaper...

it so is hard to get the camera out and get the picture snapped every time, but these are a few of the ones we've gotten lately. she cracks us up! (get it?)

mini hike

linds claire and i went on a mini (when i say mini i mean like ten minutes there and back) hike to bridal veil falls on monday- we've finally enjoyed some BEAUTIFUL weather the last couple of days! claire didn't like the water too much- it was just melted snow! but she liked her reflection.


marathon post!

no we did not run a marathon. this is just gonna be super long- hang in there! i was going to seperate all of these but its just easier to do it all together.....
{ps for dad- we really missed you here! can't wait til may when you come!}
my mom and sister flew in tuesday morning to suprise little bro marshall for his 19th birthday (and to see claire, duh!) got lunch on campus, hung out, fabulous, no pictures except for this one.

happy birthday marsh! can't wait to hear where you are going!
(he just turned in his papers yesterday. can hear as early as next wednesday!)

wednesday we had a girls night with katharine, dear friend who used to live in my mom's ward but now lives in p-town. two little kiddos my mom wishes she could adopt- alas, babysitting will have to do! we grabbed dinner downtown and went and saw 'bye bye, birdie!' at the covey theater- so cute and fun! thanks for a great night out!

little addy and lukey (another boyfriend for claire?)

so fun!

thursday- cousins! after getting school done and errands run, we headed up to salt lake to my cousin jayne's house. jayne married a samoan- gave joe someone to talk to becuase other than him there were just a bunch of girls! mom's sister came over, and jayne's sisters april, and stepahnie and her four kids were in town also. jayne has a pair of havanese dogs, who just had a litter of seven puppies, and she was also babysitting the neighboors dog (that makes ten dogs, and fifteen people!). it was a full house by the time we got there! these puppies are SO adorable- claire really wanted to take one home, but daddy said no.

oh she loved them!

and they loved her!

claire with her second cousins

great aunt becky!

friday-celebrated marshall's bday some more! we had a late lunch/early dinner at tucanos- always a good choice! we also did a siblings night out! fred (chris) lisdney (lindsay) joe mamma (joe) hot mamma (moi) marshy marsh (marshall) and sar bear (sarah) all went bowling and had a blast! grandma stayed home with claire, and we all laughed and joked the night away. after one round of bowling we played some games and did a photo booth- i'm never doing one with that many people again! i ended up with a HUGE bruise on my backside that i am still sore from. thanks mom for watching claire!

yummy! i think we all had too much pineapple!


she loves those lemons and limes! its so funny to watch!

later that night.....
we happened to run into my cousin matt's daughter there!
love you traci!
shot from traci's three foot frame. oh well!
racing cars!
silly faces!
saturday- busy busy day getting everything in before they had to leave today. met up with katharine in park city for some outlet shopping, got some great deals! then errands pretty much the rest of the day. completely worn out! no pictures here.....

today- easter! such a BEAUTIFUL day outside, perfect for celebrating what today is all about. had to say bye to mom and sarah, so sad! miss you guys already so much- can't wait to see you in only 5 weeks!

three generations

aw little family all matchy matchy. yes i did change before we left the house.
grandma don't go! (and almost sitting up!)

a few more random pictures from the last couple of weeks- conference weekend, etc. enjoy.

linds and i put out baking skillz to use and made s'more cupcakes that were to die for!
doing chemistry!
funny face! she does these crazy faces all the time but i can never get them on camera!
claire's first horse back ride!
she loves tv. and being nakey! whats better than the two together?
her new swimsuit! i can't wait for the pool....can you tell?

okay a little explanation! this bike is called a glide cycle- its not a bike, but its a harness that you run with. its for people who have a hard time with their knees, and they want to run but the impact hurts too much. this takes it all off! joe is doing some research for school with it- yes it is really funny looking but its kinda fun once you figure it out!

neighboor trying it out!

there you have it! thats not even all of the pictures. not even close. and i know i left out a lot of details. but we had a blast with grandma and auntie sarah here! we miss them already!

little update on claire- shes a chunker! i can barely carry her in her carseat! she is all about rolling over and giggling and laughing all the time. she loves her little animals, and anything soft. shes starting to eat some rice cereal, but i can't tell if she actually likes it. she doesn't sleep through the night anymore, she just wants to eat all the time! its fine, she goes right back to sleep, i'm just happy shes still putting on the weight.


please stand by!

life = muy crazy at the moment. mom and little sis in town (yeah!). finals (boo). new jobs (employment=new adventure, right?). spring is coming (finally!)

i will be back to regular posting next week. in the mean time i will let you enjoy these little nuggets of my happy little sweet pea.

happy easter!


first time for everything

as i have explained before (here here and here) i don't cry for movies. i just don't. i am a heartless, unemotional blob when i watch movies. joe takes care of the crying for both of us when neccessary.

flash back 13 1/2 years- christmas we received the best puppy you could ask for. her name is oreo noelle bowerman. she has moved with us 5 times, and is one of my bestest friends. (i've mentioned her a few times, here here here here and here) she gets older everday, and i seriously think she could use a seeing eye dog to get around. i miss her. a lot. and apparently more than i realized.

now to last night.

i have been waiting and waiting for this movie to come out on dvd. (i just can't justify spending so much just to see a movie when the two of us can see it for a dollar just a few months later!) i made joe go and get it while i was in school to make sure i could watch it last night. even though i had been waiting to see it for so long, i wasn't even expecting to make it through the first five minutes. i had class until late, and needed to take a test online once i got home that took nearly an hour. we didn't start until almost ten. (i fell asleep before 930 the night before). i watched the whole thing. was awake the whole time. and this movie has captured my heart and it sent me through an emotional wringer last night.

which movie am i talking about? marley and me.

i didn't just cry. i bawled. i was hysterical. it got worse when we tried to go to bed and started talking about it. a pathetic sight to see i'm sure. there were tears, laughing, sobbing, joy, pain, fear, a serious rollercoaster. i have NEVER done anything like that before. i wanted a dog, i couldn't bear getting a dog and going through that. i missed oreo. i wanted her to just go to sleep peacefully so she wouldn't have anymore pain. i wanted her to drive us crazy just one more time. i wanted her to bark. i wanted to give her a bath. smell her nasty breath.

and joe laughed at me.

straight up laughed. made me even more hysterical. it was a pretty funny sight to see, so i don't blame him (and you shouldn't either!)

i don't know if i can ever watch that movie again. but really- SO GOOD.

and this is no april fool's joke people.