one month

not sure where the month's gone, but i'm still loving little dude tons. he's nice and squishy now, and still so stinking easy. really. i still sometimes forget he's around when he's asleep, he's that easy. claire is really starting to love on him- loves to give him a binky, share her blanket, push him in his rocker.

i cannot find our camera.... lame! so just a few pics from the phone. my goal today is to find that camera and get some better photos of him at one month. (really, has it been a month??? still can't believe it!)
little budha baby. so peaceful.
what a life kid!
remember my post about claire getting stuck? this one was even funnier. yes, bad mom for getting a camera instead of helping!
claire sometimes tries to be the baby again. usually there's a binky in her mouth. she hasn't had a binky for nine months, and she suddenly has an interest in it again.....
desperate for some time outside the house together, we headed over to the nickel-cade for some cheap entertainment. not a lot for claire to do, but she loved pretending to do the race cars and running around. both car seats barely fit in our tiny corolla, its kinda funny trying to go anywhere all together. oh geez.


Yaya said...

One day more than a week!!!! I can't wait to get my hands on these two!!! Since we are driving....let me know any requests from NC.
Love, Yaya

Joseph said...

Mom i'll take some cheerwine!!! I still have chili so i don't need it. Oh some chocolate chip cookies too. That's it for me.

Southern Belle said...

Cheyenne never even took a binkie, but she has a couple little kids she plays with that are still working on losing theirs... the other day she found one of the binkies I had unpacked for the new baby and she was walking around the house with it in her mouth... it was pretty funny, since she had never figured out how to suck on one before!