catching up

i thought i was doing well keeping up on things.... guess i was busier than i thought! was going through some pictures from our camera and my mom's and found some things to share. they're all jumbled, so i'll narrate as we go!

you know those people that you will ALWAYS remember from growing up, no matter where life takes you? this lady was one of maybe ten young women's presidents that i had over the years, and besides my mom i think she will be the one i remember most. she is just such a fun person to be around, and really such a great example. anywho, its been about four years since i've seen her. she was in town and her and her husband came by for a visit and she got to meet the kiddos and catch up.
she was in l.o.v.e. with caleb. who isn't?

another amazing example, a sweet girl from my parent's ward came though provo on her way to rexburg, ID and stayed a few days with us. claire loved having an extra person to hang out with, and regi is just so fun!
monkey girl found her way on to the counter and started munching on a tomato like a an apple. silly girl!
we will be starting the potty training soon..... when we can get mentally prepared. claire was testing it out, and she likes her potty. we'll see how this goes.
thanksgiving point pony ride at the farm. to say she loved it would be a drastic understatement. she was dragged kicking and screaming from them. we'll be going back :)
grandpa meeting caleb for the first time! i think we have almost the exact same picture of claire and my dad when he first met her.... caleb was pretty happy :)
my parent's have kinda become adoptive grandparents from some kids in the ward. i love seeing my dad with them!
not typically a fan of camo, but how can it not look cute on this kid?
at the science museum in st louis- we made our own arch!
grandma's tub is oh-so-fun. and she SERIOUSLY goes crazy over bubbles. she is always asking for bubbles.
dominating daddy. a nearly daily occurrence. its pretty funny.
does it get much sweeter than this? i submit to you that it does not.
just crazy. simply crazy.
with sweet aunt holly! she is SO great with claire. she really loves her.
one last pic in the adorable dress my momma made for claire bear. so stinkin' cute.
so that was just a few of them. i'll get more up tomorrow of recent happenings. my trip home was extended for an extra week, but joe will be driving home tomorrow in a moving truck to take some furniture to our casa. my little sis has homecoming next week, and seeing as this will be the last homecoming any of my parent's kids will have, its kinda a big deal! time for a little last minute packing and time with joe before he takes off.


conversations with fido

during our morning workout, the creepy, squeaky doggie came to chat with caleb. they had a grand time until he got tired. i love hanging out with this guy.

flash back

three years ago.
pretty sure i threatened him if he smashed the cake on me

turned on the show "ultimate cake off" on TLC last night, and who did we see? the fabulous patty, of patty cakes in illinois, and the wonderful woman who made our wedding cake three years ago! pretty sure that was the best cake we've ever had, and dream about it every so often. we were lucky to get it too- she looked at us like we were crazy when we asked for one on a friday and not a saturday, and when we needed it just two months from the day we met... yep she thought we were nuts! but it was so, so good. and looked FABULOUS.

she's won the competition twice. yep, she's that good!


29 and looking fine!

this lovely lady had a little birthday yesterday, and wouldn't you know, she turned 29! ha... betcha can't guess her real age. probably the best mom ever. no really. she's fabulous, and i am so excited to get to hang out for the next couple of weeks! love you momma!


miss my bub-a-chub


although its only been like 6 hours since saying bye to munchkin, i miss her already. shes getting so big and i hate missing things she does! she cracks me up. like when she had to get a little blood drawn, instead of screaming at us, she stuck her hand out to have her other hand pricked. what child does that? i know you'll take good care of her- you always do :) see ya in a few!

love, kt

baby, blankie, and buckle. check, check and check!


thanks for taking claire on the plane this morning. i had to wake up at 330 to get us out of the house, but i should have known i could've slept a little longer. you+planes+early in the morning never really works out. the green light gods never look upon you favorably when you try and mix that together. oh well, at least we made it. and the bags made it- i told you the sky cap guys would be nice, even though you only had a dollar :) see ya friday


dearest claire,

thanks for crashing and sleeping on the plane for lindsay. i bet you didn't love the whole delay thing, i'm sorry. and i'm sorry for getting mad at you on monday- we just need to remember that plastic spoons and really hot ovens don't mix well, okay? i hope you have tons of fun with your grammy! baby caleb, or "oh tute," misses you! and don't grow up too much before i get there, k? give kisses to everyone for me.

