heads will roll!

we all have those crazy weird, unexplainable dreams every so often, yeah? i sometimes think they're funny, but it definitely bugs when i wake up feeling those heavy emotions i felt from the dream. sometimes, when i have these dreams, i go to my dad to ask for his interpretations of them. i had one of those said dreams the other night, and after waking up extremely sad and disturbed, i asked for his thoughts. thanks for the help dad! (he really is hilarious, no?)

Katie Brewer September 11 at 7:38am
so the night i didn't burn the house down i had the STRANGEST dream about you.... you had come out to visit and meet caleb, and we were all at some event. it was like a gym and you were out on the floor and the rest of us were in the bleachers. you were talking and laughing with some random people, huge grin on your face. next thing i know, i see someone come up and chop your head off! you were still standing and i stood there in disbelief as your smiling head rolled around on the floor. it rolled and rolled everywhere. no blood, it was kinda weird. mom wasn't super sad, no one really said anything, it was like everyone was expecting it.

i woke up the next morning rather upset, and i realized it was because of the dream. now mr. dream interpreter tell me what this means!
Richard Bowerman September 12 at 1:54pm
Ok. This is really, really weird, because I had the EXACT same dream. Here goes:
Lots of symbolism in this one, which of course helps with the interpretation. Symbols first: Caleb represents youth, rebirth, renewing of the family line. That one was easy. The gym represents the world, our society, everything outside the family. The bleachers of course are the difficult part of life, the pain we all suffer as we try to endure to the end. Now the interpretation: Of course, since there was no blood, that was not really me. It was a CIA robotic clone. Otherwise how could I have kept smiling? Everyone (except the CIA) knows to stop smiling 3 seconds before your head is chopped. The fact that the clonehead was rolling on the floor makes me think this is just your intense desire to get back into physical exercise after be'be' number two, in this case, bowling. Mom wouldn't have been sad of course because she too likes bowling, even though in this case (and this is where it really takes an expert dream interpreter to uncover what's really going on) that wasn't Mom, it was just another CIA robotic clone, and the CIA didn't program its emotions correctly either. So in its totality, the dream simply means you are a paranoid freak worrying about society taking away your freedom. So now you should be able to sleep well, my dear. The bill is in the mail.


LinnieBell said...

thanks for the interpretation, joseph...err,! katie told me about this dream and i didn't know what to say, so i'm glad you knew what it all meant! :)

Anonymous said...

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