redbox etiquette

is it pathetic that i wish people had some basic etiquette while using these machines? yes. the answer is yes. alas, two recent situations have proven that most people lack the general idea, and i have two rules to abide by.

1. joe was minding his own business while he was looking for a movie, when this HOOCHIE came up and stood about six inches behind my husband, in a rather provocative stance. i was in the car, just itching to go over and give her a piece of my mind, and to BACK OFF. i know he's good lookin' and can totally fend for himself, but it was making me mad that she would try and hit on him like that. at a flippin' redbox machine. (can you tell it still makes me upset when i think about it?)

rule #1. stand a good distance away from the person ahead of you. give them some space to breathe. please.

2. we are in the car, i hop out to return a dvd real quick. just as i am getting out and hit the sidewalk a guy (holding three other non-redbox dvd's.....?) walks right in front of me, and proceeds to look at every single movie they have. and as there was a lot, it was taking a while. annoying. i just wanted to return the movie. it was pretty obvious, and it took everything i had not to ask him to either hurry or let me just return it.

rule #2. be aware of those around you, and if you are gonna take your time, let someone else go ahead of you.

once again, sad that i even am complaining about something that insignificant, but really. everyone would be so much happier. anyone else have any redbox etiquette rules to suggest?

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