love, mommy


its monday

for us thats halfway through joe's work week. we celebrate by jumping like a frog 'round here,
crazy psycho hair. its still morning, k?

and sleeping like a good boy, like he's supposed to. six hours straight last night? yes please. and it perhaps would have been longer if i wasn't gonna explode.
hey chubby cheeks- i'm gonna eat you!

for good measure we wear sunglasses every chance we get. its cool.

and because he is so stinkin' cute, a couple more of little man. at five weeks, we have surpassed 12 lbs. and have outgrown clothes. what can i say, we brewers/bowermans have BIG babies. its just what we do.
i decided my boys will always wear nightgowns as infants.

caleb might look slightly concerned about this, but i promise i will keep them manly. promise.

now on to dealing with his morning hiccups. why do my babies get the hiccups so much? they hate them just as much as their grammy. thats about the only time he gets fussy. (and if i don't feed him quickly enough and he starts attacking like a snake. he takes his eating very seriously. but thats pretty much it. )

its gonna be a good week! happy monday y'all.


one month

not sure where the month's gone, but i'm still loving little dude tons. he's nice and squishy now, and still so stinking easy. really. i still sometimes forget he's around when he's asleep, he's that easy. claire is really starting to love on him- loves to give him a binky, share her blanket, push him in his rocker.

i cannot find our camera.... lame! so just a few pics from the phone. my goal today is to find that camera and get some better photos of him at one month. (really, has it been a month??? still can't believe it!)
little budha baby. so peaceful.
what a life kid!
remember my post about claire getting stuck? this one was even funnier. yes, bad mom for getting a camera instead of helping!
claire sometimes tries to be the baby again. usually there's a binky in her mouth. she hasn't had a binky for nine months, and she suddenly has an interest in it again.....
desperate for some time outside the house together, we headed over to the nickel-cade for some cheap entertainment. not a lot for claire to do, but she loved pretending to do the race cars and running around. both car seats barely fit in our tiny corolla, its kinda funny trying to go anywhere all together. oh geez.


heads will roll!

we all have those crazy weird, unexplainable dreams every so often, yeah? i sometimes think they're funny, but it definitely bugs when i wake up feeling those heavy emotions i felt from the dream. sometimes, when i have these dreams, i go to my dad to ask for his interpretations of them. i had one of those said dreams the other night, and after waking up extremely sad and disturbed, i asked for his thoughts. thanks for the help dad! (he really is hilarious, no?)

Katie Brewer September 11 at 7:38am
so the night i didn't burn the house down i had the STRANGEST dream about you.... you had come out to visit and meet caleb, and we were all at some event. it was like a gym and you were out on the floor and the rest of us were in the bleachers. you were talking and laughing with some random people, huge grin on your face. next thing i know, i see someone come up and chop your head off! you were still standing and i stood there in disbelief as your smiling head rolled around on the floor. it rolled and rolled everywhere. no blood, it was kinda weird. mom wasn't super sad, no one really said anything, it was like everyone was expecting it.

i woke up the next morning rather upset, and i realized it was because of the dream. now mr. dream interpreter tell me what this means!
Richard Bowerman September 12 at 1:54pm
Ok. This is really, really weird, because I had the EXACT same dream. Here goes:
Lots of symbolism in this one, which of course helps with the interpretation. Symbols first: Caleb represents youth, rebirth, renewing of the family line. That one was easy. The gym represents the world, our society, everything outside the family. The bleachers of course are the difficult part of life, the pain we all suffer as we try to endure to the end. Now the interpretation: Of course, since there was no blood, that was not really me. It was a CIA robotic clone. Otherwise how could I have kept smiling? Everyone (except the CIA) knows to stop smiling 3 seconds before your head is chopped. The fact that the clonehead was rolling on the floor makes me think this is just your intense desire to get back into physical exercise after be'be' number two, in this case, bowling. Mom wouldn't have been sad of course because she too likes bowling, even though in this case (and this is where it really takes an expert dream interpreter to uncover what's really going on) that wasn't Mom, it was just another CIA robotic clone, and the CIA didn't program its emotions correctly either. So in its totality, the dream simply means you are a paranoid freak worrying about society taking away your freedom. So now you should be able to sleep well, my dear. The bill is in the mail.


