5 years

Can't believe it's gone this fast.

I sure do love him. Still pretty smitten. It's been an adventure from the start, and I feel so lucky and blessed he has stuck with me, as crazy and weird as I am.

Here's to an eternity of adventures!


Lil' dancing queen

My sweet friend did a little dance class for the girlies in the neighborhood this summer. Claire did really well this year, even after a rough start she really surprised everyone and performed the routine so well. She just loves her buddies and dancing her heart out! We are really going to miss this wonderful group of friends, they have really been such a wonderful blessing for us.


The best two years

Caleb "bubba" James Brewer
You came out, squealing like a pig, and have not stopped since.
You peed all over the nurses and your daddy, but not me, so thank you.
You are so sweet, and give THE BEST hugs.
You very rarely stop moving, but I suspect that goes with the territory of boy/toddler/being your father's son.
You really are mostly good with your sisters, and play along with the girly schemes and they love it.
You l.o.v.e. nursery, and despite my concerns, you get excellent reports.
You love Jesus, and love looking for pictures of him.
You love all your bears. It was one of your first words.
You loves CARS, racing as fast as you can, and driving with the windows down.
You ALWAYS have a bruise on you somewhere. ALWAYS.

Monster, we love you to pieces. Happy 2nd birthday!

And now, a picture montage (of just the last 8 months. Ha.):


California dreamin'

As of today, we are a military family!

Joe was finally able to swear in today, and has joined the Navy! We are all so proud of him, he has worked so hard to be able to do this, and we are excited to be moving to Monterey by the end of the year after he completes his basic training starting in October. 

Ever since then, all the beach boys songs have been playing in my head. We're happy to be moving on, sad to be leaving so much behind in Utah, but totally ready. The kids don't get it, Claire kinda knows but I doubt it will all make sense until it happens. 

And here they are in the tub. They crack me up.


4 months.

I luf this girl. 

4 months. 
4 months of a beautiful, infectious smile. It's been 4 months of pure joy. 

Evie girl is happy, all the time. Except when she is hungry.... But she is a brewer, it's bound to happen. 

Evie is giggly, and coos. She blows bubbles, raspberries, and makes noises that sound like she is talking back. 

And, in true brewer fashion, she was introduced to limes today and couldn't get enough of them. In fact, it was the only thing to calm her down when I didn't have a bottle ready for her when I went to get a burrito with Lindsay tonight. Gotta love that. And Evie. Gotta love Evie. 


Long live summertime!

We are having too much fun right now to post much. Dance class, pool, sprinklers, outside play, doggies, parties, friends, visitors, it's all just making time fly. These two fight as hard as they love each other, so that's fun. Summer is slipping through my fingers like sand, and I can't get it back. I'm sorta obsessed with watching the Olympics as much as possible, and it's driving my kids bonkers I think. Anyone else?

And that binky..... Oh man he hasn't had it since January, but found it last week and he insists sometimes. Yikes!