"i ssstuuuuck!"

i hear claire say this about fifty times a day. she gets "stuck" or something is not moving the way she wishes. i can sometimes ignore it, but when "mommy!" is added, she usually needs help. like last night. when she got her head stuck in her desk. who does that? she was trying to get her crayons out, but still. other times she gets stuck? when she wedges her legs under the couch and the ottoman is behind her and too heavy to push. or when she runs away without a diaper and tries to slide down the slide and can't. 'cause her nakey bum sticks.

i keep thinking about my brother getting his head stuck between some railing above the stairs when he was little. i hope that doesn't happen to her, because i don't remember him being too happy about it, but i have a feeling it will happen whether i like it or not. i just hope that no matter the situation, she is never afraid to ask for help.


redbox etiquette

is it pathetic that i wish people had some basic etiquette while using these machines? yes. the answer is yes. alas, two recent situations have proven that most people lack the general idea, and i have two rules to abide by.

1. joe was minding his own business while he was looking for a movie, when this HOOCHIE came up and stood about six inches behind my husband, in a rather provocative stance. i was in the car, just itching to go over and give her a piece of my mind, and to BACK OFF. i know he's good lookin' and can totally fend for himself, but it was making me mad that she would try and hit on him like that. at a flippin' redbox machine. (can you tell it still makes me upset when i think about it?)

rule #1. stand a good distance away from the person ahead of you. give them some space to breathe. please.

2. we are in the car, i hop out to return a dvd real quick. just as i am getting out and hit the sidewalk a guy (holding three other non-redbox dvd's.....?) walks right in front of me, and proceeds to look at every single movie they have. and as there was a lot, it was taking a while. annoying. i just wanted to return the movie. it was pretty obvious, and it took everything i had not to ask him to either hurry or let me just return it.

rule #2. be aware of those around you, and if you are gonna take your time, let someone else go ahead of you.

once again, sad that i even am complaining about something that insignificant, but really. everyone would be so much happier. anyone else have any redbox etiquette rules to suggest?


its all about these two

its so hard to try and keep claire from lovin' on the dude too much. especially his eyes.
photos from lindsay

after seeing this picture, you might begin to understand just how crazy claire really can be.

and i fully love it. even through her tantrums and coloring on the walls, i love her crazy hair, her big heart, her giggles, and her sweet bum-bum shaking dance. i love having her arms around my neck, getting nosy kisses, and watching her eyes light up when she gets excited. i love that everything is now "stuck" when she can't move it, and that her speech is exploding. i love that kittens sometimes scream "AHHH!" instead of meow, and that ducks kinda growl.

caleb is still a dream, although he doesn't look so newborn anymore, so sad. he eats and sleeps, and just chills while claire tries to play with him and feed him (when she isn't stealing his binky, sitting in his rocker, or taking the hanging toys off his bouncer). i love that he is so peaceful, mild, and PATIENT. he prefers to eat slowly, take his time with everything. eating is a serious business. he loves his baths, and being snuggled. what a life, huh? i love his soft, dark hair, his chubby cheeks, and the little birthmark on his arm. i love little toes, and the way he coos while he eats.

its funny because i think these two are so opposite each other in a lot of ways, but they will definitely be buds. i just know it. claire is fair and blonde with curly hair, caleb is olive and dark, straight-haired. she has my smile and nose, joe's eyes and cheeks. he has my eyes, joe's nose and mouth. missy is into everything, curious and came out ready for action. dude is calm, observant and came out and fell asleep. i think they balance each other nicely. and i LOVE it.